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Chrysler Pacifica Oil Problems



  • Once Chrysler owns up to the problem and fixes the rings, the oil consumption should be done with. I think my car was done almost two years ago and the car is running fine and not burning oil. The problem has been we are the lucky ones and have found dealerships who will fix the problem. Most folks on this site are not in the same position and stuggle with their local dealerships. Good luck.
  • I had the same problem. It took months and months for chrysler to fix. I went on a trip and arrived home to find our chrysler was out of oil !! I took it to the dealership and they handed me a memo from Chrysler that said it is normal useage. Under 30000 miles it could use 1 quart every 1000 and over 30000 it could use 1 quart every 800 know what I told them.. so they checked the oil every 1000 miles. They just kept handing me this memo. I didn't give up. I told them I paid $30,000.00 + and it was paid for and I would spend more every month on a attorney. There is not a car made that uses oil. They checked the oil consumption for months and then they replaced the valve guides. Then checked the useage again and again we wait.. and it did not work. They finally said they knew of the problem and but a long block in not just rings. This all started at under 18,000 miles. The problem is know to chrysler. It is the rings..
    People write that the factory warranty is 3 years or 36,000 miles. 2005 was the last year for 5 years or 100,00 miles,, I also bought a extended warranty.

    Good luck!!
  • 04pac04pac Posts: 4
    I didnt get through all of the posts but here is my story. I had a similar issue, to the point where my oil light came on and took 3.5 quarts. What I found is that the 5w30 they recomend is not correct. I changed to 10w30 Mobil 1 synthetic and my consumtion went from 1000 miles per quart to 2500 per 1/2 quart. I also checked the AMSOIL website for the 04 Pac specs and they say 10w30 also. So, change to 10w30 Mobil 1 and track it weekly.
  • 614jj614jj Posts: 2
    same thing happened on my 2004 Pacifica AWD. they "plugged it", but when I have to get my oil changed it is a big deal to not break the pan. Let me know if you find a source.
  • Do you know what the part number is for the oil pan that you need? I bought one for my daughters 2004 Pacifica but didn't use it. The number is 04792662AB.
  • Merk6Merk6 Posts: 1
    After reading the 80 plus blogs it's obvious that we are all experiencing the same oil consumption issues on our 2005 PACIFICA'S.

    I purchased my AWD, Touring last October with 6800 miles. I noticed from the start that it was using approx. 1 quart of oil every 1200 miles so I went to the dealer and they began to record it. We discovered that it is using approx. 2 quarts of oil between 3000 mile oil changes. They agreed that it was excessive so they contacted Chrysler. Chrysler replied with "unless a quart of oil is used every 750 miles they do not consider it to be excessive".

    What a shame that we are being treated this way, and the Big 3 wonder why they are losing market share to Toyota, Honda and why they can not turn a profit. For me, I going to call the Star line, which was listed on a previous blog, every day until resolution. If that is not successful, I will be trading mine in for a Toyota.
  • browthudbrowthud Posts: 1
    i have a 05 with 54000 on it. i am having the same issues as everyone else here. the dealer pulled out the 1 qt per 1000 mile s on me today as expected. what i was wondering was is there any special wording to use to actually get them to seriously look into the problem, or does the dealership never own up to it. i have notice that some of you guys were able to get a new engine or an over hual of the piston rings. i am freaking out because my warrenty is up in 16000 miles. thanks
  • msmearesmsmeares Posts: 3
    I sent a letter to my local dealer manager and the district manager with my dissatisfaction over their handling of the oil issue. I told them that I would never consider buying another product from them since they (and Chrysler) were not willing to stand behind a service contract we purchased in good faith (I am well past the mfg's warranty). I also told them that I would make sure people knew my story and their lack of interest in helping us. I indicated that I had talked to several certified mechanics (including their own) and also could not find any reference from SAE that 1 qt for every 1000 miles was "standard". I requested that they contact STAR to get my repair authorized. The response was almost immediate and I was surprised to find out from the service guy that STAR was only providing "guidance" and not making the final decision to proceed with the issue. He told me they can "inhouse" do service contract repairs up to $5000 without having to have it preauthorized. I told them I wanted new piston rings ... but they dug into the valves first and found that my valves were loose on one side of the heads. There was burnt oil on the walls which indicated it was passing through there and burning. I believe they said it was something to do with the exhaust system. Somebody who knows engines can decipher what I mean. In any case, they gave me a new "top end" replacing both heads, all the valves, springs, seals and such. That was about 3 weeks ago. I just got a new oil change today and will be doing my own oil consumption tests to see how it is working. Before the repair, I was using 2.5 + quarts between 3000 mile oil changes. I hope this was the fix because I don't know that they will dig in again for the pistons, if not. At least there was proof that it was not "consuming" oil. I will post results of my usage as they occur.
  • grugergruger Posts: 15
    You will be fine in burning oil as long the oil light does not come on or you ignore the maintainance message the car gives you for every 3000 or 7000 miles for a oil change. Today, oil additives are very much better than yesterday oil that builts up on your enigine. The engine today are well design not to allow castrophe of yesterday. Stop worrying, just follow the 3000 miles oil change as usual.
  • chetjchetj Posts: 324
    buy a jug of supertech for $9.50 and keep it in trunk...i have a 05 sunfire and 07 ford focus and they might go thru a 1/4 quart every 6k...i work for a supplier and i wish this wouldnt happen, it hurts sales
  • brakenbraken Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Chry Pacifica with a 3.8L Motor. The oil light will flicker at idle. I have replaced the oil Pressure Sending Unit, I have changed the oil. I have dropped the oil pan and checked the Oil Screen for Gunk. I have also hooked up a computer and the oil pressure goes from 148 psi to 0 psi and then back to 148 psi. Is this a wiring problem?? I read where the 2.7L motor had this issue and the suggestion was to put a Wire Terminal Vent in the Oil Pressure Sending unit wiring. Any additional thoughts... has anyone ran into this?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I see a lot of oil consumption complaints, but what engine sizes have the problem? 3.5, 3.8, or 4.0 liters?
  • I have a 2005 Pacifica w/ 3.5L engine that has 55k miles, this morning I noticed a bluish cloud of smoke on start up, the smoke stopped right away. When restarting the cloud was back. Have never had this problem before, we bought the car in feb 2007 and have had all services performed by a local Chrysler dealer.

    After reading some of the messages about oil consumption I am wondering if anyone had this happen too.

  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    Your 2005 Pacifica should have the 7/70 transferable powertrain warranty as long as you paid the transfer fee when you bought it in Feb '07. The '05s were the only year with the 7/70 transferable powertrain warranty until they introduced the lifetime powertrain warranty in '07 which only applies to the original owner. Maybe you can have this serviced under warranty if you're lucky.
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    Most of the oil consumption complaints I've seen have been with the 3.5L. The 3.8L seems to be pretty reliable and the 4.0L hasn't been around long enough to reveal many problems yet.
  • I purchased my 2005 PAC in August 2008. It only had 21,000 miles on it and seemed like a reliable car. I should have done my homework before I brought it after seeing all the things that have gone wrong with others. We decided to go on a road trip(500 miles 1 way) in December of 2008. Roads were icy and weather of course, was cold. The driver high beam headlight went out while going through a foggy area of Tennessee(Gorge) didn't notice and didn't pull over since we(everyone) was driving around 35 to 40 miles per hour. This lasted for abut 2 hours and then I needed gas. I pulled into a station and got out the car. I immediately heard a tapping noise(I had heard this noise before on my much older 1995 Blazer). I had taken the vehicle to the dealership to have things topped off and full oil change 3 weeks prior. I live 10 minutes from work and travel 10 minutes to church and back home on Sundays with an additional 5 miles added Monday through Friday to pick the kids up from day care. Everything else we need to have is within walking range or 3 to five minute drive. So I drive around 8 to 10 miles per day. This is normal activity. So when I called my husband and let him know what was happening, I had already checked the oil at the station and determined there was NOTHING on the stick!! I put in 4 quarts of oil in the car as my husband suggested and continued the rest of the way stopping for gas once only to recognize a slow tire leak. We ended up pulling over for the night, having the tire checked in the morning and continued on our trip. We called the place we purchased the vehicle from and reported what was going on the next day and they told us to just keep oil in it checking routinely and bring it in when we got back. WELL!! When we got back it was a different story as far as caring goes. My husband took the car and was told that quote "burning a lot of oil on a 1000 mile trip is not so bad". He immediately told the mechanic he couldn't possibly be serious and that he wanted to do an oil consumption test. The mechanic said that was fine, changed the oil, oil filter and spark plugs along with whatever else needed to be changed and said to bring it back in 1000 miles. Needless to say, we didn't make it that far, only drove for 489 miles before there was less than an inch of oil on the dipstick when checked. They still haven't found an answer to that. While the oil consumption thing is happening, I am driving home from work at 2 am in the morning and get to a stop light and stop. All the lights go out on my car as well as the CD player. for about 10 seconds and then they come on. The car didn't stall. I thought I might have hit the light switch and since it didn't happen again I kinda shrugged it off. STILL hadn't look out here to hear everyones opinions(dumb me!) Well about 2 days after this a dinging(like the ding you hear when there is low gas) starts. Just intermittently out of the blue. With full tank or half tank. No oil lamp ever came on. Then the flashing of all interior lights and radio going off at the same time along with the introductory 'ding' started. This is all happening from a Monday to a Friday afternoon when we could drop the car off to Chrysler. They took it on Friday and kept it calling us back on Monday and saying they couldn't duplicate the problem and that there was nothing wrong. I told them to KEEP it until it did what it was doing to me. The problems were getting to be everyday more than 4 or five times while I drove and it was scaring me. They kept the car for 14 days calling me back on a Thursday to say I could pick up the car on friday. The problem the "Harnest over the transmission was taunt and causing problems." They loosened it and said the problem had reoccurred when he drove it a full day after the fix. I said, very skeptically, Alright. Paid the diagnostic fee and left only to bring it back 5 days later with not only the lights flashing on and off the same time as the stereo but with the car now stalling as well. I am so up set. Guess where the car is as of right now? Yep, back at Chrysler and it'll stay there till they get it right or find a solution. Keep posting. I saw some good things that I'm going to swing by and ask that they check for.
  • well hopefully you have already resolved your problems.
    I had similar issues. I had to have the computer on the car "updated". Of course it is not covered under warranty. $150. This solved my electrical problems.
    In terms of the oil. Well that took me 4 years of fighting. I printed off a bunch of these posts and took them to the service manager. Finally a new engine. Haven't gone more than 1000 miles yet so we'll see if it helped. But if you do get a new engine, I suggest you have them replace the motor mounts at the same time. They are very well known for going bad. (two service advisers and manager told me)
    Also make sure there are not any odd noises when you drive away. Commonly the crossover pipe (part of the exhaust system) gets damaged internally during the engine replacement. My dealer tried to charge me for the repair, again not under warranty. Luckily a mechanic at another shop told me of the common damage and I got the dealer to repair for free. Also watch for clicking noises during turning. It is also common for the axle nuts to loosen over time. I'm currently waiting for a new front axle. Good Luck!
  • I have had many of the same issues posted here on my Pacifica. Here are some of the things I have learned.
    1) Oil Consumption test--make sure you go all the way through the 3000miles before you give up. My car consumed more oil in the final 1500 miles than in the first. I am told that this is common. Between 1500 mi and 2000 mi I consumed ¾ of a quart, however during the first 1500 mi, I only consumed a ½ a quart. I now have a new engine.
    Engine Replacement Issues
    1) Motor Mounts- Have them replace the motor mounts during engine replacement. Broken motor mounts are the most common issue with the Pacifica according to the dealer and not covered under your extended warranty. Upon inspection before they removed the engine, they determined I had two broken and a third was cracking. This will save labor costs down the road, as you will only have to pay for parts.
    2) Crossover Pipe- Commonly, during an engine replacement, the crossover pipe in the exhaust system will get damaged internally. The mechanic on visual inspection of the outside does not see this. Your engine will make a rough, rattle like noise during acceleration. According to the mechanic foreman, the inner layer will separate from the outer layer during take apart and reinstallation. The dealer will try to get you to pay for the repairs don't let them.
    3) Control Arm/Front Axle- Listen for a clicking and popping noise during turning. I hear it most pulling in and out of parking spaces. This is a damaged control arm and loose axle nuts. I am also told that this is very common on the Pacifica. I now have a new control arm and am waiting for a new right front axle.
    **Keep in mind that service advisers are paid on commission. Take the shop foreman on a test drive pre and post engine replacement. Listen for and document any noises. The dealer will try to get you to pay for any repairs after engine replacement. Also bring the service manager in on any issues. Advisers want the commission!
    [non-permissible content removed] Luck!
  • Thanks for all the information. I am about to pick the car up today. They replaced the alternator. I don't know what to expect now.
  • i'm sorry i can't come up with the right word, i even went out into the cold in my bare feet to get the owner's manual, but anyway, i have a severe oil leak in my wife's pacifica. when my fiend who helps me work on cars went to check it, we found there was oil EVERYWHERE to the right of the engine block, but not apparently any on the engine block. my friend thinks it's whatever (here's the word i can't come up with :] ) is right behind the grill. he figures a rock got kicked in there and broke something. wondering if you've seen or heard of anything like that before we try to mess around with replacing that part.

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