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Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Pack Questions



  • dragonfrydragonfry Posts: 1
    How will Ieffect the repair cost of less than $1000 for a battery? I live out in California. Can you provide the details. Regards.
  • kevin05kevin05 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Honda Civic with 125,000 miles. My battery will only charge to about 80%. If the car is not runnin gofr 2 hours and then driven the battery will charge all the way? Any ideas?
  • For at least 6 months, I have not seen the IMA battery fully charged on my 2008 Civic Hybrid. During this time, I have also noticed a reduction in my gas mileage. I haven't gotten more than 36 mpg in the past 10 months. I would imagine this is due to the constant charging of the IMA battery, without every reaching capacity. So, why did I spend the extra $$$ on a hybrid when I could have gotten this mileage with the standard model.

    Twice in the past year, Honda has "checked my battery and charging system and all was fine". This week, I took the car in on Tuesday for a 3rd time after having a lengthy discussion with the Service Manager himself. My car would be worked on by the "shop foreman who is the Hybrid expert". I made it clear that I see the battery charging as I'm driving, but the last of the 8 bar never illuminates and after sitting for several days, I find only the last 4 bars illuminated. This occurs in the parking lot at work after the car is parked for 8 hours, too. My conversation with the person scheduling the appointment was ... they either need to fix the problem or help me get out of this car without losing my [non-permissible content removed]. This is ridiculous.

    I receive a call from the "Expert" telling me the car needed 4 software upgrades and these would correct the issue. Their "testing equipment" which downloads/uploads these updates wasn't working properly, so Honda sent another which would arrive in 2 days. I was without a car for 2 days since they had shuttled me home. On Thursday morning, just after 9 am, I received a call that the car was finished.

    When I picked it up, there were 4 bars on the IMA battery. I drove the car 40 miles to charge the battery. Despite the fact that I tried to ensure minimal use of assist and maximum charging, the battery FINAL reached a point of 7 bars, but by the time I reached my driveway was back to 4 because of a MINOR INCLINE.

    I'm not an expert, but it appears the IMA battery is TRYING to charge, but if it can't charge to the maximum and HOLD the charge, IT ISN'T WORKING PROPERLY. I expected them to replace the batteries earlier this week.

    Has anyone here experienced similar charging issues? Enlighten me... I'm currently logging IMA battery performance for 10 days, taking pics of the levels, the charging/assist, etc and putting together an obnoxious technical review of the situation. Perhaps I need to have a MAN explain it to them. Is the problem that a WOMAN thinks she knows what is going on?
  • I have the 2007 HCH. I drive the car like a science experiment. I too have seen some of these same issues.

    1. For at least 3-4 months I have noticed reaching the the last bar on the IMA to be very difficult. I need to accelerate real carefully to minimize motor assist. I have counted only 6 - 9 times reaching the 8th bar in this time span and reaching the last bar seems to take forever.

    2. When I spoke to the dealer they "talked in code" and wanted $90 to check the charging system/battery. I decline. I figure the codes would not show a problem at this point and I wanted more "ammunition" when I speak to the dealer again.

    3. I also notice unusual charging behaviors while driving (long steady trips - Not City). If the IMA fell into the 4th bar it would try to charge, as it should, but sometimes the charging would continue until I reached the 7th or 8th bar. It almost seem that the car knew its battery was low and, if I gave it he opportunity on a steady run, decided to charge all the way.

    4. As far as MPG. When my wife drives the car she never gets above 35 mpg. Because of my "hyper-miling" techniques I can still get 55-60 on long runs and 45 - 50 around town. As I said, I drive the car like a science experiment and have learned how to squeak out more mpgs.

    It was on my trips to work during the spring that I first noticed the decline in IMA battery life. I will continue to monitor and take data. I will post these results shortly.
  • dag749dag749 Posts: 1
    When I bought my 2006 Hybrid, the salesman told me how the 2006 had been changed from previous models. One change was that the charging system did not have as its goal a 100% battery charge. The goal was to average a 75% charge. It seemed that trying to maintain 100% was too taxing on the system. Under normal circumstances expect the charging meter to vary between 50 and 100%.
  • I understand the goal is not to have the IMA battery at max charge 100% of the time, however, my fuel consumption is 30 to 35 (sometimes less) while the battery is at 6 bars or less. My colleague has an identical 2008 HCH and continues to get the 50 mpg that I got with this car during the first 6 months. The driver, the drive to work and the car have been consistent. What has changed is the IMA charge level and the fuel consumption.

    A week ago, with 7 bars on the IMA battery, I drove 30 miles at 45 to 55 mph and saw 57.9 MPG. As soon as I got onto the highway, I found the battery dropped and my MPG dropped considerably. After 70 miles, I was at 35 mpg. THAT IS A PROBLEM. I purchased the car for the fuel efficiency. I could get 35 mpg with the standard Civic, so why would I pay a premium for THIS PERFORMANCE?

    I have purchased a second car while I address these issues. 3 days ago, I took the HCH to Roberts Honda in Downingtown. In a short test drive, there doesn't appear to be an issue. HOWEVER, the performance of the battery is erratic in the longterm. I've asked the mechanic to drive the car as he would his own for at least 3 days. I really want some to explain why I've lost 30% of my fuel consumption at the same time the battery indicator began to show reduced levels if the charging and battery systems are functioning properly. If I don't receive satisfaction, I'll be pursuing action through the attorney general's office. I first noticed the fuel consumption dropping 10 months ago, but it was still in the 40s. I was told it must be my driving, but it doesn't seem to matter if I drive aggressively or using hypermiling techniques. The result is the same. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. On one occasion, I left my driveway at 7 bars, saw 4 bars only 2 miles later (downhill) and less than 10 miles after that was at 2 bars. I doubt the level should ever indicate these values unless travelling in a mountainous area. This was essentially a flat terrain and when accelarating I focus on less than 3 bars on Assist.
  • Dag- thanks for the post. i noticed my battery charge lower after they reprogramed the computer when i took it in for the trans problem. i guess that was the new upgrade that did that.

    BUT- i too have seen my mileage go down into the 30s and 40s. it makes me really angry. my friend who owns a Cobalt gets the same gas mileage as me!!!! it's absolutely ridiculous! when i bought the car it got in the 50s.

    Funtechie- PLEASE, post here if/when you take action! i would like details on how to do that. i feel like there's nothing else i can do and honda always jerks me around. i get email reminders when people put a new post up, so your reply will go to my inbox, that would be great help! thanks!!!!
  • strobnstrobn Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Civic Hybrid that the dealer is telling me needs a new Hybris battery pack. I have found several places on line that speak of reconditioning a toyota, but nothing on the Civic. Does anyone have a link to information or could provide me with information as to options, if any to the new $3000 battery pack?
  • ltp53ltp53 Posts: 1
    The battery pack on my 2003 Civic (115,000) has always worked great, and I am still getting the same mileage and the indicator light still shows a great "charge". The IMA light and Check Engine light came on a few months ago, then went off and on over the next couple of months, then stayed on. The dealership said the car is in great shape, but I need a new battery pack and if I choose not to get one the performance (gas mileage) will suffer. Since I have seen no change in performance I have not been concerned.

    However, when I went to get my yearly car inspection the car did not pass. When I took it to the dealership the told me the two codes on the failure report had to do with the battery pack.

    Is there any solution? Is there a way to correct the computer if that is the problem?
  • Had great luck with the hybrid until this week (7 years, 180,000 km). The dealer says the battery pack needs to be replaced @$5000 Can! Are there re-conditioned battery packs available somewhere? Any other suggestions? Does Honda care about this issue? I have seen a number of owners with this problem and it seems that the costs are exceptionally high (might be best to walk away??). The dealer told me that the cost was $2000 for the battery pack when I bought it in 2003! Ugh.
  • you have an option of rebuilding IMA battery pack about $1250.00 with 1 year warranty and or good used unit which would cost about $850.00 with lower miles! I believe 2003 to 2005 very much same cost does not include shipment because of 80 pound weight of IMA battery and the size which need to be crated. also you must make sure code related to IMA battery and not anything else like sensor and or transmission problem! cost of new IMA battery should be about $3500.00 you can do few call to other Honda dealership to get exact and or better price!
  • Ogre_GEVOgre_GEV Posts: 263
    2003-2005 Civic batteries should be about $3000 except in southern CA where they are mysteriously about $1000 more. You can have it repaired for 1/3 to 1/2 of that (including shipping).

    Any junkyard pack will fail in 9 months +/- 2 months unless it is reconditioned prior to use.

    BTW, a 2003-2005 Civic Hybrid IMA battery weighs 67 lbs and is about 95 lbs in a wooden crate.
  • I have less than 100,000 on my 2003 civic hybrid and the IMA came on. The dealer said I need a new battery pack [about twenty five hundred bucks] I know the new ones have eight year-100,000 warranty. Does anyone know for sure about the 2003 model?
  • In Canada they were 7 years or 130,000 km.
  • My Check Engine and IMA Light just came on for the first time. I have an 2003 HCH with CVT and a little more than 98K on the odo. I have read many of the threads posted here and I will take my HCH to my local Honda service tomorrow. I'll let everyone know about my expirience which I hope will be a good one.

    Alexandria, VA
  • jrhefnerjrhefner Posts: 1
    I haven't spent any time reading the posts here. There was another thread I was following before on IMA battery issues that I haven't been able to find my way back to, so if I repeat information that's been stated here I apologize. I purchased a used 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid back in 2007. It had roughly 30K mi then, and is now at 111K mi now. I had my IMA light come on before and they did some updates that took care of the issues at the time. This time when the IMA light came on, they told me it was because I needed a battery replacement. I went in thinking it was going to be serviced for updates and that it would be no big deal. Even after he said I needed a new battery, I thought no big deal. Then he told me it was a $3000 repair. I told him I'd take my chances and do some research. HERE IS WHAT I CAME UP WITH: 1. Check out your local junkyards. I've heard people getting a replacement battery from $150-$600. I got mine for $500 and a 6 mo warranty. 2. Repair it yourself! Yes, you are dealing with electricity and you must be careful, but this is a simple repair. I'm not a car mechanic by any means, and I fixed it without instructions in little over an hour. If you want some pointers, send me a message and I'll be glad to oblige. I reset the lights, charged my battery and it works like a charm. My final option was to see if they would do a partial repair, but I didn't need to get to this. I believe Honda replaces the entire battery and that's why it is so expensive. From my research online, it seems that there are only a few cells in the battery that go bad and causes the IMA light to go off. It is possible to test, charge, and replace these cells individually. I'm not sure if Honda would do this, but it never hurts to ask. Hope this helps! :) ">
  • I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with 108,000 miles on it. What I would like to know is if the hybrid battery dies, will I still be able to start and drive the car? I often drive to remote areas and in the back of my mind I worry about getting stranded. Any help? Thanks in advance.
  • bellmotorbellmotor Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    Honda hybrid is a combined gasoline engine and electric motor which
    drive power train to save fuel and there are two battery in hybrid car one standard 12 volt conventional battery for starting system and some and most of the 12volts electrical components on the car except charging system but hybrid battery drive and energizes the electric motor for power drive plus other components that depend on it like the steering system and voltage on hybrid system is as high as 158 volts which can cook meats within seconds! hybrid battery when it goes bad it's most of the time one or few cells and you will get the warning way before it totally goes out but vehicle still can be started and driven with cautious still to get you to the repair shop to fix it and standard battery can be jump started unless it's totally dead and I hope this answers your question with 30 years of experience and by the way mini copper beats Honda on gas mileage without having hybrid system and thanks to German car and engineering which is superior in quality built power trains, technology, safety and plus body more rigid and more fun to drive and prestigious to own but you don't ignore German car on maintenance other wise they break down more often just like other car!
  • My experience when my battery pak failed at 98K was the car started OK, but with the small engine there was hardly any power available for anything above 40MPH. If your driving in back roads and hilly, you could have some serious problems.
  • Thanks for the answers on my battery question. I am 6'6" so a mini cooper is not an alternative for me! Frankly I doubt I will buy another hybrid. What I have gained in gas mileage has been more than offset by the higher costs for repairs. For example I needed the catalytic converter replaced. It would have been @ $400 for a Civic, but was over 1200 bucks for the hybrid.
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