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Caravan/Voyager Engine Problems



  • tjoktjok Posts: 3
    I went through all of that. I removed the serpentine belt which elimitates all accessories, water pump, etc. The noise is still there. Long story short, I think the problem is in the valve train. Bent push rod, collapsed lifter, broken rocker pedestal, lack of oil to the top of the engine, etc.. The next step will be to remove the valve covers and take a look. I don't have the time to be doing these things.

    I have listened to this engine for hours. This rattle is coming from within the engine. If you do some searching, you will find that many people have reported a rattle at idle in the 3.3 and 3.8.

    My point is that I had a 3.0 and it ran great. The 3.0 will have oil control problems at 150000 miles on. But up to that 150000 miles my 3.0 ran great. I would drive another 3.0
  • I have 2 of those vans in my fleet. They both have a timing chain rattle which is common and have had this noise for 2 years. It hasn't changed or gotten worse since then.
    Just my 2 cents worth...and I own a shop.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    If, as goldrench says, your hearing the timing chain rattle, then yes there is a very subtle rattle from the chain, and that rattle is something that a timing belt style of engine like the 3.0 cannot make. So take your choice, a chain that makes a little noise and lasts for the life of the engine, or a belt that needs to constantly be changed. I'll take the chain.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    What transmission does the 3.0 liter have, 3 or 4 speed automatic?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    As with too many other things, it depends. Some 3.0 liter vans had the 3-Speed, some had the 4-Speed. While I've never been in a 3-Speed van, I believe I've heard that the display for the gear selector is a bit different. For the 4-Speed vans, they have three forward gear selections that go like this: D, 3, L, and obviously if a van has a 3-Speed transmission, that display wouldn't make any sense.

    Best regards,
  • does a 1998 voyager 3.3 have a timing chain
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Yes, the 3.3 and 3.8 liter twins both have timing chains that are typically good for the life of the engine. :)
  • Hi im new to this forum & i got some ???s. I have a 05 dodge caravan 3.3L And from take off at a stop i can hear a knockin sound. So i turned the key off and on 3 times and got a code reading PO522 Meaning Engine oil Pressure Sensor. I looked it up and couldnt really find anything on it so would any of u guys know this & would it have something to do with my little knocking problem...? Thanks
  • I have 2000 3.3 Caravan with rattle noise in engine compartment, after i replace belt tension, valve lifters, timming chain and finally the fly wheel crack that make the noise. So I suggest you might want to replace the fly wheel, i know it a big decision to make.
  • It the fly wheel crack, replace it and you will not regret.
  • Hi from sunny SA. I have a 2004 Grand Voyager 2.5 diesel with 140 000km (87000 miles) on the clock. Had all its services at the dealer. Never had problems with oil leaks or run dry. Only overheated once because of cracked water container. While driving I heard the engine sound became louder than usual. I drove 25 miles like that to my house and by that time there was a distinct "clacking" noise with each revolution as the engine revs. The car is now at the dealership and without having opened the engine, they suspect that the bottom bearing/s failed. Is this possible to happen without warning and would I have been able to drive the car like that. Are there anything specific I can ask them to look for. I don't know much about engines.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    My wife drives our 2007 DGC with the 3.8L engine. We bought it used 2 years ago and it now has 59,600 miles on it.

    I started the van up the other day (Dec 22) to take it to get new tires. The car had been sitting in the driveway all day, temperature around 30 deg F. Immediately upon starting, I heard a loud bang, sort of like a belt coming off. I checked the serpentine belt and it was fine. The engine ran rough for a few seconds, like a cylinder was missing, then smoothed out. The CEL came on, but then cleared itself a day or two later. I pulled the codes anyway and got a P0306-"cylinder 6 misfire".

    Now, whenever we start the van up from a cold soak (overnight), there's a slight stumbling/missing that clears up in few seconds. This only occurs after sitting for several hours - it does not happen when you turn the engine off and back on again in a few minutes. Also, there's a ticking noise from the passenger side of the engine - where the serpentine belt is. The CEL is off, and I have not read the OBD-II port to see if any codes have been stored since I cleared them out.

    I'm thinking maybe a valve lifter went bad (#6 cylinder?), in that it drains it's oil when then engine sits and needs to be pumped back up again when the engine starts.

    Anyone else experience this? I've heard good things, longevity-wise about the 3.8L, and hope it's not a lifter.
  • trip1976trip1976 Posts: 1
    It has the 4 speed. As far as past problems it has none. I have replaced the spark plugs and wires. Still does the samething
  • musicvanmusicvan Posts: 2
    i have a clicking sound like you mentioned, it started soon after an oil change. Now my CEL comes on every once in awhile, while driving it will sputter and almost feel like it going to stall. I got a cylinder 5 misfire error code. HELP please... I need to fix this. Thanks in advance
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A couple of comments:

    - Diagnosing noises, CELs and misfires over the internet is difficult, to say the least.

    - To opine any further I'll need to know the year of your van and which engine it has.

    - With the above two points said, when you get a CEL then the best thing to do is to have the "codes" read by a shop in your area with a OBD-II code reader (virtually any shop will have one).

    - Of the noises I described two and a half years back, which sounds most like what you're hearing?

    Best regards,
  • bbarefootbbarefoot Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    i have 2001 voyager 3.3 v6 #2cyl wasnt firing replaced coil pack plugs wires runs better but still has miss at low speed and idle any similar poblems its been on 2 different computers no codes no check engine light
  • hawk1018hawk1018 Posts: 1
    When driving slow or attempting to maintain speed it seems like I am loosing power or like the engine may stall. When accelerating it seems to be fine though. I just had my 60000 mile service done. Also recently the check engine light came on but it is no longer coming on so I don't know how to get the error codes. Any Ideas would be appreciated. Also not sure if it matters but the shop that did my 60000 mile service put 5w30 in instead of 5w20 and I had driven about 300 miles before I noticed...mainly because the oil light came on and the van stalled but started back up fine. I had them drain and refill w/ 5w20.
  • gonna try again,, no ans. last time. Van drives, runs good ,then starts to buck. New fuel pump,filter, sock, relay. It does this until you're about to go home with it, and then it runs perfect. Doesn't quit, but idles erratically, and sounds like popping noise under hood. Van is my handicapped veteran buddys. Help????? He needs the wheels.
  • I would check the plug wires for cracks. Sometimes shorting wires can cause the kind of problem you described.
  • Ok i have a 97 Plymouth Grand Voyager and it has 225xxx on it ....was running great last year untill the fall and then it started to shut off while we were driving down the road, but it would always start right back we didn't do anything about it. Well now it is having trouble starting at all. One day it will drive like a champ :D , then the next day it wont start :confuse: , then the next day it starts up first time :D .....well now it wont start at all. We just put in new plugs, new wires, new ASD relay, Fuel Pump relay, and EATX relay, oil just changed, just had injectors and vacuum lines cleaned out, and a new battery. So now i don't know what to check, I thought it was the relays but they're new, it is getting fuel pressure, the injectors had power, but when i checked the coil i did what Chilton said to do but i didn't seem to get any resistance, could the coil pack be the problem, i hate to spend another 50 just as a guess.....any answers would be great, thank you....
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