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2008 Subaru Legacy



  • andymentandyment Posts: 5
    I have a 2008 Legacy 2.5 limited that's making this whistling sound from the engine bay when I hit 70-80mph. It's not there when I go under 70 or over 80. The sound goes away when I press on the gas, but comes right back when I let off. Any insights? Thanks!
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Posts: 165

    I've been in the market for a new car for a little over a year now, and I've had a very conservative approach thus far. I've test driven several different cars, from the Toyota Prius, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Elantra, and Subaru Outback.

    I'm currently driving a 2000 Honda Civic LX (Automatic, 87500 miles) that recently has been making some odd noises and other little things that are making it start showing its age. Aside from the timing belt maintenance (suggested by the dealer at 65000 miles/5 years), I've been up on everything else and have the maintenance records available, it's in pretty good working condition save for random noises that come and go every few months (I check the fluids, cables, nothing seems to be low/worn/etc.).

    I'm at the point now where I've decided Subaru will definitely be the manufacturer of my next car. I originally was a little uneasy about the 170hp engine only getting 27MPG, but the safety of the All-Wheel Drive vastly outweighs the extra 13MPG I typically get with my Civic - especially after I've been doing 360's down major highways during rain and snow up here in New Jersey.

    I'm torn between whether or not I should go for the 2008 Legacy or wait for the 2009's or 2010's. I've seen on multiple forums that there's a redesign right around the corner for the Legacy, most suggest 2010 for the change (larger chassis, VDC standard, etc.), but 2009 only has minor cosmetic upgrades like sound.

    Regarding VDC, I could take it or leave it, as all it is is Acceleration Slip Reduction which has been on Volkswagens for years, and I don't peel out ever when I'm accelerating so this is more or less a moot point for me.

    So, again, here's what I'm trying to get an impression of with this thread:
    1. Is it worth waiting for 2009-2010 (is there a major model change around the corner?)
    2. What is the typical maintenance cost at the dealer (average, slightly cheaper, slightly more expensive)?
    3. Do you prefer the Subaru dealer for service?
    4. Any other thoughts or comments regarding the model?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    2010 is the re-do so 2009 will likely only get very mild changes.

    Between a 2008 and a 2009, I would take the deal on the 2008 right now. Unless the 09 doesn't cost any more (they should arrive very soon).

    The only extra maintenance is to change the fluid on the rear differential, which takes one quart of gear oil (80w90). It's not hard to do at all.
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Posts: 165
    Okay, some good advice there then, thanks. I haven't done a single oil change on my car, mostly because the Civic's very cramped inside (had to have a friend help with headlights)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The good news is there is an active Subaru Crew community here on Edmunds, we can help with stuff like that.
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Hello eveyone. I'm interesting in buying a new car and I have narrowed it down to a 2008 Subaru Tribeca or a 2008 Subaru Legacy GT. I know they are two totally different cars but I love them both but I was wondering about the gas mileage. The Tribeca takes regular gas and averages 21mpg on the highway. The Legacy GT takes premium gas (I believe) and averages 24mpg highway. Now my question is am I better off with the Tribeca or Legacy in terms of gas mileage? And I have never owned a car that uses premium fuel. Do you really need to put it because I heard of people getting away with using regular. Let me know what you guys think please. I have driven the Tribeca by the way and love the smooth ride. Have never drove the Legacy GT yet but I heard it's fun. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • woodyboywoodyboy Posts: 10
    My 08 GT MT gets 20-21 around town and 28-30 on the road according to the onboard computer. I don't think it is completely accurate but close. I drive it in both the S and I mode. The car has around 7000 miles. It is a great car! I really enjoy it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Per the EPA the Leg will still do better. Annual fuel costs would be about $166 less. They make a lot of assumptions, but that's one reference.

    I don't think 45 cents per day should sway your decision either way, buy the one that puts the bigger smile on your face.

    Definitely stick with at least 91 octane for the GT. Around me, Sunoco sells 87, 89, 91, and 93. So 91 octane is actually cheaper than 93 at those stations. May be worth looking into...
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    2010 will be significantly larger than the 05-09.

  • kmaurerkmaurer Posts: 48
    1. Is it worth waiting for 2009-2010?

    I would say, in your instance, where you not "needing" the VDC to get a 2008. I bought a Legacy Limited in March (for the VDC), and got a very good deal, even with Subarus being very popular in Utah.

    2. What is the typical maintenance cost at the dealer?

    I've done some reasearch on the 3 Subaru dealers close to my home. Their prices for service are about the same as any other dealer.

    3. Do you prefer the Subaru dealer for service?

    I live in a condo, so I can't do my own maintenance. I generally use the dealer for convenience - I work right next to an automall, so I can drop the car off in the morning, or get oil changes done during my lunch hour, etc. Talking with other Subaru owners, there are a lot of good independent mechanics out there.

    4. Any other thoughts or comments regarding the model?

    My Legacy is the first Subaru I have owned. Overall, I really like it, especially in the snow. The interior will be considered "cramped" by your average american. I think the interior is just the right size - not too large, not too small. It has adequate power, but honestly, I was expecting more given the size of the engine (I don't have the turbocharger). The leather on my Limited seems of good quality. The auto climate control is "wierd," and I have to do a lot of manual adjustment as I'm driving.

    Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Subaru.
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Ok well I decided my next car will be a 2008 Subaru Legacy and I have a question. Do I go with with the GT Limited or 3.0? Someone told me the 3.0 was a smoother drive which is nice. But the GT has more torque which is also a bonus, plus that hood scoop just looks cool. Has anyone driven the 3.0? Impressions? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You've been doing 360's down the highway, but you don't want VDC? :confuse: VDC is regarded by many as even more important in accident avoidance than ABS brakes.
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Posts: 165
    Haha, yeah, I've had a few times where - even on brand new tires - I've ended up doing 360's down the highway because slush got kicked up by the traffic in the middle lane and thrown under my front tires.

    I was VERY impressed with my recent Legacy 2.5i SE test drive. I don't want the limited, nor do I want the 3.0 liter engine because of fuel economy and a personal preference (I don't like leather, especially in summer)

    I wish they had heated seats with the cloth interior.

    Thanks for the great replies! Crunching the numbers back and forth with Subaru dealer near me and hopefully will be a proud owner of an `08 Legacy.

    It's my understanding that VDC is ASR, or acceleration slip reduction, this prevents too much power being transfered from the engine to the wheels, which will eliminate the "peel out" jackrabbit starts. If it does something else, maybe I'll wait for `09's.
  • dcm61dcm61 Posts: 1,457
    It's my understanding that VDC is ASR, or acceleration slip reduction, this prevents too much power being transfered from the engine to the wheels, which will eliminate the "peel out" jackrabbit starts. If it does something else, maybe I'll wait for `09's.

    VDC is Traction Control plus Stability Control.

    Stability Control will attempt to keep you in the direction you intended to go. This is done by either applying the brakes to a specific wheel or reducing engine power.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    VDC is also ABLS which is Anti-lock Brake Limited Slip which creates a pseudo LSD in both the front and rear when slippage is detected either in the front or rear axles by applying a brake to the slipping wheel.

  • pilot1226pilot1226 Posts: 165
    Interesting. Do (we) know if VDC is a standard feature on the `09 Legacy 2.5i's, or if it'd be at least an option? Sounds like something too important to pass up if it's available.

    Auto-start though, hmm, just can't bring myself to do that. If there was a dealer autostart built into the keyless, perhaps, but I don't want an aftermarket thingie.

    Thanks for the responses. When are the `09's due? July?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm pretty sure they made VDC standard on all 09 Legacy/Outback models. 'Bout time I say.
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Posts: 165



    For 2009, the Subaru stability control system – Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) – is standard on all Outback and Legacy models except the Legacy 2.5GT Limited with five-speed manual transmission. The system helps to prevent skidding due to understeer or oversteer by managing individual wheel braking and/or reducing engine power to correct the slide. This system adds to driver control of the vehicle, improving active safety.

    End Quote.

    Fantastic! 2009 it is - even if it's more money because it's an `09 and not a leftover `08, VDC appears to be well worth it - I mistakenly thought it was JUST ASR (which isn't new technology).

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Wonder why they didn't put it on that one single model? Strange. Maybe they wanted one model where people who did not want it to have an option.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    when Subaru first offered a ESC as a standalone Bean VDC model , it was always coupled to the VTD system and I recall discussion then that the VDC could not be done on a stick shift but they are offering VDC on the stick shift Spec B!! I this purely marketing or is there some engineering issue?
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