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Hyundai Azera Tires and Wheels



  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    I had Michelins for decades on VW, Karman-Ghia and two Accords, all with full satisfaction, but the OEM Michelins on my '06 Azera were just plain noisy for 45,000 miles, and I replaced them with four Bridgestone Turanza Serenity tires with a resulting 14k miles (so far) of pleasure... :shades:
  • jkolehjkoleh Posts: 38
    Replaced OE Michelins at about 30M due mostly to serious cupping and noise. Replaced with Kumho Ectsa LX Platinum which I am happy with other than they are getting cupped as well with about 30 M on them. Have always rotated and balanced so think it may be an inherent proble with the car (2007 Azera) --- annoying.
  • Yes, I still have the OEM tires. I have about 28,000 miles on the car, started noticing the noise around 20,000. I have concluded that rather than purchasing new tires, which may wear out prematurely again, I will just turn the radio up louder and trade the car for a new Honda or Toyota when I am able to.
  • Ditto for my 2010. It started out nice and quiet but by 18k makes a continuous drone on all types of pavement surface.
  • jazzleighejazzleighe Posts: 3
    I bought a 2008 Black Beauty Azera Limited just last Monday--I'm absolutely thrilled so far. It's a Hyundai CPO vehicle, equipped with brand new Cooper CS4 Touring tires. I live in SE Wisconsin, and hope these tires are good in mixed driving conditions, as a few of you have mentioned.

    I'm also hoping that my Azera doesn't disappoint me with the noise problems so many of you have discussed. So far the noise level is almost nil, unless you count a rumble when a wheel falls into one of our many cracks or potholes. The 2012 Sonata the dealer let me use during detailing made me crazy after 25 miles due to constant loud running noise, and horrible echoing "thunks" as tires stumbled over each pebble. I missed my well-mannered Azzie terribly!

    After researching this vehicle for 6 months before buying, can you believe that I missed this site until AFTER my purchase, so the noise/tire issue is new to me? I'm glad there is this forum to rely on for user information and advice--I'll check back periodically to get the benefit of your wisdom and experience.

    Keep reporting the news, good and bad! Thanks, guys and gals....
  • mark115mark115 Posts: 3
    Bought a "New" 2009 Azera Limited in Feb.2012 (was used as a dealer loaner,never registered.New title,only 7000 miles) Now it has 14000 miles and the road nosie is terrible. Does not seem to have any allignment problems,tracks fine no pulling to one side or the other,can drive with no hands on wheel.but the noise is now unbearable.cannot get it to dealer for another month or so (My work schedules) Now, the tires are Michlens.there does seem to be a lot of cracking on the side walls (It sat a lot) I am tempted to just replace the tires as I don't think I can stand to wait till they wear out. they are not cupped or any visable problems. Any suggestions? What tires to get?? Thanks
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 793
    Wheel alignment is a multiple of things - and the alignment can be bad without any driveablility issues. For example, if the toe in is excessive, the car will drive just fine, but the tire is being driven ever so slightly sideways - and that grinds off the tire tread at a more rapid rate - and more importantly, causes a noise producing pattern to form.

    If your car was quiet and then developed tire noise many miles down the road - look at the alignment.

    My experience is that the published alignment specs are too wide by half to assure good tire wear. Put another way, the alignment needs to be within the inner half of the spec range.
  • jazzleighejazzleighe Posts: 3
    This story just in from the Secretary of The Life Sucks Department:

    My Black Beauty Azera, proudly sporting a high gloss from its recent application of PermaPlate, was accosted by a faded little old econo car while waiting for a stoplight to change.

    The perpetrator somehow failed to notice that 6 cars were sitting at the red light, and just kept driving until it crashed into Beauty's rear bumper. The dastardly dude instantly threw his vehicle into reverse, then swerved into the parking lane and turned the corner. He hit the gas, and disappeared within seconds. I never got a look at the license plate, nor did I have the satisfaction of seeing damage to his car (hope it was massive).

    Yes, my dream car was hurt today, and I feel the pain. I'm glad, however, that the Azera is made of such strong stuff--the plastic cladding of the bumper is shattered and tattered, but no other damage is visible. If I was fated to be hit, I guess the rear bumper is the least troubling area to have damaged.

    With a $500 deductible, that was an expensive loaf of bread I was on my way to addition to the accident report ritual, now I have to go through all the trouble of a car repair (including a Sonata loaner), and I was totally innocent. Anybody else hearing a sucky noise?!

    Any idea whether the "uninsured motorist" portion of insurance might pay for the deductible? The other driver's insurance, if he had any, cannot pay if he hit and ran, after all. And he committed a hit and run, making me the victim of a crime.... Aw, there's that ssssuuucky noise again....
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    that SUCKS....hope the repair goes to your satisfaction...I too have a black azzy "The Black Pearl" (named after Capt Jack Sparrow's pirate ship) '06 with 23K miles and not a mark (garage queen)....lots of upgrades also....
  • jazzleighejazzleighe Posts: 3
    My "Black Beauty" refers to the horse, since I have always been in love with those magnificent animals. When I was a girl, I read every horse novel I could get my hands on, collected horse figurines and pictures, drew them, fantasized that I was one of them, etc., until life lived up to my dreams and I was able to get a real horse! So I truly know how it feels to LOVE your ride.

    I have the sporty black interior with the light wood trim--I feel so good when I slip inside, I just relax and melt into the seat. Since your screen name has "azera" in it, I know you can relate to how I'm feeling right now, whether you've had your Azzy since it was new, or you rescued a pampered "pre-owned" one. I appreciate your emotional support.

    I'd be interested to know what kinds of upgrades you've done, for reference when I want to get Black Beauty a "gift"! As for the repair, he's going back to the dealer, and I'll demand a brand new bumper, of course, along with a thorough examination for hidden damage. I've never before made an insurance claim, so my company should be willing to do right by me after all those premiums they've pocketed over the years.
  • I also have a 08, black on black and was hit in the rear by a teenager texting and not looking ahead. She had no insurance and my insurance paid in full under unisured motorist and took her to court to collect. Damage to me was no more than the replaceable bumper. I have also eliminated the Hyundai and flying "H" from my trunk lid and replaced them with a S380 emblem and a "M" emblem. Sometimes get questioned if its a Masaratti. :)
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 213
    In California, you have to prove that the driver that hit you was uninsured for the ccoverage to pay. If someone left the secne and you do not know who you are, you are out of luck.
  • carlosiiicarlosiii Posts: 2
    Reference my message #528. I gave up on the noise and had a set of Sumitomo HTR A/S PO1 UHS put on today (along with alignment). Driving out from the shop I couldn't get over the quietness. I hope it lasts. By the way, I picked these from the Consumer Reports 2012 Buying Guide.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    In most cases any unpleasant road noise was pretty much attributed to the terrible Michelin tires that came standard on the Azeras. I think everyone that changed tires and went with another brand noticed immediate differences. Good luck on your new Sumitomos.
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 213
    I saw a show on TV yesterday where the guy said you should Cross rotate your tires as the edges wear first on a front wheel drive car. He suggested front to rear and then Left rear to front right and right rear to front left.

    Two things. I Have always been told not to do this with radial tires. Second I am afraid of vibrations, noice and the need to rebalance if I do this. would like more than 25K out of a set of tires. Any opinions?
  • cwj3620cwj3620 Posts: 14
    edited July 2012
    The issue of not rotating radial tires is an old early day radial issue from when radial tires were new and manufactures quality control was still being developed. With quality control of the manufacturing process now at high levels you should in-fact cross rotate radials for maximum wear-ability.

    This is all assuming you do NOT have "Directional" tires, this type in-fact cannot be cross rotated!

    The optimum rotation for wear includes the spare (if full size). Spare tire to drivers rear, that tire to passenger front, that tire to passenger rear, that tire to drivers front and that tire to spare. OR with no spare in rotation, the two front tires directly to the rear and the rear tires crisscrossed to the front. The pattern of rotation can be different depending on who you talk to, they all work the same, just remember to utilize the same pattern of rotation each time. Cross rotating works wonders for wear-ability and should be done every 5,000-8,000 miles for best results. As a point, I (Azera) got 74,450 on the original Michelin's (5 tire rotation) and I am at 35,000 with the replacement Continental Pro Plus w Eco (5 tire rotation), no wear in site. My wife's 2003 BMW 525, still has the original Michelin's with 59,000 (5 tire rotation), no wear in site. Just insure good 4 wheel alignment and you should realize great results.
    See my Post #487
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    most performance/touring tyres today are directional.....4 tyre rotation is recommended...the Michelin Energy's that were OEM on the Azera are a good tyre, but not suitable for the suspension setup of the Azera....noisy, rough, and not wearing long....replaced mine with Yoko's and very happy got 40K on the Energy's...
  • yorledyorled Posts: 1
    I recently bought a new bubble balancer machine but i am having difficulty trying to understand why is it that whenever i balanced a wheel(new rim and new tyre) and spin it slightly on the said machine it (the tyre) would always show that it is still unbalanced whenever it stops.?

    N:B The unbalanced spots always turning up at different stops.
  • I had the dealer do a bounce test of my struts and check my front end to try and ensure the cupping on my Michelin Energy tires wasn't caused by suspension issues. As most have stated, the dealer said all checks good and I needed new tires (I just reached 35K miles). I'm shopping for new tires and see several posters have had good luck with several tire brands/models. As a recap, I'd appreciate any recommendations.

    Side note: I noticed that my dash board started to crack on the passenger side. Since my 2008 is still under warranty, the dealer is checking with Hyundai headquarters to see if the repair is covered. The cracks were most likely from the intense heat we've been having lately. I'm going to wait on the outcome of the crack repair before I buy the new tires.
  • busdepotbusdepot Posts: 11
    I own a 2006 Azera and I too have a crack on the top of the dashboard on the passenger side.In my case it was not covered because I am past the five year bumper to bumper warranty but the last time I took my car in for service at the dealership I did ask the service manager if it would have happen while the car was still under the warranty he said it would have been covered.In my case it is not very noticeable but i guess I will just have to live with it and hope that it doesn't get any worst.
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