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Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems



  • xialibarenxialibaren Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    Last night, when I turned ignition, halfway through the process, my 2005 Odyssey went completely dead. After I took out the key and out of car for two minutes, the dashboard light up again, I could start the car again. I am just afraid it'll happen to me again when I am on snow mountain road with no cell phone signal.
  • It is frustrating because they(the dealership) do make you feel crazy! I spend $34,000 on a new van because we travel alot and didnt want to have to worry about problems. I guess that was a big mistake. I'm very disappointed with Honda's so called excellent customer service. Never again will I buy a Honda
  • 2008 Odyssey with a very similar problem. Van had no issues for 2+ years. Then, the morning of December 31st, it would not start with an obviously dead battery. Jumped it and it ran fine. On January 1st, the battery was dead again. Took the battery in to get it tested and it was drained and determined bad. Bought a new battery, installed it and the van ran great, until this morning, just 2 days later. The brand new battery is now dead as well. Alternator tested fine. No sign of electrical drain (according to technician). I'm now stuck with an unreliable van without any answers of how to fix it.

    VERY odd issue that seemed to happen in conjunction with dead battery: both mornings it was jumped after dead battery, a horrible sound (fast, loud clicking) and some smoke from the right side of the engine was observed. According the technician, this was the A/C compressor pressure release blowing (it should be noted it is below freezing where I live...A/C should not be running.) No indication these issues should be related, but coincidental that it has only happened twice and both times in the past 4 days after a dead battery and a jump start.
  • joagojoago Posts: 5
    I picked up our van from the dealer on 30 December. This time they 'dug' a little deeper and determined that the radio was the problem. They removed the radion and give me three options --- 1. Buy a new radio from Honda for $1,200 (still laughing at that one), 2. Buy a radio from Best Buy (none are compatible with my DVD player, etc., and 3. Have them send the current radio out for testing. Well I chose Option 3. Now if the van dies during the next 2 weeks without its radio, then we'll know it's not the radio!!!!! We bought the van to take our family vacations, etc., Like others I am so frustrated with Honda and no longer feel safe driving our van long distances.

    Oh, by the way, when I called the Honda 800 Customer service line, they informed me that they were about to go on hiatus for a few weeks. Guess vacation is more important than fixing our vans!!!

    Had the same 'snap pop' noise back in November and that's when the problems started and never stopped.

  • dani10dani10 Posts: 2
    take it in mine has the same problem it is a electrial issue not the battery.mine is at the dealer right now
  • I now have the same problem.. 2002 odyssey. After short 10 mile drive turned car off. Won't start. Had battery checked. DEAD. Needed a new one anyway. New battery...turned key...lights flickered... steady clicking under dash somewhere. No crank. Took key out and left. Came back 20 minutes later and dash was still clicking. That clicking is coming from somewhere and that's what is draining the battery power BUT what is it??? Pushed the car the biggest loser challenges....took the ignition switch apart and then started reading all these forums. I see no one has a solution yet. Have they???????. Was everyone's car clicking even when the key was removed? What Honda phone numbers has everyone been calling?? Let's start calling the same one. Tommorrow I am going to scrub those battery connections good, turn off all lights, tape down the door switches, turn off door switches, and remove fuses like radio, etc. Anything to get the clicking to stop. Any advice anyone????
  • dani10dani10 Posts: 2
    Its not the battery....i am having the problem with my 2011 touring i have taken it in three times now...At first they kept telling me their is nothing wrong!!! the first time they reset the sensor and the second the idots at corp said i was leaving lights on!!! and the third corp also calleme and tried to blow lots of smokes up my [non-permissible content removed] and say that their is nothing wrong!!!! blah blah,my dealer ship believes me that their is something wrong! i will also be calling corp offices again to give them a piece of my mind!!!!! I ha no problems with my 2007 ody!!! I really feel it is a computer problem!!! :mad:
  • I purchased a brand new 2011 Elite 2 weeks ago. As I drove home from the lot my TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) light came on and stayed on. I immediately drove back to the dealer service center. Initially they thought it was just tire pressure but quickly realized it was an actual error of the TPMS system. One of the techs said he has seen this on one other 2011 Odyssey and that it is triggered by smart cellular phone interference. He told me it would probably happen again if I used my cell phone in the van. So they reset the TPMS error and I turned off my cell and drove for 30 minutes with no issues. So then I turned my cell phone on, and still no issues for another 5 minutes. Then my wife called and at the exact moment my cell phone rang the TPMS went into error again.

    So the service center tells me this is something they can't fix. They are waiting for a software fix from Honda. When I submitted the case to Honda Corp Customer Care they say that this is not a "known issue" and that they are not actively working on a resolution for it.

    I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem? FYI - My cell phone is an LG Quantum smart phone from ATT. I am considering returning the van for a new one, but I don't know what I am supposed to do at this point.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,744
    If you type in TPMS interference on google, you'll get plenty of hits about issues with multiple brands and multiple devices (laptops, cellphones, PSP's).
  • Here is the latest info I have on this topic from my dealer service center. It is frustrating because Honda Corp is not confirming the situation...

    "This is a problem that will be fixed it may take some time. I had a meeting with (Local Honda Service Manger) and was told that Honda has a bulletin and film out to all dealers relating to this problem, the cause is a certain type of phone, ipod, hand held devise and so on. Honda is upgrading the signal (receiver) to correct this problem, this is not a overnight fix and could take 30 +/- days. "
  • image

    This is what the error looks like. It is triggered by interference from iPhone, Droid and another smart phones. Honda still does not officially acknowledge the problem. When this error occurs the TPMS is disabled automatically. No tire pressure monitoring sounds like a big liability issue for Honda.
  • SOLVED! Two months later, with no solution, but no issues in that time, it happened again. Same clicking sound, same smoke witnessed and the next day, the same dead battery. This time, I took it to Frank Ancona Honda in the Kansas City area. They saw the same issue with the release valve and also found no issues that should cause a dead battery. But unlike other attempts, they called Honda support to see if this was part of a known issue and got an answer. There is an issue that has been reported multiple times of a stuck A/C clutch relay. The result is a compressor that doesn't turn off when it should, causing the excesss pressure and a battery drained of power over night.

    I would like to mention my extreme satisfaction with the dealer and their willingness to go the extra mile to find the answer.
  • Im having the same problem with my 2004. None of my power locks are working. I already checked the fuses and disconnected the battery and connected it again. Do you have any advice because i really dont want to spend alot of money for someone to tell me it was a simple fix.
  • Great. Just picked up my 2011 EX-L. Drove it twice (the first time being on the way back from dealer). The TPMS light came on. Any further word from Honda Corporate or your dealership regarding this issue? Just wondering before I bring mine in for service. Agh...I hope they even know it’s a similar issue, and not tell me I’ve done something wrong or something.
  • Manfrotto,
    I am sorry to hear you are also having a problem with your new Honda but I have to admit it is a small relief to see that someone else is having this TPMS trouble. I wonder if you are having the same problme as me? Do you have a smart phone? They will initially think it is just a real tire pressure problem - and that might be correct. In my case, I have a TPMS error, which is not the same message you get for a true tire pressure problem. My phone is an ATT LG Quantum. If I go to the dealer and allow them to clear the error i can re-trigger the error by having someone call my cell while I sit in the driver seat. Honda still does not acknowledge this as a "known issue" and last week i found that the dealer was mistaken in thinking that a fix was on the way. I told them i was going to give Honda another couple weeks and then i am bringing it in for service. AAAAAAAGHH!!!
  • ldub1ldub1 Posts: 1
    The screen in my 2011 Ody is frozen, stays on all night, can't switch the radio, do anything with the DVD entertainment system and the reverse cam doesn't work when I put the car in reverse. This is the second problem I have had with this 2011 Odyssey in the 4 weeks that I've owned it. The first problem was the windshield wipers breaking and I was told 3 other Odys were brought in the same day as mine to have them fixed. I had a Honda prior to this Ody and had absolutely no problems, so I decided to buy Honda again. I will NEVER do so again in the future. Prior to buying Hondas, I bought Swedish and after the repairs I went through with Saab, I said 'no way' even though the car was superb to anything I have driven. Now, I'm stuck with this hunk of crap Odyssey 2011 for approximately the next 10 years. I am so dissatisfied I would persuade anyone to go the route of Toyota, BMW, Subaru or the Scandanavian vehicles. At this point, after paying $37 K for an automobile, I feel like I've been fleeced by Honda. It can no longer stand by the old motto "Honda is forever" in the context that the vehicles are well built and durable and reliable. The new context is that one will forever remember how much $ one spent on the crap that is manufactured today and reminded every day upon driving the sub-standard vehicle. In retrospect, I'd give up the 15 cup holders and ample space for a reliable vehicle that delivers on performance for my whole family. The Honda reputation is fading.
  • I have witnessed the same thing. Completely dead battery, jump started, loud clicking noise, smoke and electrical smell. Then car wont start. Replaced battery, took to Honda, said everything is fine, two weeks later dead battery, jump start, loud clicking noise, smoke and smell. Does this sound the same as your experience. Did Honda cover the costs of it? If not, can you tell me around how much the cost was? Thank you!
  • Just an update on my battery situation described in #92. I mentioned my husband took the ignition, steering wheel parts apart. He also cleaned the battery terminals AGAIN after many experts suggested. I was all ready to call the tow truck. I turned the key and it started. My 17 yr old daughter drives the car to school so I'm not aware of any weird symptoms it might have. I'm glad it started but I don't really know why it happened. And yes, I don't trust it. BUT, I did learn this...... DO ONE thing at a time and try to start the least you might know what made the difference!
  • Spoke with my dealer again yesterday. My dealer insists that they have sold several Touring Elite's with reports of the same TPMS problem. 6 cases in Evansville, Indiana area. Honda Corp still does not acknowledge the issue. They tell me the dealer service center should be able to repair the issue (likely by replacing the TPMS receiver which connects to the ECU). But my dealer says they refuse to start throwing money at the problem because they believe Honda Corp will eventually acknowledge the problem and provide the best fix.

    What shocks me is the lack of reports on the internet about this issue. It makes me wonder if this is really the epidemic that my dealer says it is or if it is a random defect like Honda Corp says it is.

    We need for everyone who has the issue to report it at so the US DOT can put pressure on Honda Corp to acknowledge the issue. I am starting to believe that Honda's answer to the problem will be "do not carry a smart phone into this vehicle - driver or passengers".

    Here is the link to the complaint that I have filed: QuickSearch&summary=true&refurl=email
  • bmwx5mbmwx5m Posts: 9
    We're having the exact same problem, '11 Elite. No resolution in sight, service visit (for this and other reasons) this week.
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