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Acura MDX Extended Warranties



  • perry811perry811 Posts: 1
    Good to know that you have bought that from Curry. May i confirm with you that if you are referring to "", or the actual Curry Acura dealer in NY?
  • malimmalim Posts: 1
    Can you please tell me from which dealership did you buy acura mdx 2013 advance for $45.5? Is this the final cost. Please reply. Thanks
  • Hello everyone,

    I just purchased an 2010 Acura MDX Tech. It is a pre-owned certified from an Acura dealer here in IL. I am little confused regarding the extended warranty. Dealer is offering a 7yr/100K miles extended warranty for $1300 but the date of warranty starts when the MDX was originally sold as "new'. Therefore, this extended warranty ends in 2017. I asked the detaler what if I were to purchase the warranty right before the original 4yr/50K miles warranty so that new extended warranty would start from date of warranty purchase. They are saying that if a car is "certified" then I will not be able to purchase extended warranty when the original warranty is about to expire. The dealer says that I would only be able to purchase it like that if the car was not a "certified" one. Supposedly, certified car fall into a different category than a regular used car when it comes to extended warranty. Does this make sense? Can you someone help me understand this better?

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