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Exploding Sunroofs!



  • At least I aint the only one. Just read this and it's happening everywhere
    Why do sunroofs explode
  • On December 26th, 2010, I was entering the highway in my 2007 Hyundai Sonata with my wife, mom, and two young children when I hear a noise that sounded like a shutgun going off above our heads. When I pulled over to inspect my vehicle I noticed that there was a large hole in my sunroof. Fortunately I had the sun shade pulled and nobody was injured.

    I took it to the dealership but they wouldn't do anything since my warranty extended warranty wouldn't touch it either. My insurance company wouldn't cover it since I didn't think anything struck the glass, they felt it was a vehicle defect, not an accident.

    To make a long story short, I ended up contacting Hyundai USA's corporate offices, submitting a bunch of paperwork, and they wouldn't do anything. I had to pay the $650 or whatever to have it repaired. While I am thankful no one was hurt, I feel they should have covered this.

    Now that Hyundai has issued a recall on 2012 Veloster cars due to exploding sunroofs, I am revisiting my claim with them.
  • dknitsdknits Posts: 1
    We have a 2001.5 VW Passatt, 110,000 miles. On 12/31/12 we heard a very loud double explosion while driving 65 mph in clear conditions at 34 degrees F. The sunroof had exploded. Glass shattered all over us. We did not see any flying rocks, and were not near other cars. We had gone under a few overpasses and wondered if someone had thrown a large rock. We had driven for about 150 miles at the time, and 50 miles earlier had driven through some snow and 29 degrees at the coldest. Prior to this time we had not opened the sunroof for at least a couple of months. We did have the inside shade open. We bought the car new with the sunroof already installed. We were in shock for a few minutes, but found a Home Depot and taped card board over the opening to complete our trip. Do we look for a body shop that has experience with VW? Will call our local mechanic. Had never heard of this problem. Do we report this to traffic safety? Is an older car exempt from safety concerns? Hope this does not happen often to others. Very scary
  • My sunroof was open, my husband was driving and I was reading a book in the passengers seat cruising down the Interstate. Without warning glass started raining down on us. There was no sound (like a rock hitting) or other warning, the glass just started falling on us. Luckily my husband was wearing a baseball cap or he might have been blinded by the falling glass resulting in an accident or injury. We were so shocked, we limped off at the next exit and pulled over. It looked like a stress fracture to us as both sides of the sunroof were at 45 degree angles. How could the alleged "rock" that we didn't hear manage to break the glass from two different locations (pictures available). Our car is less than 3 months old! The Dealership is repairing, but the repair is on my insurance. The Service Manager said they use tempered glass that is designed to shatter...on a roof. I think this is an engineering defect and a safety issue. Although my moon roof is being repaired, I doubt I'll use it ever again. I am taking it to have 3M film applied to the glass to prevent the glass from showering us again. It is a very unpleasant occurrence.
  • I had a Scion (Toyota) with the same problem. It was under warranty but Toyota refused to pay for the repair. I took them to arbitration (explained in your owner manual) and they paid for the repair. I suggest you do the same. It can all be handled through the mail.
  • Rear passenger window on 2011 KIA Sorento exploded for no apparent reason while driving on I-75 in 72 degree weather on a beautiful day. KIA refused to replace, even with the bumper to bumper warranty purchased with vehicle.
  • Bought the 2013 Venza less that two months ago with 6 miles on it. Salesman went on about how GREAT this vehicle is, bought the warranty the finance guy said "everything but the brakes" were covered and guess what? They aren't covering the phantom EXPLODING sun roof!! NOT happy about the sudden "I don't know them" syndrome I got from the dealer. They are blaming it on Toyota but I think it's just like every other dealer out there, once they got ya they leave ya. Oh yes, they talk to you like they owe you money. they sold you a hand full of rocks and they promised they would be marbles...My bad, It wont ever happen again.
  • rocco1951rocco1951 Posts: 7
    I had the same problem with a Scion Tc. I took them to arbitration and they paid. Procedure is in your Toyota owners manual.
  • denee246denee246 Posts: 4
    I bought a 2013 Venza 12/15/12. Feb. 22, 2013, my moonroof shattered as we were driving down the interstate. Very scary and made a mess of my car. It seems a stress fracture to us. Please post your experience at Toyota does not notify their dealers of any problems until there are several. The moonroof raining down on you is a serious safety issue--could have blinded the driver resulting in a wreck. Mine wasn't covered under warranty either. Now moon roof grinds from glass remaining. I share your pain.
  • ajgrantcshajgrantcsh Posts: 9
    I had this happen on a 2009 BMW about six months after I got it. Just coincidentally I mentioned it to a friend who said it had happened to him with a new shower enclosure. He had just had the bathroom renovated, and heard a loud bang. Fortunately the bathroom was vacant at the time. He said it was like shrapnel exploded, destroying all the new work. Amidst fighting with contractors and manufacturers he did some research and found an architectural white paper, which reported that spontaneous shattering is a known phenomenon of tempered glass. Every so many units per the millions manufactured have microscopic defects that cause the glass to shatter. The auto dealers automatically tell you something hit the glass, which in most cases is not true. But it's a fight to get them pay for the repair.
  • mfj62mfj62 Posts: 1
    My 2013 Hyundai Sante Fe sunroof exploded for no reason. The weather was mild at the time (59 degrees). I was traveling at 60 mph on the freeway, and the roof was open to the vented position at the time. It sounded like a gunshot. Glass showered the inside of the car.
  • Yesterday my wife was driving her 2013 kia optima sxl down the interstate when a loud pop sound was made followed by falling glass from the sunroof. A softball size hole was noted to the rear of the glass with the remainder being shattered. Luckily her nor our 5 year old son was injured. Took it to the dealership today and we ate waiting on the Kia area rep to give us a decision on if they can replace it under warranty or not.
  • insulmaninsulman Posts: 1
    On May 31st 2013 - While traveling down RTE 93 South in New Hampshire we experience a very loud bang, there were no other cars or truck around us, no one threw a rock, no bird hit the SUV.
    I happened to glance up at the roof and realized that the front sun roof had exploded into a million pieces, fortunately it was safety glass and it all stayed in one piece. We are now waiting for the new sun roof to come in. No one seem to have one in stock and it needs to be ordered out of OHIO. I did call Chevrolet headquarters and they took the information and gave me a claim number. They said they would investigate it and call me back which they did bat stated that there is no know problem with the sun roof. It was a windy day, 90 degrees out and we put the air conditioner on, I don't know it this has any thing to do with the cause of it.
  • delrio41delrio41 Posts: 1
    My car is less than 6 months old. I was driving on the interstate when I heard a loud noise (like a gunshot). The front glass panel of my sunroof exploded...fortunately, I had the cover on, so no glass entered the interior. I've taken the car back to Ford, and I'm waiting to hear what they say...hoping they do the right thing AND, try to tell me it was just a rock.
  • dmz4dmz4 Posts: 1
    We were driving on I-71 in an open area (no trees, no birds, no bridges, no other large vehicles, no construction near us) when our moonroof exploded. It sounded like a shotgun blast and when we looked at the moonroof there was a quarter sized hole with the glass shattered all around it. Fragments of glass began dropping into our van, in our hair, on our clothes and in our drinks. We pulled the moonroof cover closed and glass continued to blow out of the moonroof until we were able to pull over safely. Pieces of glass are now everywhere in the van and in our clothing including down the backs of our shirts. What a mess to cleanup! We're so glad our kids weren't injured with all the glass shards. I hope Toyota will do what's right and find out why the glass unexpectedly shattered. It is definitely a safety issue especially with little kids in the van.
  • terriehterrieh Posts: 8
    This happened to my 2013 Ford Escape last week. What resolution did you get from Ford and/or your dealership?
  • dbbogeydbbogey Posts: 3
    I have had this happen twice - two years ago my wife's 2008 GL 550 exploded outward. Out of warranty and I replaced at dealer. They never offered to fix and since out of warranty I didn't fight it and was not sure of my wife and daughters story. This week the same thing happened to me in a brand new Audi A8L. Tooling along about 75 with only cars behind me, and I thought a cannon had gone off. Glass was blown outward and scratched the paint all the way back to the trunk. Audi will replace and fix. I am looking into what company supplies sunroof glass for the German Automakers. Interesting link to a story about a women in San Francisco with a new BMW, physics professor got into the act when BMW first tried to deny.
  • terriehterrieh Posts: 8
    I'm STILL fighting with FORD over it. They said there was an impact too. I can guarantee there wasn't. I wasn't driving near, behind, over or under anything or anyone that would have thown an object. Insurance said the same thing...that ford should pay. My car is only 7 months old. I'm going to send them the link that you shared as well showing the engineers point of view. Thanks for sharing.
  • terriehterrieh Posts: 8
    Ford is refusing to cover this issue. They have denied the claim. They will not stand behind their products. Never again will I buy another Ford. EVER. Nor will I recommend a Ford to anyone. This is complete BS.
  • charfacecharface Posts: 1
    While driving to work yesterday, on a major highway, my sunroof spontaneously shattered and fell in on me. Has anyone else with a VW, that had this issue, reached out to VW about this? Did you have any resolutions. The car is a 2009, I find it highly unacceptable that this could happen. Not to mention extremely dangerous.
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