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Acura MDX Extended Warranties



  • rastrosrastros Posts: 3
    Have a 2002 Certified MDX, bought in 2006. Was sold a 7yr/100,000 mi extended warranty from Honda. The fee also included 3yr bumper to bumper coverage. Today, car has 86,000 mi and I have owned 5 yrs., and transmission has failed. I assumed coverage was there. But----despite contract saying in BOLD at top---7yrs/100,000, the fine print at bottom implies that for certified cars, coverage is retroactive to in-service date. That was not made clear at sale time. In other words contract seems "split"---with bumper to bumper good from date of car sale (2006), but powertrain good from car in-service date (2002). In addition contract indicates in fine print that a "pre-owned" Honda has coverage from date of sale, while certified is from in-service. Since my car is both pre-owned and certified, do I have a case? Both Honda and local dealer say No. Any thoughts? I feel deceived. Thanks.
  • I bought a 2009 MDX with Tech package in November of 2009. I bought the 6 yr. 120K extended warranty and it cost $1,650 from Acura of Brookfield in Brookfield, WI. Just an FYI to all.
  • I'm in the exact same position as you, 07 MDX 45000 miles and my orig warranty expires 09/28 so I have 8 days to get a good price on an extended warranty. What warranty did you end up buying and how much did you pay?
    Suggestions from others on a good price is most appreciated.
    I'm looking to extend for 5 yrs 100K (I realize that leaves me 55K miles of warranty or 5 yrs whichever comes first). I prefer fewer miles longer duration to more miles for a shorter duration as I don't plan on going above 100K in the next 5 yrs.

  • Can these now be bought in California? Curryacuracare gave me a quote but I just want to make sure that it would be valid in California if something were to go wrong?
  • If it's Acura Care it should be honored in every Acura authorized dealership, as k for a sample contract or ask curry directly. b.t.w what model and year is your car and how many miles do you have on it, what quote did you get?
  • I am in the market for a MDX used. I just want to make sure that Acuracare bought out of state would be valid in California. I read that California and Florida may have restrictions in that the warranty has to be bought from the dealer thats sold you the car.
  • midwestuser1 That price is cheaper than any I can find elsewhere for Acura Care. Was your warranty issued by Acura Care or a 3rd party warranty company?
  • I have shopped around and can get an Acura Care 8 year 120,000 mile extended warranty from American Honda Finance Corp. on brand new 2012 MDX with Tech package for $2080. Since we drive about 15k miles per year, the original warranty will expire in 3.3 years, so this is extended warranty will cover us for approximately 70k miles and about 4.7 years.

    Are expensive repairs on MDX common? Does the sophisticated tech package justify buying extended coverage? Should I be concerned about the electric motors for seats, power liftgate, sunroof etc - all of these whiz bang features include lots of moving parts.

    Has anyone had good or bad experiences trying to get Acura to cover repairs under their Acura Care extended warranty?
  • I purchased an AcuraCare 7yr/100k warranty for $1710 on my new 2012 Advance/Ent
  • That pricing is consistent with other quotes for that term/mileage, plus or minus $100. The question I am trying to determine is if we are buying what is supposedly a reliable car, is it even necessary to also buy an extended warranty?

    I kind of doubt the engine or drive train will have many big issues, but do the fancy electronics make it more necessary to get a warranty?

    And does anyone have any good or bad experiences at trying to make a claim? Warranty only adds value if Acura stands behind their product. Many 3rd party warranties seem like a scam as there are a lot of loopholes the insurer uses to deny claims. Hopefully Honda Finance is more reputable at paying claims, but surely someone on this board has experience dealing with them and can add some insight.
  • mdxer7mdxer7 Posts: 8
    I called both Acura & Honda neither sell the Acura Care Warranty. They must be bought through a dealer. I found a few dealers on-line that will send you a quote. One was Curry (Acura confirmed they were a valid dealer) another was from Florida... Curry's quote was the best so far even beating my local dealer where I'm buying my new 2012 MDX.

    I keep my vehicles a long time - my present is an 2001 MDX w/219K miles on the original engine which is still running strong. I did have the 7/100 warranty and surpassed it long ago. I recall at least three repairs that my warranty covered the last just over 100K (dealer honored my warranty because I had had all the preventive Maint done there) and it was for a new transmission (2001 - 06's had major tranny issues). My first warranty cost me $1600 in 2001 and was well worth it.

    Now back to the present. Quotes I've received for the 8/120 have ranged from $2580, $2510, and $2280 from Curry. I will probably end up buying online from Curry unless my dealer has a change of heart. Acura's are wonderfully reliable...however, that being said, one major repair and you come out ahead. For me - I keep my cars long and it has been worth it (actually for two Acuras) in the past.

    Good luck!
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    My 2005 MDX extended care warranty will expire in 3000 miles. Based on your long term experience, what item(s) in addition to the transmission, would you recommend I have the local dealer check prior to expiration. I have had all the required maintenance since buying the vehicle. I want my "ducks lined up" in case I have some costly issue after the expiration.
  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    I bought a new MDX 2012 yesterday and my dealer offered me an extended Warranty 8 year/100 miles from costguard for 1900$ (Full coverage)
    Is this warranty good? Is the price is reasonable? Do i have any other option, since this is my first Acura vehicle?
  • We bought a 2012 MDX Base model from a local dealer at Springfield, NJ. They offered us Total Protection Plus package from Auto Knight for $990/-. Did anyone buy this package before? If yes, how was your experience with it? I got a quote for Acura Care for 6yrs/70k miles for $1,035/- for $0 deductible. I'm trying to decide whether I should by Acura care program or Total Protection Plus or both.

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
  • Hi, I'm new to the forums and had a few questions I was hoping to get answered. I purchased a 2012 MDX in Texas about three months ago and bought the extended warranty from the dealer, a 7yr/100k for ~$2600, along with dent coverage for $800 and resistall protection $870. After getting a good deal on the MDX (over 5k below MSRP) these additional purchases seemed to make sense but I'm having buyer's remorse now. Also after seeing some of the prices others have posted for warranties I'm sure I over paid.

    I'm wondering if any one has any experience with the resistall pricing and the dent coverage as well. Looking back I think I overpaid on these as well, although at the time of purchase I was assured by the financing department that I was getting these packages for about $50 above cost. Is the warranty price too high and should I/can I return it? Any limitations on the resitall or dent coverage that any one has had experience with? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,982
    edited January 2013
    A lot of that stuff is non-refundable for a reason.

    atoms2me, "To ResistAll or Not To..." #15, 13 Jan 2013 1:14 pm

    You may be able to cancel the extended warranty, but if you decide you want another one, you likely won't be able to buy the Acura one again.

    I'd let the dealer know how you feel (and maybe hint that you're learning your way around social media). They may do something for you. If not, go find Facebook, Twitter and the dealer review sites (like ours) and let others know about your experience.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I purchased a 2011 MDX with Navi at the end of May 2011. Now, not quite 2 years later, I have racked up 49,300 miles. I anticipate continuing to drive about 25,000miles/yr for the next 2 years. After 2 years, the amount of driving should decrease to 15,000miles/ yr. I would like to keep the car for at least 2-4 more years. I live in FL and the Acura dealership quoted a 3yr/100,000 mi warranty for $2,820 and a 4yr/120,000 warranty for $4,720 (both figures don't include tax.). Given that I will reach 100,000 miles in 2 more years, the warranties seem expensive. I have previously leased MDXs (2001, 2004, 2008) but have returned them at the end of 3 or 4 years, so have no experience with the need for expensive repairs on MDXs once they have in excess of 50,000 miles. Would greatly appreciate prompt feedback on whether or not to purchase the extended warranty, and whether price is reasonable!!! Thanks.
  • ketiketi Posts: 1
    Hi, we just purchased our first acura ever, an MDX 2013 advance for $45.5k. The sales person was pushing heavily the extended acura care warranty but we declined. Fist he said it cost $3,999 for 4 more years (thus 8 yrs total) and another 50k miles (so total 100k miles). Price went down to $3,100 when we said we are costco members and then again down to $2,400 when we kept declining. We declined but now i am wondering whether it makes sense to have it given all the buttons and computers in the car... I would appreciate any thoughts folks here may have. Thanks!
  • mdxer7mdxer7 Posts: 8
    I bought a 2012 MDX last March and purchased the 8 yr/100K in the Northern VA area and paid $2380 for the extended warranty. I purchased one on my 2001 MDX and used it (over 240K miles when it died in 2012). I plan on keeping this one just as long and wont be driving as much (retiring in 2015). You can shop around the various Acura dealers for the warranty just make sure you're comparing apples w/apples. They will usually match if you can show them another dealers quote (email will due).
  • csriram45csriram45 Posts: 53
    I was at 5927 miles so was shopping to get the care... I just bought it from curry acura. Dale was great and straightforward and the entire process took less then 10 minutes....
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