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Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems

arbararbar Posts: 2
Locks, internal lights and DVD player ?!?

I hope this isn't duplicative....3 issues/questions as mentioned above. I have 2007 EX-L with DVD with less than 5K miles.

Every once in a while, the auto lock feature seems to kick in (after the locks have already been auto locked). It does seem like it occurs on acceleration after a stop so it could be the ABS test that I have read about here. How often (monthly or weekly) is the ABS supposed to test itself and how long is it supposed to last (an entire local trip...20 mins)? This has happened 3-4 times so far.

Next, the indoor dome lights turn on and off while driving when they are set in the middle function (to turn on when the car is opened and then off after a bit). It seems like this happens in connection with the ABS but am not quite sure. This too has happened 3-4 times. Any thoughts?

Lastly, anyone's DVD make noises when a dvd is in the player but is not being played and has not been used for a few days?



  • rsmiedemarsmiedema Posts: 8
    Hey everyone! I have a quick question to see if any one else has had this issue. I have a '04 model and one day about four months ago, the vent windows stopped working. When I push the buttons, I can here the motor receive the signal, but nothing happens. When I had the A/C fixed, a separate issue, I had my mechanic check it out. He stated that the motors were burned out. That makes me think that there is another issue like a short or something to burn both out. Has anyone else had this issue? When I talked to my service rep on the phone here in Alabama, he stated it was the first time he had heard of it. Thanks for any feedback.
  • rolojroloj Posts: 12
    My friend, TAKE IT BACK to the dealer and have them fix that problem. Do not leave dealer without them fixing. I live in NY and had the same auto locking problem. Dealer DID NOT give me any hassle...they just change alarm system/box and problem was solved.
  • eric88152eric88152 Posts: 1
    I think this is aknown issues from Honda Van.
    Myself have a 2003 Honda van, the left vent windows without use for more than a year but stopped working!, I did bring it back to dealer for replacing the motor, after I own my van over 3 years the the right vent windows stopped working! I bring it back to dealer and they said it will cost me $380 for repair !.
    I have 3 different friend has the same issue.
  • I have less than 150 miles on my new 07 Honda Odyssey EX-L and the driver's side power window won't go back up. All the other windows work fine. Anyone else have this problem?
  • my 2004 odyssey driver side power door lock doesnt work,, at first it was intermittent and would work when it wanted now it wont work at all. i've disconnected the battery a few times and it would work for a while but the automatic window wouldnt soon as the window started to work the lock wouldnt... any ideas
  • odc2k1odc2k1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Odyssey. Recently the passenger side door lock would not engage using powerlock. Every time I have to manually lock and unlock the door. Has anyone faced similar issue and how did you fix it? My mechanic advises that the lock actuator has to be replaced and estimates about $135. Is there an alternative fix to this?
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    Is it the front passenger door or the sliding door? I have an '04 (for sale - anyone want to buy??) with the same problem on the passenger side power slider. Only seems to happen when it's really hot though, say over 90 degrees F. It's just one of the many minor electrical problems that rear up whenever the weather turns hot. Rear wing windows, steering wheel radio controls also affected. I've never had it fixed though because we replaced it with a Sienna in August and the Ody has been sitting in the driveway... out of sight, out of mind.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    My 2007 Ody rear wiper sometimes turns on by itself. It was triggered by I put the lever down one click for intermit front wiper.
    Everthing goes fine again after I turned the rear wiper knob back/forth a couple times. Seems to me the wiper switch has sort of short circuit inside.
  • I'm having a problem that is driving me crazy. I use the remote to unlock then open a sliding door. I put my child in his seat in the 2nd row and while I'm doing this the doors click/lock back up. So now I have to remember to open the driver's door first even though I'm not getting in yet. I'm afraid of a potential lock out with the kids in the car. I wonder why this is happening-- and if others have had this same problem. Oh it is a 2002. Thanks.
  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    That sounds like a problem where it's not recognizing that a door has been opened within 30 seconds. If you had that sliding door opened and then started the car, does the dashboard light indicate that the door is open? If not, then it seems like the switch that signals that the door is open is not working properly. In any case I would have it serviced. I've owned an Odyssey since 2001 with young kids and never had anything like that happen, and I am sure that we've done exactly what you describe.
  • 2000 Odyssey: It appears that the ECM/PCM (it is either an engine or emmissions control module/powertrain control module, all in one) goes bad due to moisture and road salt/chemicals. This leads to shorts which cause emmission control solenoids to short out. I have finally gotten the dealer to admit the module is bad, but only after two solenoids and a catalytic converter. Has anyone else these problems? There is a tech bulletin staiting that Honda might replace the module for free at their good will. The module costs $850.00 plus labor. Any history out there? By the way, a ctalytic converter is $850.00, installed.
  • Hi, thanks for your response. Right, the sliding doors opening is not being recognized. But if I leave the sliding doors open then turn on the car there is a warning beep. Yes there are dashboard indicator lights on telling me doors are open. I hope it's not an expensive repair. I would just hate for my 3 yr old to be strapped in his car seat and then get locked in. Horror!
  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    Does it happen when you put it into reverse? If so, that's working as designed.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Thanks. I am not sure whether it happened only in Reverse. I will pay attention to it next time.
  • sreisssreiss Posts: 65
    You can try it out by having the wipers on, then shifting to Reverse. The rear wiper should come on. Shift back to Drive and the rear wiper will turn off. The theory is that if it's raining and you need to back up, you might need to have the rear window cleared off while you're backing up. Good engineering!
  • meapacmeapac Posts: 2

    I have some concerns regarding the accuracy of the odometer reading on my 2007 Odyssey. Is there anyway to check to see if the odometer is working correctly? Also, should i take it to the Honda dealership or have it checked by a dealership other than Honda? Please advise. Thank you
  • I follow a very simple method - but requires you find a stretch of road with mile markers, preferably down to two tenths of a mile. Obviously the accuracy varies, so take a few measurements. You could get a more exact setting, by measuring out some distance, and doing the same thing of course.

    Take it in to the dealer - why not? Surely this is something they are capable of? I do think it's a good idea, if you know a local place, to maintain a relationship with them - if they are good - because Honda, like any company, is mostly interested in selling you a new car. I haven't been wildly impressed with my dealership, but of course your mileage may vary.
  • meapacmeapac Posts: 2
    I appreciate the advice
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    The theory is that if it's raining and you need to back up, you might need to have the rear window cleared off while you're backing up. Good engineering!

    Uh, sounds cool in theory... but where I live it's dry probably at least 90% of the time. Are you sure it's supposed to do that?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I tried it. When it is raining, I turned the front wiper on. Notice the rear wiper didn't do anything. As soon as I put in Reverse the rear wiper started swiping without I click it on. It stopped as soon as I switched to other gear.
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