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Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems



  • Ok... I gave up trying to fix the headlight and brought the car to a local garage. The mechanic explained that the problem is a faulty DRL module that can be replaced at a cost of about $200 or removed with the result the the daytime running lights will no longer work. I chose option #2, but now I have to remember to turn on the headlights all the time.
  • I have a 2000 EX and im experiencing the same problem where the radio resets while driving the indicator lights on the instrument panel light up.
    Does anybody have a solution for this electrical problem?
  • update:

    about a week ago one day when I parked the Odyssey (turned off the engine) I couldn't open the sliding doors, not manually nor by pressing the door buttons on the inside. I thought "weird, let me turn on the engine again.." to no avail. As if my battery was dead. No dashboard lights came on, the electrical system seemed dead. About 15 minutes later a friend of mine came and wanted to jump my car, I was certain the battery was dead. But when I tried to turn the engine back on this time it started with no problem. I drove home (no dashboard lights flickered on the way home) and then took the car to the mechanic. He checked the battery and it was fine. What he did was clean out the corroded battery connections. I haven't had any radio resetting, dashboard lights flickering or sliding door problems since. Maybe the electrical system didn't get enough juice at times due to the corroded battery connections.
  • About a month ago, after we had a "computer update" performed, our overhead cabin lights started to turn on randomly. We usually had the light switch set to auto and never had problems before. We have to set the internal lights to off now, or manually turn off each each light that turns on.
  • Same problem - turned out to be bad contact on driver door switch. I glued a little rubber patch to the inside of the door where it pushes the switch. Problem solved.
  • Hope this works, my wife's 2006 Odyssey is having similar issues. :cry:
  • I also have a 04 odyssey with random electrical problems. The radio controls on the steering wheel gets crossed, when turning right at a higher speed (>15 mph) the internal lights blink, and if I don't drive every day, the battery is dead and needs a jump start. We have already replaced the battery and still this problem persists. From other posts I have 2 possible solutions:

    faulty DRL module
    bad contact on driver door switch

    I tend to leave the sliding doors open (the car is in our garage and this makes it easier for the kids to get in and out). Even the though the lights go off, could this be draining the battery?

    Thanks in advance for your time!
  • I have a 2008 Odyssey and have the same problem! We bought it brand new and the first time we had a problem was the day be bought it! Dealership apologized and put a new battery in. We have replaced the battery 4 times in less than 2 years. Honda isnt much help. I can have this problem even after 15 min of something left on. Don't know what to do
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,732
    edited February 2010
    For the multiple posts dealing with this issue: Persistent dead batteries are usually caused by a steady electrical drain that is still present after you turn everything off. In other words, something is still drawing power at a rate of an amp or two at all times when it should not be. There are some ckts that are always in 'keep alive' mode (radio, clock, ECM, headlight & interior light monitor, alarm system), but the total draw should be something like a hundred milliamps or so depending on the vehicle.

    A mechanic should be able to put an ammeter in series with the battery terminal (or a voltmeter in conjunction with a known value shunt) and see what is going on. If he detects a real, constant draw, then the next step would be to start pulling fuses one at at time until the offending circuit is isolated. What to do next depends on what circuit is still alive, but step one is to understand why this is happening.

    Only other comment is that wet cell batteries can be damaged by bouncing around. Make sure that the hold-down clamp is properly in place.
  • tbuongertbuonger Posts: 6
    I've got an 04 Odyssey. When I turn the key, the van acts like the battery is dead, sliding doors don't work, navigation system resets itself and requests a pin code, engine doesn't turn. Then I let the van sit and turn the key again, it starts. Can this be a part of the main relay problem or is it something else? Thanks.
  • oldodyoldody Posts: 1
    I have been chasing the same problem for the last week on my 96 Ody..As if my battery was dead. No dashboard lights came on, the electrical system seemed dead. after dismantling the entire dashboard I stumbled on your post and decided to clean the battery terminals.. bingo! All systems go! Boy do I feel foolish..Thanks!
  • hsnitzhsnitz Posts: 1
    I've discovered the procedure for resetting my SRS light; looks easy enough but cannot find the MES connector! Is it always yellow? Is it always near the fuse box? There are more connectors near the fuse box (down just in front of the driver's door) than I can count! Where is the MES??? Help, please! :(
  • joagojoago Posts: 5
    We've had our van for 3 1/2 years now and love it for all of its conveniences; however, we have experienced the 'dead van' syndrome now twice with the most recent being Nov 6, 2010. The symptoms started on Friday, Nov 5, 2010 while idling at the mall. The engine suddenly had an unusual crack pop noise. (It sounded like a live electrical wire touching metal.) I was a bit frantic over the noise but decided since the van was still running and not smoking that I'd drive it straight to the closest Honda dealer for diagnosis. I explained the symptoms to the dealer and they ran a diagnostic test for a $50 fee. After an hour they indicated that they could find anything wrong with the van. That night, the van started sluggishly and the door indicator light indicated the driverside passenger door was open. I tried pushing the button to close it but it didn't respond so I got out and forced the door closed manually. I ran my errand and returned without turning off the van. I parked the van in our garage and the next day when I went to start it, the van was completely dead. The last time this happened we simply replaced the battery. This time we're going to have the battery tested, charged, and demand an answer from Honda as to why this 'dead van' syndrome is happening not just to us but to others. It's comforting to know that we're not going crazy!!!

    We love our van, but Honda needs to identify this as a real issue and warn its owners of the problem via a recall. This could result in a catastrophic issue if this syndrome happens on a busy highway with many passengers inside. Let's take this issue to the media and demand an answer from Honda!!!!
  • I have a 2005 Odyssey and have experienced "odd" electrical issues like radio not working suddenly, random dash lights being out and the drivers side sliding door not shutting completely. Today, by far, has been the worst. Like "joago" in the previous post, the car made a bizarre noise like a wire touching metal, all the lights on the display above the steering wheel started blinking, and the car will not start. When the key is turned, nothing happens other than the "sizzling" or "static sounding" noise and the lights blinking. Since this is a Sunday, I can't contact my mechanic or Honda until tomorrow. With so many other people experiencing very similar issues, we should all join together and demand answers & a resolution from no cost to us!
  • joagojoago Posts: 5
    Took the van to Honda twice now. The first time they said nothing was wrong (Thursday, November 4th, 2010). The next time (Monday, November 8th, 2010), I had it towed from my home as is (completely dead) so that Honda could 'fully' diagnose the problem. They declared the problem to be a dead cell in the battery (their battery which they replaced in 2008 in my 2007 van). Honda replaced the battery, declared all to be well (Tuesday, November 9th, 2010), so I picked it up and off I went. It drove fine for the rest of the week. On Friday, November 12th, I had to leave on travel for a week and decided not to take the van to the airport and leave it in long term parking (for fear it might not start upon my return). Well, my fear was founded because on Tuesday, November 16th I received an email from home that the van was completed dead again!!! It wouldn't do a thing!!! I just returned from my trip and now am afraid to 'jump the van' and drive it anywhere.

    Something is terribly wrong with Honda's mechanical system and somehow I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle!!! (Funny how our 2000 Nissan Altima has few to no problems in the 10 years we've owned it and our Honda is causing us grief after 3 years!!!)
  • Have a 2008 Odyssey with the same problem of the battery suddenly being drained. Happened once last week and once this week. I have seen numerous posts about this issue on many different forums, but I do not see an answer anywhere. Has anyone found out an answer?
  • No, no answers yet. IT is extremely frustrating, especially since Honda is suppose to have such wonderful customer service. I have had my van in 12 times and everytime they tell me nothing is wrong and replace the battery. I make sure dome lights, radio, dvd, and everything is off and it still dies. Just dont understand!
  • Have a 2011 EX and the last two days we have been getting a message stating Battery Charge Low See Owners Manual. I thought it was a fluke until I check out the odyclub forum and found others with the same issue on their new vans recently. Hoping it is just a glitch that makes the message pop up and not a true issue with the battery/charging system in the new vans!
  • joagojoago Posts: 5
    I don't know if my problems are solved, but someone advised me to keep the automatic door switch for the sliding doors in the off position unless absolutely needed. I turn door off when the kids aren't riding with me, if we're on a long drive, and when we're parking for a long period of time. So far, that's seemed to save my 'new' battery and kept me from returning to Honda (for now).

    I really wish someone would alert the media to these issues so Honda would be forced to answer the same basic question as Toyota..."What's wrong with your vehicles?!? Why are they having electrical problems?!? Why aren't you helping your customers?!?"
  • joagojoago Posts: 5
    On December 10th shortly after I posted the preceding message, I awakened to a 'dead van' AGAIN! I had the van towed 'AS IS' to the local Honda dealer so they could 'diagnose' the problem. The dealer charged the battery, tested the van, and proclaimed the cause to be an interior light left on. I told them I have been diligent about turning off all items when parking the van for fear it wouldn't start again. They insisted that was the problem and said I could come pick up the van that afternoon. I arrived around 6pm to get the van and low and behold when they went to start the van to bring it around to me, it wouldn't start for the dealer either! (HA! HA! See, I'm NOT LOSING MY MIND!)

    After keeping the van over the weekend to 'continue to diagnose' the problem, Honda REPLACED THE BATTERY AGAIN and told me to come pick it up. I did and the van/BATTERY LASTED UNTIL CHRISTMAS (December 25th). Now, the van is DEAD AGAIN.

    Sadly, since the 'SNAP POP' I heard in early November, my once reliable Honda van, is no more! I'm afraid to drive anywhere in my van for fear my little one and I will be stranded and left out in the cold (literally and figuratively).


    (I won't have to worry about that because my van won't start anyway!!!)
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