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Blazer Jimmy 4WD Questions



  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Have an alignment shop check the front end out. My guess is worn steering components such as the lower ball joints, tie rods, or idle arm and the shop can pinpoint for you - estimates are always free. This assumes the hub replaced was correctly bolted in and all items tightened and that the other hub is OK.
  • scoop2scoop2 Posts: 2
    I have a grinding noise in two wheel drive and when i put in 4 hi it stops i had at a shop and when they took it out for a test drive it was good after i took it home it never made a sound.I used it for a week driving around no noise,i used 4 hi and went back to 2 hi was ok and then all of a sudden it started to made a grinding noise but it seem to be coming from the right hand side,it seem to shift from 2 hito 4hi with no problem the only thing when making sharp turn 2 hi is seem to be jerky
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Would have to point to the front axle coupler partially engaging due to a leaking vac solenoid located on the firewall. Follow that vac line from the drivers side and you will see the solenoid. Pull that line, plug it with a golf T or something and see if that fixes the noise. If so simply unclip that solenoid and get a new one at the dealer - you need the part or # to help them about $30.
    If thats not it check the front diff fluid and transfer case fluid.
  • scoop2scoop2 Posts: 2
    i have 2001 blazer that realy hard on fuel it gets about 13to15 miles to the gallon i phoned gm and they said they can't do anything and they are a little hard on fuel so is there any reason i can't put a fuel mizer cam in it and if so what do i have to do to the computer thanks
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Wrong approach. Depending on gearing (3.42 vs 3.73) and how you drive you have a problem that is simple maintenence. My 99 4wd gets 20mpg avg with the lower 3.73 gears if I drive normally, but if cranked up to 80 over 2500rpm constant down to 18, add AC on down to 16. Slow her down to 70 and mpg go up. Other 4wds with the 3.42 I have get same but alittle better at highway as rpms lower. If you have 2wd then should be better by 1-2 mpg also.

    So, tune it up - cap/rotor/plugs/wires/air filter and clean the MAF sensor in the intake (if you use a K&N oiled filter that is common problem as owners over oil and get sucked onto sensor and milegae drops). Any brakes dragging (like the rears if a recent brake job that did not replace the rear calipers). Something easy is wrong.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    ABS sensors are contained in the new hubs so whoever installed them probably ripped one of the senor wires or didn't plug the connector in all the way - get them to fix it. Without looking at the wiring diagram I'd say the ABS (brakes) has to be working due to the cruise is kicked off by the brake being applied so computer assumes brake on or problems so deactivates the cruise.
  • most automatic vehicles tend to move(in DRIVE) immediately once you release the brake.
    However, my 2001 blazer just stands still even when the engine is cold (and idles faster). On pushing the accelerator slowly, the engine revs up to 1500 - 1600 rpm and only then +- half a second later you feel the torque convertrer doing its job and the car starts moving.
    does this indicate a problem or is it normal for blazers?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    This is a problem. Should go immediately, unless the rear calipers are locking up or if pulling a heavy trailer. Check the trans fluid level and fill if required - engine idling and note the hot and cold lines on the stick. If full get the filter changed next.
  • acarlsonacarlson Posts: 1
    Ok, I'm sure that people have posted this before, I've seen some of them. My 99' Blazer is stuck in 4Lo, I made sure it was nuetral, I checked all the vacuum hoses and I disconnected the battery in hopes that it would reset the computer but thus far it's still stuck in 4Lo. I am trying to see what else I can to try and fix it before I decide to take it to a mechanic. So if theres anyone who has any suggestions please let me know.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Put the vac source line to the front axle (drivers side under hood) and see if it drops out when you push 2wd. As the many posts have talked about you have vac, transfer case encoder motor, that TCCM or computer in the pass isde kick panel (put the conncetor and make sure its clean and tight), and the front actuator.
  • i can push the button in my 97 Jimmy and i can hear a and feel it shift into 4 wheel drive and then when i hit 2 wd button i hear it and feel it shift back but its not working when i look are it if i get stuck the 4 wd dose not engage but the buttons light up and i can hear the noise what coudl this problem be and im not able to fix it myself how mouch could the most a shop would charge me cost do you think
    thank you
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Search in the forum for many posts on this.
    Basics is you have to go thru the vac system and 3 port vac switch on the transfer case, the encoder motor on the case, the vac actuator under the battery, the front axle coupler, and the TCCM (4wd PC) to resolve. Vac lines and 3 port switch are where to start - see if all good and not rotted/split.
  • grose67grose67 Posts: 5
    I had the type of issue happen on my 95 Blazer. What I found was a kink in the vacum line. Once that was fixed, the 4 wheel drive worked great and has ever since. That was two years ago.
  • gregg67gregg67 Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 blazer that is stuck in wheel says its in 2 wheel.i'm pretty sure its HI you can hear it switch to LO and feel the difference.any ideas and how to chek servo's,switches etc; would be greatly appreciated.
  • my blazer is stuck in 4WD Hi. Everything worked just fine until I put in a new heater core (what a job that was!) The heat works great now, however, upon starting it back up it is now stuck in 4WD Hi. When I try to switch to 2 Hi, I can hear it trying, but it isn't switching over. Any ideas on where to start? I know it is electrical in nature... i'm thinking that i just bumped a wire some place when i was in the dash, but don't know where. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  • I have a 98 Blazer I bought a few months ago... I have been getting very frusterated trying to figure out this problem.

    The truck feels like I'm towing a trailer all the time, however the odd time it seems to lighten up. All the bumps on the road are very hard, very rough ride and when I go over bumps it bounces all over. Now when I put it in 4WD and hit the gas, I hear a cluck from the front left wheel. It almost sounds like a CV joint on a FWD car. But louder and harder.

    I feel like these problems are all related to the same thing, but I can't find it. I've checked if any of the brakes are draging there all good. It possibly needs an alignment. If anyone can help, please do before I sell this thing!

  • Push button to 4hi, it blinks for a few seconds and goes back to 2hi same when trying to put in Auto 4wd, any help would be appreciated.
  • Don't know if it helps, but I just had the same problem except none of the lights were on!! I took the dash completely out to find out it was a wire had broke going into the harness!!! I just snipped the other side and now it works fine!!! I also had a couple wires that were pulled out of the harness just far enough that my fuel gauge and my temp gauge would not work so i just took a screwdriver and pushed the wires in just a ittle to were they were working!!! Hope this helps!!!
  • Can you here transfer case motor trying to shift, if so then it could be inside the case its self, this is the problem I have now. I can here the motor trying to shift into 4Hi but it would not go, $200 new motor and it still would not shift. I found you should be able to remove case shift motor and you can shift it with a wench with little effort,if all is in good working order in my case it dose not! So i will be removing that part next.the button tells your 4wd controller what you want it check to see if the motor dose what it is told if it dose not move it tells you that nothing is happing.the hole thing is a pain in the...., when it don't work.
  • 4X4 stuck in 4L, constant ticking under pass side dash, replaced 4X4 switch on dash, disconnect batt, still doing same, starts ticking appx 30 secs after key is on. Any ideas, please help.
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