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Honda CR-V Rear Differential Problem?



  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    That's amazing that they are treating this as non-warranty.

    That is local dealers treating it as non-warranty. The TSB clearly states that it should be done under warranty, and under consideration for goodwill warranty for people outside of warranty coverage.

    The 2006 and up come with 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty, and AWD is drivetrain.
  • Just bought a 2008 2WD LX. Anybody know if the Differential problems are impacting this model?
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Since there is no rear differential in the 2WD models, you don't have to worry.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I leased a 2007 CRV 4WD EX-L 2 months ago. I am shuddering (excuse the Pun) at what I'm reading here. I haven't felt this rear differential problem yet (1,300 miles) - sure Hope I don't. This is the 1st Honda for me. Not too encouraging hearing of a shuddering or grinding in the rear end of a modern SUV, actually a small crossover vehicle made by what is typically considered one of the best car manufacturers in the world. Particularly a vehicle with 4WD systems that they have been making for years !!!
    This is most certainly a Warranty item. Afterall, isn't that what a powertrain warranty is supposed to cover ?
  • 51985198 Posts: 11
    Thanks - I will go back to the Service Mgr and demand a refund.
  • 51985198 Posts: 11
    I'm on my 4th Honda since the late Eighties. This is the first time I've had an issue that should have been covered under warranty and was not. But I will go back and demand a refund now that I am armed with the service repair document. Aside from replacing air compressors (Live in Arizona), I've had very few problems.
  • I had my brand new CRV for 1 month and it locked up at 60 miles/hr. The entire differential was replaced after that, I'm still here to tell about it. There was no warning!!

    Two months later the typical grinding sound occurred from the differential and the dealership changed the oil and burnished the clutches. All covered under my extended warranty.

    Two month after that the grinding sound was back AND a vibrating steering wheel when I hit my brakes. The differential was the problem again and the vibrating was the rotors, they were resurfaced. All under the extended warranty.

    Now the service department is telling me that the next time I'm in for a differential problem I have to pay for it myself!I am making an appointment tomorrow with the manager of the dealership to discuss my options. Does anyone have an opinion on what I should say, ask for, expect from him???

    I went in to talk to the salesmen about it. Of course they've "never heard of this problem." One told me that it is a fluke. I told him it's all over the internet, since 2001 at least. Shouldn't this a recall item?? :sick: :lemon:
  • 51985198 Posts: 11
    You have enough history to keep fighting for your rights. DON'T pay anything. Raise this to Honda (Honda Customer Care), reference service repair 07-024 that states it's a warranty repair. Outside of warranty needs an agreement by the dealer as a Goodwill Consideration. Check the lemon laws as well... Go to the news stations that handle these type of stories and get them to help back you. It's amazing how fast companies change when the story is front line news on TV. My dealer knew within moments what my grinding noise was, only I was told it was not a warranty repair. Now that I know better, I am going back for a refund and to have them burnish my rear diff clutches to complete the repair. I am glad to hear you are safe, that first incident must have really scared you. Be a pest...
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I had my brand new CRV for 1 month ....

    All covered under my extended warranty. ....

    All under the extended warranty. ...

    Am I missing something? Why wasn't it covered by the bumper to bumper warranty?
  • Thanks for the advice!! I saw the general manager today and he read the 07-024. He couldn't give me a recommendation on how often the fluid needs to be changed and couldn't guaranty that I wouldn't have to pay for it.

    I mentioned that this problem is on car sites since 2001 and he denied the reliability of the internet resources...ok he's a dedicated Honda man... .

    I asked him what the recommendation of the regular maintenance was for changing the fluid in the differential. He gave me a lecture on how he can't answer my question because I didn't call him before I showed up to let him do his research on my problem. My husband set up the appointment and already told him the problem, that's why he had the 07-024 on his desk, or was that just a coincidence?? He said the service repair documents aren't public info, if they were "then people would start diagnosing and thinking up problems for their cars." not an exact quote, but close because it went with a story.

    He did have a service employee in the meeting with us, that was obviously to help HIM with understanding some of the mechanic issues. That's fine, but he didn't answer my question.

    This was a good first meeting, I'll see him again I'm sure. He said that the dealership will contact Honda corporate if there's a repeated problem with a car. He couldn't tell me how many times constitutes a problem, "but certainly if you bring it in again there is a problem." I'm at 26K, one new entire differential and two subsequent visits for fluid changes. Sounds like a problem at this point.

    He said the service department may have already contacted Honda Corporate about my car, yeah right...then again he can't answer my question because I didn't give him time to do the research.

    Do you recommend that I ask him to start the process (whatever that is) or wait until the problem happens again? I don't know what Honda would do for me... :confuse:
  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    I just dropped my car off at the shop this morning (not a Honda dealer, just my local reputable shop) because I have been having problems with my steering. When the wheel is cut all the way to the left or right (especially noticeable when pulling into and out of parking spaces), I get the grinding/rubbing noises. Since those symptoms seem to be common, and the problem is the rear differential for so many, I can only imagine that must be what it is.

    I have a little bit over 38K miles on my 2004 EX. So I'm just outside of the warranty. What a drag. Is anyone having any luck taking the car to the dealer and getting them to fix the problem, even outside of the warranty? Seems like if it is a problem with so many of the vehicles, they should be fixing it for free (sort of like a recall).

    Part of me would rather avoid the hassle of having to fight with the dealership over it, though, and just have the shop fix it. I guess it depends on how much this whole mess is going to cost me.
  • That's the sound, that's the problem! Of course they don't like you to self-diagnose! The service sheet that was sent out by Honda Corporate #07-024 tells the dealerships how to handle the differential problem and the warranty issues. Maybe you could persuade them to let you read it, I was told it isn't public knowledge, but I haven't done any research to prove that yet, I'll search the web too. The problem isn't bad enough in their eyes to have a recall (on the fluid?).

    Apparently it's the fluid that breaks down with the heat. A Honda serviceman told me that. They'll hear the sound and then find metal shavings in the fluid. Is the changing of the fluid on the list for the 30K maintenance schedule or any of the other schedules? They might use that as a way to have you pay for it.

    Changing the fluid and burnishing the rear clutches is all they should do. The sound is the only warning sign to have it done. Changing the fluid is easier for them then changing the oil. They might charge for the diagnosis too.
    Let's us know how it turned out and how much you paid. We all may be in your situation some day! Best of everything, be strong!
    thanks for sharing!
  • Check out post #30, there someone posted the link to the Service Bulletin 07-024!!
  • Thank you for that link!! And the general manager said it wasn't public info.... :mad:
  • If anyone has a copy or a WORKING LINK to the Honda Service Bulletin 07-024, I'd appreciate it. I tried the one listed in Posting #30 and I couldn't access it. I'm not real computer savvy so I don't know if the format (PDF) just doesnt work with my computer or whether the link has been shut down.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Looks like a bad link there with a period at the end. Try this:

    That worked for me, but if you still have trouble, let me know here or by email and I'll email it to you.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Just an update on my rear diff. problem and my dealings with the dealer. I had called him to to find out what the next step was going to be after our meeting. He changed his mind on being able to help me through the dealership and told me to contact Honda Corporate so they can open a "case file." I did this and they said that they would do research and get back to me. They failed to ask me about where I had the car fixed 3 times, I guess their detective work will figure it out, or not. Has anyone gone through Honda for the lemon law or anything else? :lemon:
  • My 2006 CRV rear diff started to groan and moan on tight turns at 14k. At first I was not sure what was causing it and thought it might have something to do with tire wear. It now has 16k and I just called my dealer. I explained the problem and gave the 07-024 service bulletin number. The dealer could not find the service bulletin. I've printed out the bulletin and will take it to the dealer. This lack of knowledge by the dealer is a bit disconcerting. I'm hoping the dealer will take care of me.

    From reading these posts, it sounds like a design error allowing the diff fluid to get contaminated from outside water. I doubt if it would take too much rocket science to get a proper fix for this. Is there an after-market solution?
  • I just came across this thread about this issue and have read through the service bulletin. Anybody here know if the 2008 production models are affected as well, or has Honda already resolved the issue starting with the 2008 production runs?

  • I was told that the metal shavings from the clutches contaminate the oil.
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