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Volkswagen Beetle Interior and Passenger Comfort Questions



  • drosenedrosene Posts: 7
    I know I will be flamed for this but am I the only one that cannot remember a car (foreign or US) without an accessory position for the Ignition switch?

    While the original Beetle was faulted for an ignition switch that controlled only the engine and none of the accessories the new Beetle goes to the other extreme by making it impossible to even listen to the radio while parked. Unless of course you want the engine running!

    I rented a New Beetle while my Mazda 3 is in the body shop in part because my daughter who is about to start driving would like to have one. We both quickly concluded that this is not the car for her. I have to honestly say that I was shocked at the incredibly poor handling and ride of this car. It reminds me of driving a late sixties - early seventies vintage American car, pretty good acceleration in a straight line but watch out when it comes to making a turn or heaven forbid an emergency maneuver!

    It may be cute to look at but if you want a Volkswagen to drive, for yourself or your child, look at a Jetta or Rabbit.
  • drosenedrosene Posts: 7
    Ok, as you owners already knew (I Hope!) there is a way to play the radio with the engine off. If you turn the radio off after switching off the ignition and then turn it back on again the radio will turn on. This works even after the key is removed from the ignition switch. The same seems true for the electric windows. Apparently there is a timer that limits how long after switching off the ignition, accessories can be used although I don't know if the radio will eventually shut itself off if left on accidentally. I didn't find any information on this in the owners manual. Personally, I prefer to know that everything is off when I remove the key.

    I stand by my remarks regarding ride and handling.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Actually, in the beetle and all the other vws with a stock radio, the radio doesn't need a key to play. Just get in the car and depending on your model's stereo, press to turn it on and boom, you have sound. No key needed.

    Now for th rest of the electronics, iirc, the rest of things just lose power after a door is opened.
  • I purchased a 2000 glx beetle with the 1.8 turbo and the electronic power control light has come on and how do i fix this problem..
  • Ma'am: I have had issues with all four windows. This is an endemic problem with the Beetle, well recognized, if little acknowledged, by the dealers. Initial warranty and extended warranty have covered the window problems, however the visits to the dealer inducted me into the service regime, where they initiated several problems costing me THOUSANDS.
  • hi just wondering if anyone would know what this problem is i have got a 2004 beetle cab when i bought it the drivers door glass was smashed i replaced the door glas but the problem i have now is when i shut drivers door the window is not dropping a little as should im just not sure when relacing window you have to replace any sensors thanks
  • The convertibles' windows should drop a little bit when you open the door and then when you shut the door the window will go back up. I had this as an intermittent problem with my 08 Beetle convertible (drivers door). Mine was traced to a faulty switch that sensed the door was open. The dealer replaced the sensor and all has been fine since. As mine was under warranty, there was no charge.

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • hi i have a 2004 beetle cabriolet and my friend has all parts off a 2008 i was just wondering would the front and rear bumpers and lights fit on my 2004 cheers
  • krojaskrojas Posts: 11
    Can anyone tell me where the air condtioning relay for my 05 Volkswagon Beetle?
  • crayola crayons or rose art crayons?
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