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Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems



  • jangardjangard Posts: 1
    I have an '04 Odyssey with what I believe is a series of electrical shorts. I haven't had it diagnosed yet, as the warranty is up and I know electrical problems cost a fortune!

    It is strange how it moves about. Sometimes the interior lights won't come on, then sometimes they will flicker when one of the side doors is being opened. I have had the driver power window work when the engine is off and the keys are not in the ignition, and I've been able to pull the key from the ignition when the car is running!! There are several other instances, but this gives you a rough idea. Any ideas on what it could be?

    Also, the ignition has recently started to reject the keys! I mean, you can put them in, but you can't move them. Then you turn the key around and it works fine! Any ideas on that one??
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    There are batteries with reserve power. Once the battery is dead, flip a switch on the battery then start the car to recharge.
  • i have own this car for only 7 months and bought this van through a small dealership that i have bought this car from PA through an action.
    i did a carfax and it came out to be no trouble at all and one owner for this car and it was for personal used only.
    i purchased it when it was 69,000 miles.

    i have quesiton about my engine light being on. light show on 10-27-08 and i had reset the car and it had turn off eversent today. the light came back on and i don't know what to do.
    i took it to a local auto zone store to do a free engine check and it define it as
    Electrical load detector curcuit high input
    Probable causes
    1. open or short circuit condition
    2. failed ECM

    do anyone know what it exectly what it is telling me. i don't want to waist money to go the dealership to disnosg. it and if someone could get me some answer to this question.
    if it dones't help, maybe it'll be best to take it to the dealership.

    i have another question.
    when my car is put into reverse(front is facing down the hill) it seem to be reversing it, if i don't put enough gas paddle on the car. i goes down and then when i put gas on it, then it'll reverse.
    same thing when the car is going up the hill; and when i stop and then go, it'll roll down and i have to put gas on it so it won't roll down.

    is that normal or is there something wrong with the van?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    is that normal or is there something wrong with the van?

    It is considered to be normal by Honda though ... I used to have 2007 Odyssey (traded for 2008 Pilot) did the same thing as you described ... Since I am aware of it (car will roll backward when car is in "D" when car front facing uphill in slope & car will roll forward when car is in "R" as car front facing downhill in slope.), put into gear "D" or "R", my left foot will be stepping on the brake, then right foot gives a little puch on gas before releasing the brake.
  • Hi, I have a 2004 Odyssey, and it has started to do the same thing with me also. What did you do? or what was the problem? I changed the battery and still it has set off the alarm. And it seems to like to go off in the in the middle of the night. If you found the solution please share. thx
  • smilysmily Posts: 9
    I own 2007 Odyssey with 14000 miles on it. I bought it new in 12/2006. I got the battery replaced last month under warranty as it was dead one morning. Now I have another issue. Once every five times or so, especially when the engine is warm, the starter motor doesn't react when I turn the ignition key. I hear "zeeeeee" noise from the left side of the steering column but nothing happens. If I stop and try one more time, the starter motor reacts as usual and it starts the engine. Has anyone experienced the same issue? Battery is brand new and has no issues.
  • I read your posting about your van. I have the same van and experienced similar for past couple of weeks. I have a 1999. Rough idle when starting up, then I turn off and try again and it's fine. Then one day a picture of the key flashing on the dashboard indicating didn't recognize the key and then went dead on a realatively new battery. Car repair cannot duplicate after putting in a new battery. I'm sure it'll happen again. Was thinking of taking it to Honda dealer. I know it's more exspensive but they must have heard of t his problem before.
    So my question to you is what did you find out it was? Or did you ever?
    Also when I park and take the key out it make a dull whinning sound.

    Thank you
  • I have a 07 Honda Oydessy that we bought used 6 months ago. the issue you open the rear sliding door and then get in to start it and EVERYTHING is dead (radio, clock, no sound on start up). You then reshut the door (which has power) and it then starts right up......This has happend 2x in the last 3 days. The second time she slammed the driver door and it worked. What does the doors have to do with the battery not giving power?

    please help solve this mystery!
  • smilysmily Posts: 9
    Hi Monica,

    I took my van to a nearby dealership but guess what! It didn't happen when the service adviser tried several times on the spot. The van worked fine without any issues. It was embarrasing but my can still has the same issue from time to time. I don't know what to do.
  • You need to change your starter. The starter clutch slips when you hear zeeee, especially when it's hot.
  • smilysmily Posts: 9
    Thanks to this forum. I printed out a copy of SB in regards to the engine pinging (knocking) and get the knocking sensor replaced on my wife's 2007 Odyssey yesterday. Now the annoying pinging is gone! If anyone is having the pinging issue, I will strongly recommend to get it fixed at a dealer.
  • smilysmily Posts: 9
    Hi actually it was the main relay, making the noise. No issues not. :)
  • narmitagenarmitage Posts: 2
    Mine just started doing the same thing. I bought the thing so I could unlock and open and get the kids in. Also have issues with the radio controls on steering wheel getting crossed. Never, and I do mean NEVER, again.
  • narmitagenarmitage Posts: 2
    My '04 did that on the passenger's side vent just a few months out of warranty. Dealer said it would cost a lot to fix and I told him to stuff it. The other vent works fine. It's odd, because I only used the thing a few times. I really hate this vehicle and its many small, but hugely annoying, problems.
  • john321john321 Posts: 1
    My car is a 2002 Odyssey. Due to my forggeting turning off a small overhead light, I had a dead battery. After jump start, seems many switches are in a mess (even thought the car is perfectly drivable):

    Mainly on driver side switches, the door lock not working; cannot control the passenger side window from driver side (but the switch on passenger side has no problem to control its window); even more weird, the light of the shift indicator (indicates if the shift is on P, R, N, D, D2) is light up normally, but if I trun on the car's main lights, that indicator dims down. Seems the whole car's logic in a mess. Please help me!
  • hmrhmr Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 EX that I bought new. The van now has 140,000 miles on it, but I have had electrical issues for most of the past 7 years. I went through the vents now operating and they were fixed by the dealer. I go through head lights and brake lights way too often. However, the big issues that I have had, no one can seem to find the problem. It started about 3 years ago when my horn would not sound when I locked the car. This would occur for a couple weeks then it would start again. Later, my brake light would flash on and off. Again, repair shop could not find any issues. The car locks will just unlock for no reason or the alarm will sound for no reason. My TCS and SRS lights now blink on and off as well. Again, the mechanic cannot locate what the issue is. Has anyone else out there had this problem?
  • My wife has a 2007 Odyssey. If she leaves anything - and I mean ANYTHING - on in that car when it isn't running, even for a few minutes, the battery dies and the car won't crank or start. Jump starts fine and starts fine after that - unless she leaves something on again. Example: overhead reading light was left on for 30 minutes. Car wouldn't start. The dealer said the battery was fine, and that this was the way Odysseys are. He blamed it on technology. Can this possibly be true, or do I have some other drain on the power...but only when something is left on??
    HELP!! And sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere.
  • I have one of the original 1996 Honda Odyssey Vans. The van still runs well after 200 Km. but it has experienced a few electrical problems. This one is a mystery and I hope someone can help... Last week the driver side headlight stopped working. I changed the bulb...still no light. I tried the working bulb from the passenger side...that didn't work. I checked the fuse..ok. I tested the voltage at the socket. There are three connectors, each one showed 12.3 volts when the light switch is in the on position. I cleaned the contacts and checked the ground connection, all ok. The hi-beams work fine, but the @#!@#$% headlight still doesn't go on. Please help!!!
  • It started about a year ago: once in a while while driving the "door" lights on the dashboard flickered on and off. No big deal I thought...I few months ago my DVD player started acting up. Randomly I could play a few songs then the Err message would show up, DVD would stop working, it's not stuck I can eject it fine, when I try to put it back in the system will reject it... I realized I could get the DVD to play the longest when the radio/DVD unit was still cold (when I first started driving the car in the mornings) then it would stop working after 3-4 songs. The other day I was driving with the radio on, all of the sudden the radio flickered on/off, the lights on my dashboard flickered on/off, then the TCS, Brake and ABS lights stayed on. I pulled over turned the car off, waited a few minutes, turned it back on, the 3 lights on the dashboard were still on (hand brake was not engaged). Next day, dashboard lights didn't come on, radio worked like normal. This morning, I turned the radio on I get the "CODE" on the display as if it was disconnected from the battery (it was not), the dashboard lights stayed off. Now I need to find the radio code to see if it will reset my radio at least. What is going on here? Has anyone else seen these kind of problems? Please help...(Van has about 70k)
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