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Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Pack Questions



  • Hello!!

    I am totally interested in repairing my IMA battery myself. Can u give me some pointers on repairing this myself?

  • who did you call and who did you ask? I need a new battery too! thanks!
  • Well, the CVT went out on my 03' Civic a couple of months ago, this has got to be the worst transmission Honda has ever made, although Honda has probably worked the bugs out on the newer ones. I think it was the startup clutches at about $1400; if that’s all that is wrong. Otherwise a rebuilt transmission from Honda is about $3500 plus labor. I am tired of sinking money into this car that I only had for about a year, so I traded it for a non-hybrid and took a big loss. The rebuilt battery I got from "Hybrid-Battery Repair" had to be sent back once and it was again giving error codes. I wonder if the transmission had anything to do with the battery not holding a charge. Just a thought; if you have to change the (expensive) oil in the CVT every 8 or 9 thousand miles what's the point of owning a hybrid. You pay a premium to start with and then you spend any savings in gas on changing transmission fluid - and it's still that way on the brand new Honda Hybrids. This was my one and only experiment with hybrids and I think I am cured.
  • whoistheericwhoistheeric Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    can someone one give me an idea who to call and what to ask, because i think i need a battery too.... get my hch on april only give me 33 mpg now, use to be 40mpg on the first year i get it...


    can we just sign up and sue the honda and let them replace or pay us back the money for those that repaired already?
  • 12 volt battery dead; jumped it off; car started. hybrid baterry not working at all. Car seems to be struggling.
  • sandi878sandi878 Posts: 1
    YOU could end up paying for a replacement battery when the problem could actually be
    something much less expensive to fix. When it comes to IMA battery problems, go
    to a reputable, authorized Honda dealer and let them diagnose it.

    If you go to Autozone or to an Independent Honda repair/service shop, they will NOT have the
    latest technical info from Honda.

    Disclaimer: Own 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (gen1 HCH). Experienced 2 very recent 'IMA
    battery problems'. Went to the Dealership both times. And thank my lucky stars that I did.
    THANK YOU Pacific Honda (San Diego) and Honda America for doing everything you can to
    resolve OUR technically difficult 'IMA Battery Problem '.
  • rsh33rsh33 Posts: 1
    I also own a 2003 Honda Civic hybrid and also experienced two recent IMA failures. Both cases with reports of DTC P0A80 -- IMA battery malfunction. In January 2012 my Honda dealer updated some software and the problem went away. That is, until May 5, 2012 (a not so nice birthday present) when it reoccurred. The dealer updated software and the problem is resolved (at least for now). What is most interesting is they also gave me a copy of Honda ServiceNews Article dated March 2012 which I will fully copy.
    Got a Civic Hybrid with IMA DTC P0A80? Update the Battery Software
    Currently applies to: '03-05 Civic Hybrid
    Got IMA DTC P0A80 (replace hybrid battery pack)? Don't replace anything! The IMA battery software just needs to be updated to the latest version.
    To remedy the situation, go back to S/B 10-083, IMA Battery Software and Hardware Updates, and update both the battery software and motor software using this version or later:
    * HDS Software Version 3.002.034
    * HDS Control Module (CM) update - Database Update 1 Mar 2012 [not quite clear as how to read this, either Update 1, March 2012 or Update, 1 Mar 2012. rsh33]
    Once the software has been updated, DTC P0A80 will be gone, never to be seen again.
    After updating the IMA motor and battery software, immediately check for DTCs.
    * If you see DTC P1569 or P1637 right after the update, there's a mismatch between the battery software and the battery type. Go back to S/B 10-083, recheck the battery type and software, and repeat the update.
    * If you see P1589 or P1637 any time other than right after the update, follow the normal troubleshooting in ISIS.

    The End. I asked the dealer why Honda didn't notify me, the original owner with a previously reported P0A80 occurrence, of this fix. The answer was, "Honda doesn't". I asked if the dealer would have recommended this upgrade as part of a normal service? The answer was, "no".
  • stiltstilt Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    I agree with taking your Civic Hybrid to the dealership. I own an '03 Hybrid. At about 78K my IMA light came on but my car still operated fine, battery & electric motor still ran OK but I scheduled an appointment with Honda. They replaced the battery and module under warranty. They have also provided all software upgrades to improve performance and longevity. I have not had any issues. At 134K miles mine runs very smooth! Place some faith in your 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid, take it to Honda dealer...Do your scheduled maintenance, don't drive with a heavy foot. Watch the digital monitors below the speedometer and the charge and assist dials on the upper right to assist you in learning to get the best performance and mileage. I consistently get between 40 and 50 mpg. (47.3 mpg this week, more in town than on the freeway.) If properly cared for your battery will normally far outlive the battery on the Prius. See government study:
  • richie78richie78 Posts: 2
    Today my wife bought 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid (automatic transmission, mileage=220k) and she found that:

    1. The IMA light is on
    2. The check engine light is on
    3. The battery charger light is on
    4. The AC in the car does not work. (I turned it on but no cool air comes out)
    5. The Battery on the right side of IMA ( I think that it is the indicator of IMA battery capacity) is TOTALLY empty.

    6. Maintenance due light is showing..

    Are these problems results of weak battery?
  • lcruiselcruise Posts: 3
    Wow. I can't help but wonder how much your wife paid for the car; perhaps it was a really, really good deal. I too drive a Civic Hybrid, 2003. I love it most of the time.

    I just replaced the IMA battery in June, with 164K miles on the engine and with all the same symptoms you have (except the AC thing). At the Honda dealership it was $2870. before taxes! Honda's batteries are not new, but refurbished and mine came with a 2 year warranty. (I am told Honda no longer makes these batteries new, but they are refurbished by Panasonic who made the original batteries.)

    I asked to keep my old battery. After all it did belong to me, however Honda was going to charge me $1200 more for the repair if I insisted on keeping the battery! That's called Honda robbery!! By the way, the life of the IMA battery is the focus of a current class action lawsuit against Honda. By default, you may be included in this.

    Note that one year ago, after reading many positive comments on this and another online forum, I had my failing battery refurbished by Ron Hansen of Hybrid Battery Repair out of NY, with a one year warranty. Four months later (Sept. 2011) I was having problems.. lights coming on, "coughing" with acceleration, etc. Weeks turned into months trying to get an upfront response from Mr. Hanson, all couched in kind promises and no action. Finally, in May 2012 after tens of phone calls, most of which were never even acknowledged, I discovered he had closed his doors. Consumer beware!

    I hate to be the bearer of this news, but my guess is that your IMA battery (if it isn't already) is on it's way to being, like the wicked witch, "not just merely dead, but really most sincerely dead".
  • JRhefner: Can you give me some pointers on how to replace the IMA battery cells myself?
  • After 2weeK Honda dealer came out with a report of MCM motor control module(NO COMMUNCATiON)...Cat. converter failure and EGR Control circuit range. The car battery was certified to be good!To Honda..the MCM cost $2600 which is same price my wife bought the car! But im seaching for used one presently bc i cant afford such huge $$$$ for MCM!
    Can i replace the MCM with the used MCM?
  • tgabbitgabbi Posts: 1
    I have purchased a 2004 civic hybrid for my son. He was starting college and the car was needed. 1 week after both the check engine and ima light have come on. After taking it to the dealership the diagnosis is the batteries with a 3000 dollar price tag. This a nightmare. We spent his savings and mine just to buy this car and thought we were gettinga quality product in honda. Is there any way to get Honda to off set the price of replacement. Or is there any other option. Why would they make a product with such an expensive part.
  • I have a 2004 civic hybrid which I bought 10 months ago with 83500 miles on it. I love it. I have had one major repair, a voltage sensor that cost me $790 to fix. I change the oil and transmission fluid myself. It sounds like a good plan to get the battery rebuilt. I would think you can have a mechanic you trust or an automotive shop that specializes in automotive electrical problems do the job. I think it is absolutely worth it. It's a Honda, it should run for a long time as long as you stay up on the preventive maintenance. Hopefully you can find a trustworthy mechanic.
  • The next thing I would worry about is repairing or replacing the transmission (if you have a CVT). According to the Carfax report my 03’ that I purchased used had the CVT replaced under warranty at around 30XXX miles. Then at 112XXX miles it went out again. It seems the early CVT’s had startup clutch problems. I went the route of having my battery refurbished only to have the transmission go out at an estimated $3500 repair bill. Needless to say I decided to just get rid of my hybrid as the repairs that I already had done on the battery plus the transmission where more than the car was worth. This was the costliest experiment I have ever done and my experience with a hybrid came to an abrupt end in less than a year and I will never again own a hybrid or a car with a CVT.
  • I have an 05 HCH CVT with a failing IMA battery. Where can I get the individual cells for the battery to repair it myself?
  • xlntmpgxlntmpg Posts: 8
    Individual cells can be purchased from different sources (no sure if I'm allowed to say specific names on this forum), but I'll warn you ahead of time that there are lots of ways to incorrectly disassemble the pack, as well as lots of ways to incorrectly re-assemble the pack.

    If you have the time and the patience to remove all the fasteners, and take all the safety precautions, it can be done. A set of sticks would likely cost under $2,000

    Eric Powers
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