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Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems



  • webchrissywebchrissy Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Hey guys,
    So i have same issues as some.
    2006 Honda Odyssey Touring
    1. GPS and radio intermitt lost codes
    2. Car would not start randomly / lost power
    3. Locks from keypad of course wouldn't work at that point
    4. When driving lose power to dash but engine stays on; power would come back on (it lasted only seconds)

    I took it to honda and they replaced fuse box $700+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, two months later, the GPS is losing it's code again but I do not have the rest of the problems...what it really the fuse box?? THey are telling me it's bad head unit on the GPS and a new unit is $2400 or $400+ for a refurbed unit...I am NOT getting it done because I don't care about the GPS. My bigger concern is .... was it really a fuse box or did they clean/tighten battery cables and replace a fuse box for no reason?

    Also, by blower transister went in the meantime so I have no front blower for heat and A/C... they want $340 for for that; I got upset since I have to keep dropping $$$ and suddenly he said he could do it for $250...REALLY? you can just drop the price $90? Please help me with your advice I don't know what to I fight the fuse box installation because the GPS is still losing it's code?? Does this all sound ok or do you think I am going to have more mysterious issues???

  • my problem with all the lights it's flicker i have changed the battery
    but the problem still there …..?
    is there another reason for this ……!
    I've noticed the problem Disappearance when i Increases engine speed
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