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Porsche 911 Turbo Maintenance



  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    That being said, do I need all this done? What do you recommend since I plan to keep my car 30 more years? Any advice would be appreciated. I too love cars and have dreamed of owning a Porsche since age 10. Dreams do come true. Just keep working hard and never let go of your goals and dreams

    I would suggest even a toyota car needs at least oil change and I would suggest every six month max.

    ! of my uncle bought a land cruiser some time ago for some personal reason he did not drive his car for like 6 months.

    The dealer told him to change the oil FIRST without even starting the car.

    So by his experience I say 6month max.

    Is it a problem to change the oil for you?

    ANOTHER 30 years!!!!! are you serious :surprise: :surprise: :surprise:

    Did you buy the car as new or old.
    btw what car is your daily drive?

  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    It's not a problem to change oil. But it seems like a waste of money to change synthetic oil after only 1000 miles. I don't leave the car for 6 months without driving. I drive it once per week. Even then the battery lasted 5 years. I keep my cars immaculate. Driving this car once per week feel like I drive a new car every week.
    I will have this car 30 years. I estimate it will have only 70K miles by then and a collectible which I never intend to sell anyways.

    I'm still very interested to see what porschetech911 recommends. Or anyone else's advice. Oil change I understand, but brake and transmission fluid? How often do most people change that? I know I don't change it once per year on any of my previous cars and they have never had problems.

    I bought the Carrera new before I got married. I knew it would be hard to buy such an expensive toy after marriage. Which I'm glad I did b/c my wife hates small sports cars. She's only been in the Porsche a few time. Plus she will never drive it b/c she can't drive manual.

    I also have 02 Mercedes S430 and 07 Mecedes GL450. I consider these both my wife's car as I don't really like large cars and she does. So I drive what she doesn't. I'm just saving money for my next car. Either 2011 Mercedes E63 AMG or BMW M5. Very anxious to see what they will look like. So she'll have her 2 cars and I'll have my 2. Guess the oldest car has to be parked outside then (hers).
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    One is always better off following the Mfgs. Maintenance schedule...
  • chaozzchaozz Posts: 6
    I used to be a mechanic for 20+ years .. I would say change the oil every year.
    as with the brake fluid, Your brake fluid attracts moisture from sitting which
    can rot the brake lines.
    I don't know what fluid the Porsche takes as I don't have one "Yet" few more months
    but if its something like 90W every few years is fine just make sure to check the level.
  • occarfanoccarfan Posts: 23
    Thanks for the advice chaozz. Porsche recommends changing brake fluid every 2yrs and oil at least every 2 yrs (if driven <9000 miles per year).
    I decided to change oil every yr and brake fluid every 2yrs, as recommended.
    The brake fluid they used was Castrol. I don't know if it was 90W.
    Glad to have you join the Porsche Club. It's my favorite car.
    Thanks again for the advice.
  • chaozzchaozz Posts: 6
    there is different types of brake fluid make sure to see what the books says

    Dot 3
    Dot 4
    Dot 5
    and synthetic

    Plan to get a 2003+ Turbo Convertible
    or same car C4s no turbo.
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