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Subaru Tribeca 2008



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Wasilla; so do you work locally or in Anchorage? If you take it all the way to Anchorage, then I would say the mileage is a little low, but not entirely out of line. If you work locally, it is likely that the added stop-and-go with fewer stretches of open highway will knock down your mileage quite a bit.

    Between the Outback and Tribeca you have to keep in mind that the 3.0L H6 is a much larger engine than the 2.5L H4, plus the Tribeca is heavier, wider, and taller. That all adds up to lower mileage, at least until you get its legs stretched out on the highway. ;)
  • Hi,
    I posted about the rear hatch/seat rattle a couple of days ago. The rear hatch rattles violently, the second seat occaisionally rattles, and there is possibly a third source of rattle (not sure as the volume is pretty loud with the first two).Has anyone actually "fixed" this problem?
  • css1css1 Posts: 247
    I have a rattle in what appears to be the rear head liner where the center belt comes out. I m supposed to go back for that to be repaired.
    when I got the car I felt a vibration in the steering wheel - very slight but enough for me to have them check - The front tires needed balancing! - Anyway they did not do the rear - today they found that one rear tire needed balancing. Driving home the head liner rattle was gone!!! I'm hoping this is a permanent fix.

    Check the balance of your wheels - they can amplify vibrations in the car to the point where you can hear them. Check the pressure in your tires too. The tire pressure sensors DO NOT advise you if they're over inflated. The dealer has to reset the sensor - I wouldn't be surprised if the dealers are slightly over inflating the tires.

    Rear seat - In 06 the seats were harder to move and people complained - now that they made it easier they rattle - not much can be done until enough people complain and Subaru issues a fix to the dealers. I'm going to try putting seat cushion foam between the seat backs - it might limit the movement.

    Rear hatch - over the years Subaru has had problems with weak struts in the cold. There is a bulletin and they will fix under warrantee. A properly pressurized strut keeps the hatch in place when closed as well.

    Some of these problems might have easy fixes
  • I am glad at least to remind you that you are sane!.. Keep me posted as to what happens at dealer next week. Subaru of America is aware of my complaint and I have a reference # as well as complaint rep/ph# , their hinge/washer fix was approved by the corporate office , however as I said it helped tighten seat assembly some but not totally and it did not remedy the rattle/noise over bumps. The dealer ( Chicago , Il area ) had also previously removed the rear hatch interior panel and placed double sided tape on the points where the plastic tabs rubbed against the frame.. but did not solve anything. I have tried placing foam pieces at various locations where I think noise and rattle are coming from but have not had success. We need a better diagnosis and repair. Hopefully the conversations will help bring attention to the problem. I also have not fully enjoyed my new vehicle because of this annoying issue and am thinking about selling it.
  • I do work in Wasilla and live between Palmer and Wasilla. So far traveling every other weekend to Anchorage I am averaging 17.5 - 1mpg more than my in town daily travels.
    When is Fairbanks going to start warming up? We have also been very cold here as well, hopefully we will start warming up soon! :)
  • This is obviously a pretty common problem - NASIOC has another Tribeca forum that also discusses this problem. It sounds like it is more of an 08' problem. I haven't had a problem with mine - I drive an 06'
    Hopefully you can get it taken care of on Tuesday - Good Luck! :)
  • njvt13njvt13 Posts: 14
    you wouldnt by any chance have the link to that forum thread about the Tribeca on NASIOC??? i tried looking for it on their forum but was unable to find it.

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Well, time will be the deciding factor on this one, but I suspect you should see closer to 21-22 during the summer on excursions to Anchorage. The problem with local driving in that area is that it is impossible to separate highway trips from a considerable amount of stop-and-go on either end. In the end, the amount of true "highway" driving is diminished more than one might initially think. I always get a kick out of Wasilla folks selling their 10-year-old 200,000 mile vehicles that advertise "all highway miles - work in Anchorage." :D

    I expect the weather will warm up in a few days - probably a day or two behind the valley. Who knows though; it may stick around for weeks like last February/March! It is a nice reminder that it really can get cold in Alaska. Climate change has really limited the amount of this cold stuff we see each year. I get a kick out of the folks who say, "what do those global warming experts have to say for themselves now?!" every time we get a cold snap. *knock knock* Hello.... climate change is about average temperatures, not extremes. :sick:
  • nickelnickel Posts: 147
    For the second time this month, one of my tires pressure went from 34 to 28. So I'm suspecting a nail is visiting the tire. Do you think in Walmart the guys will know how to work out with this tire? Any special precaution?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just get it plugged would be my suggestion.

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
  • Here is the thread from Nasioc :

    I am also sending a link of a video clip my brother in law does for the "Periodic Review" he used my Tribeca for the short, but funny clip. Eventhough, he is dissing my Tribeca. ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I bought a plug kit. It's not too hard, just read the instructions carefully.

    To find the hole, air up the tires and spray some soapy water, then look for bubbles. It wasn't too hard for me.
  • njvt13njvt13 Posts: 14
    Brought my 08 Tribeca back to the dealer this morning, they informed me that the seat rattle and the rear hatch noise is a result of the way the car was made. HA!

    So basically, Subaru has a terrible design team.
    The 2008 Tribeca is built like a piece of junk.
    I will never buy another Subaru again....
    and now i have to deal with this car for the next 32 months, haha!

    However, subaru corporate customer service is more than helpful, so hopefully they can bring this to the next level for me......we'll see

    we need to research this more and bring it to their attention, b/c it is a problem!
  • njvt13 - The 08 Tribeca has both a rear hatch and second seat issue where they are prone to a very audible rattle. I have the rear hatch issue. My dealer confirmed it is a *design* issue, not fixable by the dealer (althought they really, really tried to please me they could not). Still rattles. I too have a complaint in to Subaru. Please keep us posted what happens and I will do the same. Hopefully Subaru will do something for us so we won't have to give up on the car and the company. I've had my Subie in some deep snow already and it performs admirably.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Is this the dealers saying they can't fix it? Perhaps your individual dealer is incompetent?

    Also if you never plan to buy another Subaru, then why should Subaru help you out? They already have your money!

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
  • njvt13njvt13 Posts: 14
    they should help me out because i am advertising there car for them by driving it around day-to-day and making it available for all in the public eye to see, plus I have already discouraged more than a few Tribeca enthusiasts from purchasing the vehicle, so if Subaru wants me to stop deterring people, they better fix the problem!

    Plaina and simple......this car is too noisy. I have owned many other cars and never had this problem. In fact, my first car, which was a 1981 monte carlo that my aunt gave me when i turned 17, made less noise and was more fun to drive than my current Tribeca. And that is not a joke!

    ....and yes they say they can't fix it, they think im crazy for coming back so many times! haha
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    That is nonsense that they say they cannot fix it. Even design flaws can be fixed. I hounded my local dealer for months to fix the rattles on my '08 Outback (lift gate in particular). They finally got the gate remedied. There were still annoying, subtle rattles coming from both B pillars, but they paled in comparison to the overwhelmingly monstrous rattle that gate produced.
  • Sorry to hear that your dealer could not fix problem, not suprised!! , don't give up putting pressure on Subaru. If you wish call.. Wendy Clough at 800-782-2783.. reference your case number , she is a senior complaint rep at corporate office , Great Lakes Region.. let her hear more complaints about noise and rattle issue and lets get them to fix it!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Plaina and simple......this car is too noisy. I have owned many other cars and never had this problem. In fact, my first car, which was a 1981 monte carlo that my aunt gave me when i turned 17, made less noise and was more fun to drive than my current Tribeca. And that is not a joke!

    And none of these noises were present when you test drove it before buying it?

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
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