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Nissan 350Z Electrical Problems

ruben757ruben757 Posts: 3
Can someone please help me?
My 350z has xenon lights, the xenon light on the passenger side keeps shuting of due to a blown fuse. I replace the blown fuse with a new one, turn the lights on and ZAP!!! the fuse is blown again!
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?



  • ruben757ruben757 Posts: 3
    Can someone please help me?
    My 350z has xenon lights, the xenon light on the passenger side keeps shuting of due to a blown fuse. I replace the blown fuse with a new one, turn the lights on and ZAP!!! the fuse is blown again!
    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Quit wasting time replacing fuses. Obviously there's something shorting out your wiring. Do you trust your dealer? You could start by taking it there and having an electrician trace the wiring to find the problem.
  • richinazrichinaz Posts: 2
    You could have a problem with the xenon light itself on the passenger side or the wiring running to the light assembly.You could unplug the connector from the light assembly and replace the fuse if it still blows the fuse, its in the wiring harness if it doesn't it problably is in the light assembly. I'm not sure how the lights are configured on the Z if the zenon lamp is replaceable by itself, you can try swapping it out. I haven't had any problems with my Z but those are a few suggestions on troubleshooting your problem.
  • i just bought my 04 350 and i was driving it and stopped at a stop light as i went to pull off i put it in first gear and went to press the gas. i has the gas on the floor but the rpm were not moving at all. im not sure if the car isnt getting gas or if its the computer not doing something. i was wondering if anyone has had this problem and what the problem is thank you
  • Recently I had a problem with my '03 Z, it turned out to be a computer error, I had to replace an air flow valve. My Z wouldn't start, no turn over, nothing. Maybe you are having similar problem...
  • bfs350zbfs350z Posts: 1
    so i just had a turbo kit put on the car, and it started then i had gauges put in, and now the car wont start,it sounds like it wants to but it just wont turn over completely. everything has been plugged back in and double checked. does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?
  • dr_volt_jrdr_volt_jr Posts: 1
    hi hi.. i am an engineer student. i have several question before i can find out the possible cause of your troubleshoot. you replace the fuse then you turn on the light then the fuse is breakdown again. did you install the right fuse? did you suspect any of the grounded or short circuit between the battery and that xenon bulb?
  • ruben757ruben757 Posts: 3
    I found out the problem. I need a new transformer/balist, that was my problem.

    While I have your attention, I'm experienceing a problem with my passenger side window, it does't go up or down, I took it to nissan and they want to charge me $850+tax to fix the problem, I took it to another mechanic and they can get the parts for about $450+tax and install it at no cost as a favor to me. I'm also trying to get a used motor and regulator from the scrap yard but nothing has come in as of yet. Is there a low cost method of fixing this?, can the motor and regulator be fixed? do I have any other options, do you have any other suggestions?

    Ruben (03 Nissan 350z)
  • wconlinwconlin Posts: 2
    I have 14K miles on this car. Like new condition. I have problems with the interior overhead lights. They won't come on either on door opening or by use of switch. I have checked the owners manual to find the right fuse slot and it is not shown. I have gone through every fuse in both boxes and none are bad. The light is located in the windshield frame and I don't see any way to remove the light cover to be able to check/replace the bulbs. This is a two light housing so it doesn't make sense that both bulbs would be bad. Any suggestions? Is there another switch that turns on these lights or deactivates them? Is there a in-line fuse for this light? The dealer service rep just scratched his head.
  • 06 350z ran into puddle of water. dryed out air filter and intake assembly. insert key everything activates. makes one click when you turn the key. any suggestions before i have to spend thousands of dollars. thanks
  • I have an electrical problem on 03 350z. my battery went dead and i charged to start my car but the signal,brake and tag lights wont go on at all. i already checked the fuses from the inside and outside it did mess up all those bulbs light i got then new and still not working. can any one help or give an idea. please...
  • minnesotazminnesotaz Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem with the interiror lights on my 2004 350Z coupe; the fuses looked ok...any suggestions?
  • fadefantomfadefantom Posts: 1
    hey orangez04, i was wondering if you ever found out what the problem was with your car, i have a similar problem where the check engine light, vlc off and slip light come one and rpm is unresponsive even when i floor it, i got my car fixed for it the first time but its happening again, please help me out thanks
  • car_lovecar_love Posts: 27
    This happened to me on my previous car after a clutch change. The guy forgot to put a ground cable from the clutch housing back to the body of the car and cause a feedback loop burning out multiple alternators and would also not charge up the battery. Could be a short someplace along your wiring. Have you changed your stereo, changed speakers or undo any ground wires lately?
  • hi if you read this i have the same fault tcs light slip,and engine light on and won't rev up over 2000 did you find out what the fault was im in the uk england thank you poddy1
  • can some one help me i have the following lights on tcs slip and engine lights on and it won't drive
  • janet26janet26 Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    i have a 2004 nissan 350 z that the motor shuts down when the tcs slip light comes on??? Is someone else having the same problems?? If so what do i need to do to fix it???
  • poddy1poddy1 Posts: 3
    hi janet 26 my fault is it will not rev over 15000 i still haven't fixed it mine is a [non-permissible content removed] import to G.B but has the same fault as your car by the sounds of things...could you let me know how you get on and if i fix mine i'll let you know
  • I'm sure you all have the answer by now! There is a recall on the 350Z which cause the electrically problems you discussed! Problems with sensors and circuit boards during production. Nissan will replace all free of charge..... All engine related! Hope this helps anyone left out of the loop......
  • Hi, is there any document written about this electrical problem or recall ?
    I recently had to take my 2007 in the Nissan dealer because I had electrical problems. I am a second owner so I may not have gotten any documentation on Nissan recalls.
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