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Honda CR-V Rear Differential Problem?



  • lax3lax3 Posts: 5
    I have Honda CRV Ex 2010, its only 20 month (14.5 miles) under warranty period....and I noticed the noise and also maintenance indicator shows A1 6 (6 means change Rear Differential Fluid)

    Questions -

    - Will it (cost to change Rear Differential Fluid) cover in my warranty?

    - Do we have any recommendation from honda when (how many miles) to change this?

    How can I contact Honda to resolve this issue?


  • I know that the front differential is contained in the transmission if it is an automatic. So changing the transmission fluid takes care of the front diff. Not sure about the manual though? I would assume that it would be separate in a manual since since the manual trans would use motor oil and I guess the diff would use either cvt fluid or that dual pump 2 fluid. Not sure though.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 18,765
    Honda isn't going to pay for routine maintenance nor should they.

    If you simply change the rear diff fluid every 30,000 miles you shoildn't ever have a problem. We have two CRV's and one before those and they have been flawless.

    I wold have to pull out my Owner's Manual but I think Honda says to do this every 60,000 miles. According to the guys in the shop they think 30,000 miles is better. I go with them. It isn't expensive to have this done.

    If you don't have Honda do the work, MAKE VERY SURE they use the correct fluid!
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    edited February 2012
    According to my 2006 CR-V Owners Manual, the rear differential fluid should be changed at 90,000 miles or 5 years under normal conditions. Or 60,000 miles or every 4 years under severe conditions.

    Can't imagine having that done every 15,000 miles. Also, there is no reason why any competent mechanic couldn't do this maintenance, so long as they use the correct fluid.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Check the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 18,765
    Car manufactures will stretch service intervals sometimes in order to keep their Cost of Ownership numbers down. The engineers constantly argue with the bean counters.

    If a Honda Tech with many years of experience suggests changing the dual pump fluid every 30,000 miles then that's what I'll do.

    I change my oil more often than the "book" says too and so does every mechanic I have ever known.

    It doesn't take much skill to drain and refill a differential. Just pull the plug, wait for the fluid to drain. Remove the fill plug and refill it.

    Good idea to replace the crush washers at the same time just like when doing an oil change.
  • lax3lax3 Posts: 5
    DO you have any online link to the 2006 CR-V Owners Manual where it says about recommendation about rear diff fluid?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 18,765
    I have no link but I think that poster was correct when he said 90,000 miles under ideal conditions and 60,000 miles under severe conditions.

    But, why tempt fate by stretching it to it's limits?

    It's not an expensive thing to simply change the fluid every 30,000 miles as the techs do on their own CRV's.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    No link, but I have a 2006 EX and looked it up my owners manual to be sure when I made that post.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Better change that engine oil every week too, just in case. I mean, why pay attention to the owner's manual? What do they know? I'm sure a service technician who makes money each time you have the car serviced has no ulterior motives.
  • sergeycasergeyca Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    Hi everyone. I guess I am in a right section of the forum.

    It all started few days ago with my 4-week 2k miles old 2013 CR-V. I noticed a slight "glink" sound when stopping on a red light. At first, I thought it is AC but it was definitely not the AC: it was making it's regular compressor cycles and noises, apart from this new noise. I drove to the safe place, turned AC off and did some tests on a parking lot and it turned out quite easy to replicate. Here are my observations:
    1) I hear this sound every time when I switch gear from P to R, or from N to either R/D. It is definitely something that wasn't there before. I do hear transmission switching gears (with regular noise coming from the hood) but this sound is smth supplemental, new, coming from the back of a car (I'd say it sounds like a tiny dog barking in a closed car that could be parked nearby :) ).
    2) I hear this sound every time I start moving from a full stop, as well as applying brakes to take a car to a full stop. Even sometimes I can get a car clicking back and forth few times by slightly applying brakes when the car moving 5mph or so.
    3) From inside a car it sounds like quite "glinck" sound, fairly annoying though. From outside it is a noticeable mechanical "click" sound coming somewhere from underneath the car, close to the back, I guess right where rear dual pump differential is located.

    My assumption is that somehow AWD system misbehaves and kicks in every time a car put into either R/D from neutral or parking position, every time a car start moving (I did all the tests on a dry road, so it is not like front wheels are slipping and causing AWD to enable) and turns off when braking.

    The car is under "bumper-to-bumper" Honda 1yr warranty so I am planning to show it to the dealer service department asap. I don't want to be unprepared to "we don't think anything is wrong with the car, so take care sir!"-like tricks from the dealer, so please, let me know if I am thinking in a right way and it is really the way I think it is. Has anyone else experienced that or saw similar issue mentioned elsewhere? If indeed it is coming from rear diff, what might be causing this? This should be covered under warranty, right? If it is not rear diff, what it could be then? If the dealer refuse to do free diagnostics/repair (don't know, never owned a new car) can I take it to any official Honda dealer or I am limited to the one I bought the car from?

    Thanks in advance!
  • cchongcchong Posts: 2
    sergeyca, is this your problem? I have something very similar and have found a few others with similar issues.

    I am assembling a list of others with similar issues.
  • sergeycasergeyca Posts: 2

    Yes, exactly the same thing.

    Here is a link below with multiple customers having the same issue: ise-rear-differential.html
  • Had the same "quacking" noise on my 2012 CRV at 4,000 turned out to be the electric motor on the differential....they replaced it and all is well....hope this helps.
  • Has any one experienced these noises with the 2WD 2013 model. ?
  • @eagle9275 said:
    Had the same "quacking" noise on my 2012 CRV at 4,000 turned out to be the electric motor on the differential....they replaced it and all is well....hope this helps.

    I have the same thing happened when my 2013 CRV hit 5000 miles. I took it to the dealer, and they told me that Honda was aware of this problem but they have not come up with a fix yet. All I can do now is to wait to be contacted by Honda or the dealer when a fix is available. Cannot believe it's been two years already, and they still work on this issue without a solution. Very disappointed!

  • janpusjanpus Posts: 1
    Had my rear differential replaced (2nd time!) and the quacking seems to have stopped. However, it did the same thing after my last replacement and the quack came back at around 6 months. Fingers crossed that Honda have rectified the problem this time. Your dealer should inform you that the "fix" is now available... hopefully.
  • This thread seems to have evolved from a 2007 (or so) CR-V with Differential Problems.
    Can I ask a question about a 2007 CR-V, front wheel drive?
    Does the FWD version that makes a noise when shifting to R and turning have a solution?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 40,943
    petecal said:

    This thread seems to have evolved from a 2007 (or so) CR-V with Differential Problems.
    Can I ask a question about a 2007 CR-V, front wheel drive?
    Does the FWD version that makes a noise when shifting to R and turning have a solution?

    It sure wouldn't have anything to do with a rear differential.

    I'd guess front CV joints/axles. The transmission might be a separate problem.


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