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Dodge Durango Engine and Performance Problems



  • I have 2005 Durango Limited Hemi 5.7 L.
    Problem started back in jun 2008, where check engine light came on a car just stopped. Had it towed to dealer they had no idea what was wrong except to say i had a misfire in engine and needed fuel injection system service. That was done light came on a few days after went back to dealer and they said I had to replace O2 sensor, did that. In aug 08 check engine light came on again, replace O2 sensor and that I needed to replace all spark plugs and wires, All were replaced, (money is adding up!!), still light came on a few days later. Dealer then said i had a new code of P0052, replaced powertrain control mudule with software.
    Throughout 2009 light would come on periodically and go off, some one told me at dealer light will come on if gas cap not tightly closed. That brings us to May 2009, went to a new dealer because other one was going to close. I needed oil change and they saw check engine light on, ran diagnostic said i needed to replace catalytic converter. I ignored it because i just had a baby and not enough energy or time to deal with and car was running fine!!
    Bring us to date, car is still running fine, check engine light is on and another shop where oil change done says I need to replace O2 sensore and catalytic converter. what is going on? anyone else have this problem. :confuse:
  • #27 of 27 Re: Dodge Durango 1999 V.8 engine cutting off [henrilouis] by hunter131 Dec 31, 2009 (1:05 am) Save | Reply
    Replying to: henrilouis (Jun 13, 2007 12:32 pm)

    I've had the same problem with my 1999 Dodge Durango for almost a year now. I've changed every sensor ( ICS,PSC,CMP,CKP, MAP, TPS, ECG, etc.). I've had the fuel injectors rebuilt, fuel pump replaced, Catalytic converter replaced, Dist cap and rotor replaced, replaced the ignition coil,and new plugs/wires, I've even had the PCM replaced twice. The only thing that changed is it dosen't die while I'm driving anymore. It still "bogs" down on me and I still have to start it 5 times to acutually get it to move. Is there anything that the dealership or the 10 mechanics I've taken it to may have overlooked ?

    ** Ok, I really feel like a fool. Here it is almost a year later after I thought part of the problem was gone, all new parts and it's shutting off while I'm driving again. It's also bogging out again while I'm driving down the road. I'm thinking about scraping the Durango and just buying a new SUV, it's probably cheaper in the long run. But I will guarentee my next purchase WILL NOT be a Durango.
    :lemon: :sick:
  • it has fuel and spark what else could it be
  • My vehicle starting to burn fuel really rich. Dropped down to 4 mpgs. Vehicle starting smelling alot like gas. Engine light turned on. took it in and the meter stated I had to replace the O2 sensor. I did that. Fuel returned to normal, Now after a week, i am starting to smell the fuel again but the engine light is not on to take a reading. Any ideas on where to check next?
  • My engine blew up in 07,I let it sit for 3 years. I took it to the shop after purchasing a used engine,now after they changed out hoses & did oil change it will not fire up. The mechanic called me & stated he's done everything required.Could someone tell me what is the next step to getting my girl running? I am totally clueless;but need my spare car up & running,please help?
  • hank_04hank_04 Posts: 1
    Ok, here's the skinny. I have a '99 Durango SLT with the 5.9 360 engine in it. I bought it knowing it would "shut-off" occasionally but assumed, having a family full of mechanics, that it would have a simple solution. I was wrong. Turns out it is an electrical/computer problem, which the dealerships figure would cost about $2,200 to "fix". Check engine light is on, only goes off when I try and set the cruise, which actually causes the RPM's to drop and shutters then keeps on goin (cruise doesn't work) Tranny is new btw. Have been told MULTIPLE times it's the ECU/Wiring Harness. Have had 5 ECU's, the one that's in it is the only one that keeps that "shut-off" thing from happening I mentioned earlier. It doesn't "Run" like a 5.9 V8 should in my opinion, and until I try the cruise the "check engine" light stays on. Error codes from that diagnostic does show it's the ECU-(computer). But as I said, 5th time wasn't even a charm. If anyone has a clue as to fix this PLEASE do. I love my Durango, but it is a money PIT. I have started looking to buy another car if this can't be remedied. I would love to customize it and make it into the vehicle it can be, but not if it keeps running like a mini van that gets 13.7 MPG!!! I could honestly care less about that gas mileage if it would run better though.

    PLEASE HELP ME, a solution, OR somewhere to buy what parts I need would be a tremendous help. Thank you. :(
  • dkphoenixdkphoenix Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    Bought my '99 Durango SLT in the Summer of '07 from a Used Car Dealer in Texarkana, AR. It was "As Is". I made it to the apartment complex I lived in. I did NOT get to a parking spot by my door. The transmission was NOT working. WE put it in N and pushed it back into a parking spot and I had called the shop and left a message for him to return my call. I had paid $4600 in cash. He called me back and I explained I wanted it fixed or I wanted my refunded cash. Needlessly to say, there was a 'tie over job' done on it and that Holiday season, it went down again. Same thing. There is something wrong with the shifting of gears. Its an automatic. I did not know until after signing there were 6 previous owners. No history given to me on it. Now, after my 2nd transmission job on it, I find that it is doing it...yet again! Anyone else having this trouble? Also, I have the front passengers window that will not roll down and if it does, it will only go 1/2 way and will not raise back up with motor or pulling! I have had several owners of this make/model and year have the same issues and say after it is fixed, it goes down again. I am being faced with this being the ONLY vehicle running right now for 2. My job is 30mins away. It was mentioned to me by a neighbor that when he had trouble he would replace Transm fluid, a screen of some kind, and some kind of modulator valve....? 9/10 times it would fix the problem but he did not know if mine had it. I have checked the fluids. They are fine. The more I drive it, the lower the speed I have to go to keep it from "jumping" while trying to shift gears. HELLLLP!!! Please :mad:
  • 74ponti74ponti Posts: 1
    Your vehicle stopped and was towed in,and they sell you a fuel injection service? need to find another repair shop that you can come to trust...ok,people. whoever reads this..sorry to say but sometimes dealerships are not the best repair shops to take your vehicle for repairs.they do have the best equipment,but do they use it? noooo.i read lots of durango problems and most sound like theyre the same problem and the dealership cant fix em...i'm more than sure that dodge has a repair by now on it. called (bulletins)if the techs would search their system for some info they would be able to repair these vehicles.instead of selling tune ups to repair a ses light.And now the service advisors...some (some ok not all)are just money hungry buzzards that just care for their commission on their labor know what, i would ask this next time to any repair facility( will i get my money back if it dont fix it? ) bout that .fair question ,no? let me just leave with this lil example....sister looses keys.told her go to dealer and they cut you one with the VIN #.she goes in and was told (by service advisor) she needs to take vehicle in to program the new key..80 dollar job..i tell her to just tell him you need the key to release the steering wheel.advisor insisted,nope you need to bring the car in maam.all this for a key that was not even programable....did she take it in?...nope...she found them..oh and that o2 sensor problem, you prolly just need the converter instead of both sensor and converter.being that you already replaced it.the o2 sensor just reads the performance of the dont mean its bad.see what i mean...
  • Your catalytic converter may be bad and clogging your exhaust system. Have it checked.
  • dkphoenixdkphoenix Posts: 3
    Hunter, TY for your help and it had been checked. I had it in the shop Lord knows how many weeks and everytime they called to say its ready, it would keep on. They finally said they did not know what was wrong with it and if I could get out from under it...nows the time. So, I did. :shades:
  • hunter131hunter131 Posts: 3
    Ok, I got rid of my Durango and the guy that bought it fixed the It turned out to be the crankshaft sensor. Turns out that even though it had been changed there are alot of faulty sensors that are being sold. After over $4000 and over a year later the problem was solved for under $50. It is now running like a brand new truck.
  • I love the internet. My 2002 Durango 4.7L w/auto trans, is doing the same thing right now... only sometimes but the frequency has increased recently. Symptoms: Sometimes, when the vehicle is started it sounds like the motor is racing and it wont shift out of first gear. After a few moment to a minute or two it goes away and all is normal and without symptom. So yesterday the battery died and I replaced it, it started right up and the symptom was present. It appeared to me the mechanical fan was spinning at to high of a rate and very loud and moving an excessive amount of air for low idle and upon engine rev. so, I conclude the fan clutch is bad since it should turn freely when the motor is cold and have only mild resistance when the motor is at operating temperature according to my chiltons manual. After inspection I see mine has resistance when cold... although mild I believe it should turn freely without any resistance whatsoever like a pinwheel in the wind...Not sure if their is a mechanical fan speed sensor or some other sensor that prevents it from shifting out of first gear... but once the fan stops spinning at an excessive rate the vehicle shifts and operates normal. Hmmm. I will replace the fan clutch and comment mare later. Mike
  • Hi Mike here. I ended up troubleshooting the engine cooling system as a whole. I discovered the electric fan was not working, and the engine coolant temperature sensor was below the minimum specification. So I flushed the radiator, replaced the engine coolant temperature sensor, the thermostat and installed a new electric fan. So far the check engine light has not come back on and it is running like a champ. Turns out the mechanical fan clutch was not the problem at all. Hmmm. My reference material was the Chiltons repair manual found at the local auto parts store. Very easy to follow if you have a little bit of mechanical ability. A word of advice if you are working on the cooling system get the fan shrouds out of your way there is two bolts at the top half and the window wash connectors and two bolts at the bottom half. Happy :)
  • Contact your Attorney General's office and file a complaint: the mechanic is not finished until the replacement engine is running.
  • melcwdurangomelcwdurango Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Last winter, my 2005 Durango V8 4x4 (no hemi :-( ) with 50K miles came up with a Knock Sensor error code. I purchased the sensor, but didn't have the money to have it installed. The truck ran fine, with the error code coming on and off occasionally, but no trouble with the performance.

    But this year, since the temperature has dropped to 20 degrees, I now have both knock sensors tripping my check engine light at the same time. This happened all the sudden and my truck will not run right at all!! It looses power, feels like the engine is seriously misfiring. I seriously doubt that both sensors are fowled up at the same time with little or no warning and causing problems like this.

    What else could be wrong? I don't have the money to waste changing knock sensors when that isn't the problem. I read in another post that it could be my distributor instead....... Help please!!!! Thanks!!! :confuse:
  • When attempting to put my car in gear the engine surged. The car was out of control. I could not stop it with my breaks nor could I steer properly. I collided with a parked car in a private parking lot. No injuries.
    Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  • akcamaiakcamai Posts: 9
    Yes... I have experienced something like that... I had just gotten my Durango SUV out of the shop for its 90,000 checkup ($800 ouch) and drove it two miles. It surged and I managed to get it out of traffic, into parking lot and impaled it onto a snowberm and a tree. I was freaked out. I had it towed and it turns out that the dealership had oops dropped a plastic spark plug wrapper into the throttle cable housing. Check to see if you have something blocking your throttle cable. Scary but I got lucky. However, now every tube, pipe and gasket down on the bottom of the engine needs to be replace because they are all leaking... I'm up to $750 in bills from these replacements and the dealership says that its is not liable. have you ever had a transmission coolant line crack and leak?
  • Hi,
    I have a 2000 Dodge Durango 5.2 Engine.. I haven't had any real trouble until now. My check engine light keeps coming on and I took it to advanced auto and they told me that 4 of my 8 cylinders were coming back as something wrong with the electrical wiring ? Has anyone else had this problem ? The cylinder's don't have wiring in it... Could it be the computer ? Is this an easy fix or should I just sell it and get a new car ?
  • gixerrydergixerryder Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 4.7 Durango that runs very bad.
    I had a tune up done and replaced injectors. After$1500 it still runs very rough and engine light is on. Also the same codes come up ie: injector malfunction and multi misfires. now I am told it might be ecu/pcm. I hate to invest another $500 on a might be. Any ideas? thanks in advance.
  • Like I said, I haven't had any problems really with it until now... I took it to advanced Auto and they said that 4 of the 8 cylinders were kicking back some kind of electrical problem.... I'm lost because there's no actual wiring in the cylinders.....I'm just wondering how much it would cost to fix ? And what are the long term effects ? I'm on a fixed income so it would take me some time to save up the money to get it fixed.. If I don't get it done right away could this blow my motor ?
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