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Acura MDX Extended Warranties

tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • mdxtachymdxtachy Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased an extended warranty, and if so, what mileage and duration, and price. I am interested in purchasing one (6yr/120K miles), but have seem many different prices. Thanks for your feedback.
  • caterpacaterpa Posts: 3
    I purchased one when I bought the car from the dealer.

    He wanted an unbelievable 2500 to start :confuse:

    I paid 1200 for the 5 year/100k warranty. Glad I did. With all the tech stuff on this vehicle even one repair after 50 k would likely cost 1k plus especially if it was a problem with the SHAWD or the Navi or something.

    And the warranty is transferable which should help resale.
  • suvhuntsuvhunt Posts: 27
    Hi, wanted to revive some discussion regarding when to get the extended warranty, if ever. Is the same cost to get it any time during the standard warranty period? Is there any advantage whatsoever to get it during the vehicle purchase besides being able to finance it?
  • sbj3sbj3 Posts: 1

    Just bought an MDX, and am thinking about the extended warranty. I had an American car as my last vehicle, and had LOTS of costly repairs both while the car was under warranty, and after the warranty expired (which was 36,000 miles - the car was a 2001). I am hoping the Acura will not have these kind of problems. However, all of the electrical gadgetry makes me wonder whether I should extend the bumper to bumper from 4 yrs to 7 yrs. I plan on keeping this car until it has 100,000 miles.

    Is the warranty something that is price negotiable? Can you get a warranty at a different dealer if it is the Honda Motorcars warranty? has great deals on the extended warranty, and they said I could use it at any Acura dealer. My dealer said that the full cost of the warranty is refundable if no claims are ever used on it. I did not ask hondacuraworld if they have the same guarantee.

  • lttmkd5lttmkd5 Posts: 19
    If anyone is interested, has very reasonable prices on the extended warranties. Just need to have less than 6K miles on the ODO. The dealer I'm buying my MDX from said they can't give it to me ($0 deductible, 100K miles) for the price hondaacuraworld is selling for.
  • Hi, Just bought 2007 MDX Tech. The dealer quoted me $2500 for Acura warranty(100,000...8 year), He had another company,,,,Custom Guard II certified car care based in Indianapolis for $1600(8year 120,000). Has anyone heard of this company? did I got get hosed or is this a good deal??
  • jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
    appears as though I'm headed for a purchase of an MDX Sport with Sport Running Boards and Roof Rack.
    I was quoted an extended warranty from the dealer @ $2,250,00.
    Did not take it. I found one for 100K miles fro $1,150,00..
    I have a full 60 day time line to refuse it and get a full refund and have 30 days to secure it after I buy the MDX.
  • jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
    It's July 1... I did make the purchase of the MDX Sport and a few added accessories.. I will be in contact with the extended warranty co. and I'll be good to go. Also,
    When you are buying the Acura MDX or any other be keenly aware of the intentions of your finance guy to sell you the extended warranty. He may make you feel foolish and inform you that the deal a very good one and it only will be offered on that day.
    What you may choose to consider that is not based on the "that day type purchase" is the maintenance agreement.
    It will cost you some money to maintain your new car thru 55K mi. Do the bathe and look on the KBB site where you can determine the cost of you car over a 5 year period. The contract that will offer is about $1300.00. Do you math and consider it.
  • I purchased an '07 MDX Tech on Saturday. The dealer offered an extended warranty of 7 years/100,000 miles, up from factory warranty of 4/50,000. The cost was ~$2,200. The dealer noted that if a claim was never made against the extended warranty, my money would be refunded in full. What are people's thoughts on the warranty as purchased from dealer and on the money-back option?
  • parker4551parker4551 Posts: 58
    same warranty offered to me with the purchase of my MDX this past week, $1785. He is a little high.
  • sjk3sjk3 Posts: 9
    could you please let me know where you bought the extended warranty for and how to search for the best offers, also am considering to buy mdx in a week to 10 days, but am confused whether to get a tech or sport,whats the main advantages of the sport package (not the leather seats and the wheel)..I mean whats the advantage of this suspension system and the button to switch from comfort to sport..
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    You MUST buy the sport. It's not an option. The Sport has a few features that are great, autoleveling headlights, nicer seats, etc. all of which are largely irrelevant. If you are going to pay for the NAV system anyhow, buy the sport, the difference in cost is not that great.

    Its all about the suspension. The sport has a magnetic suspension which are iron pieces in the shocks that they run current through to make them stiffer or softer. It's done multiple times a second. So, if you slam on the brakes, most cars will nose dive pretty hard. Not the sport. It automatically stiffens the front shocks and pushes the nose back up so you stay level. Go around a corner hard, it stiffens the outside shocks you stay nice and level. Coupled with the SH-AWD which powers the wheels independently, it is an amazing system. I know that Cadillac has it, but it is a very expensive option. I believe Ferrari has it, but I could be wrong.

    I have the Sport and often drive it in the comfort setting because it is smoother, but even still, it works great. When I test drove them, I thought the regular was a little cushy. If I didn't want the NAV, then the price difference is very large. But, if you buy the NAV anyhow, it really comes out pretty close.

    Good luck.
  • sjk3sjk3 Posts: 9
    thanks for your reply Jim, also could you let me know where you bought the extended warranty from?am looking to buy mdx sport in couple of weeks.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Hondaacuraworld has good prices, so does
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Have an '07 MDX w/7500 miles now. Looked on and it seems like the longest warranty I can get is 72 months 102k miles for $1110. So... I'm paying $1100 for two more years and 50k miles of warranty coverage. Is that a good deal?
  • Has anybody purchased the extended warranty from this company. Can you confirm it is the same exact warranty through Acura.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I bought mine through, which was about 100 less than hondaaccuraworld. The people at Bernardi were very nice and responsive when I emailed questions. They have assured me it is the warranty through Honda and is exactly the same as all the dealers sell. I have not received the card yet, I will let everyone know if it isn't true. The receipt indicated it was purchased from Honda. It should be legitimate. There is so much markup on these warranties, who knows what the accurate cost really is. I had a Honda Pilot, the warranty was 1/2 the cost. Go figure, the MDX is nicer, but basically the same mechanical vehicle. Certainly, the Acura doesn't pose twice the risk of breaking down to justify twice the cost.
  • I also bought from Bernadi only because they had a no interest payment plan plus the price was less.
    I received all the paperwork from them and Acura and be assured it is an actual AcuraCare warranty.
  • Thank you for the info. actually has much better prices
    2008 MDX

    Bernardi: $0 deductabale
    7/100 $1,560
    7/120 $1,810
    8/100 $1,760
    8/120 $2,010
    Hondacuraworld: $0 deductable
    7/100 $960
    7/120 $1,210
    8/100 $1,160
    8/120 $1,410
  • Hey Scuba,

    The HondaAcuraWorld prices that you quoted above have a base price of $700.00 that you need to add to get the true total.
    They are a great place to deal with, but they are slightly more expensive on this item than Bernardi
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