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Blazer Jimmy 4WD Questions



  • I have 1994 gmc jimmy 4wd when i push the 4 hi or 4 lo the light flashes an i hear what sound like a relay then the light goes out no 4wd any help thanks.
  • leitteleitte Posts: 1
    where is the fuel filter for a 1992 S10 blazer 4x4 located?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Isn't it in the frame rail under the drivers door?
  • ajaksajaks Posts: 11
    1993 Jimmy 4WD
    Which hose goes to what pole of the 3 pole switch?
  • ajaksajaks Posts: 11
    Can I remove the front driveshaft on my NP 233 and drive it 2WD? I mean will this work or cause problems?
  • 4-wheel drive is locked in wont go back to 2 wheel drive 4-wheel low light flashes when i push it electronic push button 4-wheel drive can anyone tell me what the problem might be
  • lldawglldawg Posts: 1
    is it possible to completely disengage the transfer case/ 4wd on this vehicle, and how can it be done if possible
  • I currently own a 99 chevy blazer. Have never had any major problems until now. well i would'nt call it major just annoying.. 2wd, 4hi and 4L all work and are engaging fine, but when i go from 4H to 2wd it doesent disengage right away it takes maybe 30 seconds and then makes a huge clunk and jolts the car like I just ran over a boulder when changing.. 4L still works perfectly although Im in neutral when shifting in and out.. I need your help
  • 1998 GMC Jimmy auto transmission with 3 button push for 4 WD. 4.3 engine. I was in 4WD and went to go out but it did not shift and went to what I would call N. I had no power to any wheel. I put it in park and hear a slight grinding and it when into 4WD. I managed to get it home but it was like it popped out of drive and back to N and no power to the wheels.

    I changed the ball looking vac switch on top or the trasnsfer switch but still have the problem. It will not shift into 4WD then it went to no power again. I put it P and after playing with the buttons it went back to 2WD.

    Any ideas?
  • feneafenea Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 LT Blazer, automatic, 4.3 litter, V6, 4x4, Auto 4 WD, (4button), odm 161,952 . I bought it in may 2006 odm 146,241,. The only thing I noticed about it was all the gauges would now and again would jump up and down a few times and then quit , hate when it does that cause it make the gas gauge look like im on empty when in fact im not. The problem im having today is I needed to put my 4Hi wd on but all it does is blink and after some time it goes back to the previous state 2Hi . So I tried to put Auto 4 wd on but it did the same thing, just blinks then goes back to 2Hi. It worked just fine last winter, that was the last time I used it. I got the book out and did the indicator switch adjustment put gear in N push 4Hi then put gear in park, but that didnt work, so I took off the +pos cable to battery for 1 minute and still that didnt work! Ive been searching the forum but havent found any solution to my situation! I hope someone can help please!
  • 327tom327tom Posts: 1
    my 99 blazer will not shift into 2 high,or 4 low, it appears to shift between auto 4 wheel and 4 high, the service 4 wheel drive light is all ways on. I have changed the transfer case fluid and both deferentals fluids There appears to be no lose wires or connections Help
  • i have a 99 blazer with the 4 button system and the only time it with engage 4wd is after it has been sitting for aprox. 10 12 hours (overnight). If i wait to push the button it will just flash and throw on the service 4wd button. somthings weird with it and i could use some pointers. i have checked out the past forums on here with some close posts but not the same. this forum is very helpfull, and would like to thank everyone for the info.
  • alright i ahve a 99 blazer and it will not shift into 4wd. the lights are not on with the swith and nothing is poping up on the dash about the 4 wheel drive. theres power at the fuse nothings unplugged. What could cause this? anybody know..? w
  • 95 chevy blazer not electronic 4 wheel but lever operated. vac actuator under batt tray is shot but i plugged line and pulled and held cable still nothing. was working fine cannot find any vac problems and that should not matter anyway since i manually pulled cable. 4 wheel light does not come on to verify engagement. HELP
  • I have the exact same make/model and I am having a very similar problem. I have had my vehicle for four years, it has approximately 130,000 miles on it. My vehicle will not engage from 2hi to any other feature (4hi, 4lo, or 4 auto) I just get the blinking yellow light when I try to change from one to the other. My gas gauge has a tendency to jump up and down however I have NOT noticed this with any other gauges. All the time the 2HI is engaged, or it says it is. I am thinking that it is actually stuck in 4wd because my mileage has been significantly reduced recently. Did you ever resolve your problems with your vehicle?
  • Mine was the acutator cable. Not too hard to change just hard to find the part.
  • i have a 1995 chevy balzer that will not go into 4 wheel drive. the lever will move but with no resistance. it lights up in all positions but nothing else. what's my next move?
  • I have a 1995 GMC Jimmy and had my transmission rebuilt a few months ago. Now that I need my 4wd, I notice that when I press the 4hi or lo button, I can hear/feel if shift into 4wd and the lights change, but the front wheels don't actually turn. I have read that this may be a vacuum hose problem. Can anyone tell me where to look for the problem or perhaps show me where to get a vacuum hose diagram. Thanks.
  • I am no expert on this can only give advise on my experence.

    Under the battery you will find the actuator. It is vaccuum controled there is not much to this part and you should be able to see if it is working. You may have to start it. That can be done with jumper cables to the battery leads.

    The problem I have is the cable from the acutator is frozen. Give it a little pull and it should move. If not that needs to be replaced.

    Hope that helps.
  • wondernwondern Posts: 2
    My 2001 blazer will only go into 2 h and into 2 lo except that the front wheeels dont pull at all lights blink in auto 4 and hi and lo 4 any ideas please? thanks
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