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Blazer Jimmy 4WD Questions



  • rpeasteprpeastep Posts: 4
    There is an electric actuator at the transfer case, more than likely that is the problem. And could be the connection to it also.
  • Recently I changed the chain in my transfer case. I re-installed it and it was stuck in 4 low it would not ingage into 2 whl dr or 4 high So I took it apart again and noticed the forks were pretty tight, after awhile of messing with the 2 bolts that hold the forks i loosend it up. Put it back together again and now it is stuck in 4 high and well not ingage into any other gear. Both times I took the transfer case out I had the vehicle in park, I was told the buttons on my dash had to be in neutral. Whats Wrong:(
  • My Jimmy has this tendency to stick in 4hi. A couple of times it fixed itself when in a warm garage, but it did it again in July. It clicks and something under the car (t-case motor) purrs like it is working or trying to but still in 4hi. We fixed it with a hair dryer but now it is stuck again and I can't get it back to 2hi. I just bought a transfer case motor, took off the old one. Getting it off and the drive shaft out of the way was not a big problem. Before I put on the new one - can I take the old one somewhere to get it checked out? The new one says it comes in 2hi mode and I need to set the transfer case to match. According to the new motor I AM in 2 hi because the tab matches the slot. So why am I really in 4hi? I just don't want to pay for a part I don't need.
  • Hey guys. Wonder if anyone can help with this. I have the 4-button (with Auto 4wd) transfer case and it always stays in auto. It shifts through 2wd high, 4wd high and 4wd low but always ends up going back to Auto 4wd all by itself. I've had it to 2 different transmission places and have replaced 1) the buttons 2) the encoder 3) the tccm module (actually swapped with a buddy's blazer - the upgraded module, not the original hi failure one). Nothing has helped. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • jc1973jc1973 Posts: 63
    WELL after pouring tons of money into this piece of junk my 4wd which did engage as of 2 months ago just got it back from getting diffrential services and lower ball joints now i push the 4wd high or low and nothing i tried it in neautral 4wd lights up but does not engage no light for 4wd low im thinking its the actuator under the battery tray im stumped ive put enough money into this truck i could have bought a much newer one
  • I have a 2004 Chevy Blazer with push button 4WD. Last winter in the NE we had a ton of snow and I used the 4WD a lot.

    Once winter was over I attempted to push the button to engage 2WD and it would not go. My buddy who has a 2500 HD Silverado told me how to do it and it worked. The problem is that now when I push the 4WD button it will not engage the 4WD.

    I have two small children and with winter upon us in the NE I need to get this repaired. A co-worker had a Blazer and it had a similar problem that he said cost about $150 to fix.

    Does anyone have an idea of what it could be and could an average auto guy do it himself?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • my 2001 blazer will only go into 2 wheel drive hi and 2 wheel drive low (thunk) in neutral. will flash on 4 wheel drive and go back to 2 wheel hiI was reading about setting the indiacator switch by putton in neutral and pushing 4 wheel hi and shifting to park any ideas? thanks
  • Im wondering what I need to do in order to put a 5 speed trans into my 4x4, 4 door Blazer.
  • I was experiencing the same issue as many Blazer/Jimmy owners (push button 4WD not engaging). I thought it might be an actuator.

    I took it to a mechanic and lo and behold it the diagnostic test revealed a bolt needed to be removed and replaced.

    Now it is working fine and a very inexpensive repair.
  • I just had the same exact issue. The vacuum line that runs behind the engine had fell against the exhaust manifold and melted a hole in it. There was a palstic union there and i disconnected it and shortened the vacuum line 3 inches where it was melted and reconnected it, there was plenty of extra hose on mine. Problem solved.

    The vacuum line runs down the passanger side by the transmission dipstick tube and transmission lines, i didnt need to trace it any further. Cut the vacuum line start the car with 4x4 engaged and check for vacuum and reconnect it with a union.
  • therattlertherattler Posts: 4
    edited January 2011
    Hello, yes my 95 blazer's 4x4 will not engage, I found a loose vacuum hose for the transfer case switch I think it might be somewhere on the firewall but not sure, can someone help me out? thank you. Oh the loose vacuum i found is connected to hood
  • Hello yes I think you will be able to help me a great deal. My vacuum line from the purge canister is disconected from somewhere, what am i looking for and how is easiest to get to it. thank you. Also I will be facing the blazer for right and left purposes.
  • jmcqjmcq Posts: 1
    i have a 98 blazer that will not switch in or out of 4wd right i have replaced module vac switch on transfer case dash button and actuator still not right the lights will light but after pushing a few times they go out and it locks in 4 low.the actuator has vacuum constantly it wont release vacuum.when you go driving down the road the light flips back and forth from 2wd to 4wd high....anyone have similar issues?or better yet solutions...thanks
  • skoda1skoda1 Posts: 2
    I was wondering what the black bulb thing on the driver's side mounted to the hood is. It has a black tube that comes out of it and then breaks off into two other tubes. One of the hoses has a hole in it. Wondering what it is for.
  • skoda1skoda1 Posts: 2
    have had this problem too. try disconecting battery for a few minutes then hook battery back up and give it a try. buddy of mine said it is a computer problem and that reboots the computer.
  • I have a 2002 chevy blazer and my 4wd service light has been on for about 3 weeks. I really didn't pay it to much mind. (my mistake) well needless to say my fuel pump went up on the truck and it wouldn't start about 2 weeks ago. So the truck has been sitting since then until today. I had a mechanic put the fuel pump on this morning. I went to pick up the truck, drove it for 15 minutes, stopped, ran in the store, came back started it up and I heard around 5 to 6 clicking sound right underneath the passenger side of the truck. Then when I put it in reverse the truck hardly moved. When I put it in drive, the truck was acting like I was driving a stick, I was giving it gas but it was not going anywhere. It was moving like 5 miles per hour and it aint start to move until it caught up with itself. I couldn't go no faster than 20 miles per hour all the way back to the shop.when I finally got to the shop and turned it off and back on, the shift gears didn't work. when we shifted to reverse, you heard a loud grinding noise, and when we put it in park, the truck kept moving forward. The gears wasn't working at all. I had the mechanic to check the vacuum line under neath the truck and by the fire wall, but he said he didn't see anything loose or disconnected. When he started it up, he said he heard clicking noises in the transfer case. Could this be what is causing the entire problem as far as the gears not working and the clicking sound. He said if he replace the transfer case, that will fix the 4wd service light, and the gear changing problems. Is this true. Money is limited and I need to know before I proceed on. The truck was running perfectly up until the fuel pump went up. It only has 97000 miles on it. I brought it with only 87000 miles on it and all maintenance was done and up to date. It passed inspection without no problems. Please advise
  • Recently I pushed the 4wd button only to have it engage, do what I needed to do, put the vehicle in neutral back to 2wd and it somehow remained in 2wd. It sounded like it disengaged, but all the sudden about 45-55 I get a loud whiney sound from under the vehicle as if the torque converter is about to spin out of the transmission. Anyone got any ideas?
  • I've owned 5 Black Blazers. Seems handling got worse with last body style change. Used to go thru 2' snow. Electronic switch fights me in cold weather and discovered I don't have front wheels turning, even when 4wh is illuminated. 4wl is nearly impossible to catch. Always engage in Park or neutral at a stop. RD, you've got a 99,...any thoughts? Before I change Transfer Case Switch, check vac lines? I do have occasional vac errors show up. Beneath battery running toward tranny,...passenger's side? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • my truck is running terrible gas milage terrible ...want to mog out and slip when u put a little too much gas peddle to it.put it on the computer and it said mass air flow sensor,knock sensor low voltage, and catalyst insufficant ... dont know what to do dont have much money but if someone can give me an idea it would be greatly appreciated....thank you
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