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GMC Jimmy Differential Problems



  • tjw92tjw92 Posts: 1
    I have a '99 GMC Jimmy and I have had so many issues with it since I bought it two years ago. Right now Im dealing with a leak from the rear diff. when its parked or driven. The bottom rim is saturated in oil. I took it into a shop and they said I had to come back in a week to get my rear end replaced for 900 bucks. Yea right, its not even making any noise, but I dont know why it is leaking so much. Can someone please help?

    Also I have some play in my transfer case. I shift and it makes a loud clicking or abnormal shifting sound, Im not sure how to fix that. Its like the 4x4 is trying to kick in every time is go from P to R or to D. Let me know if someone has an answer to that too. Thanks.
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