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Blazer Jimmy 4WD Questions



  • Hello, my blazer has been giving me all sorts of trouble the last year and i have come to a wall trying to find why i cant keep the idle under control its always either too high and jerks pretty hard when put in gear or too low and wants to just die out if my foot isn't on the gas keeping up the rpm's already changed idle control valve, computer, fuel injection, many sensors, and fuel filter im not sure whats next if someone can help me diagnose this problem it would be much appreciated because id like to try to fix it myself rather than taking a trip to the dealership.
  • laurstarlaurstar Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    i have a 2000 gmc jimmy 6 cyl 4.3 vortex ...we had alot of issues with getting the truck to stay running and replced everything in the entire fuel system you could think of and after 5 months of blood sweat and backaches we got this baby running (it was the spider valvue all six injectors winded up being clogged....last thing we thought possible, soap in the gas?!?! maybe..) anyway i had it running for about 2 days! park it, i wake up excited to FINALLY DRIVE again, start it and BAM it is now been stuck in 4Lo for about 2 months, it now sits because we do have a thousand dollars to waste on parts to find a simple fix again, i will be replacing this vechical as soon as i get it running again( sick of the GMC money pit) anyway to try and get it back in 2hi(or even 4hi just to be able to drive) i have dissconected the battary, put it in neutral, put it in reverse and NOTHING! the buttons used to light up while trying relentlessy with no luck, but now no noises no lights nothing, also i heard a clicking sounds when i turn batt on its coming from kickplate area!.... my fiancee(not mechanic) says the motor looks busted with wirers hanging out and the gears are not stuck! i had my uncle (mechanic of 40 years look, but he really does not have time to do the work) he says gears are jammed in the transfer case,the motor is fine,(he may have fixed motor without saying anything) but ahahhhah dont care who is right i want my truck back NOW! any mechanics have any clue as to what could be the problem? i have a 17 month old son my fiancee works everyday and i need to go back to work for my sanity so a reliable answer would be amazing, like i said my mechanic(uncle) does not have alot of time so if i could get advise to do this at home it would be much appreciated, Thank you
  • vehicle locked in 4 low and can't get it out please advise
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