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Dodge Ram Fuel System



  • Where can I find the fuel filter and how do I change it.
  • dwg3dwg3 Posts: 5
    Cold hands. I get in the range of 15 around town with out a load. If I'm hauling a heavy trailer, which I do on ocassion, you can actually watch the gage fall.... I'm not a mechanic but from what I've read the pressure is for the fuel injection system, and is modulated by the computer so it really doesn't have much to do with your milage. One thing you can check is the engine temp. If the gauge never gets above say 1/4 way up you may want to look into a thermostat. Other than than it's just the nature of the beast. That's why there's a 35 gallon tank in the truck. lol good luck.
  • dwg3dwg3 Posts: 5
    Unless there's an after market filter on the truck, which I recomend putting on, the filter is in the tank. Which means you either have to take the tank out or lift the bed, neigher is a pic-nic. I had a problem with junk in the tank and had to replace the pump along with most of the lines to get the curd out. I put an additional inline filter just under the drivers door. The lines are metal so you have to cut the line and put good hose clamps on to hold the filter, just remember the pressure runs around 50psi so go form there. good luck
  • Hi dwg3
    The to and reply to names on these messages get a little confusing.
    You mentioned that the thermostat could be at fault concerning my poor gas mileage. That was one of the first things I requested to be replaced on the very first checkup back in early 1999. The temp gage on the dash only indicated about 180 deg. They said they replaced it but I noticed on the temp gauge that it didnt get any higher than before. I later replaced both oxygen sensors at my own expense because a faulty one (upstream) could reek havoc with gas mileage. Thanks for the reply and would like any more suggestions/data/help you might come across.
    I think (as soon as the weather warms up) that I will replace the thermostat again( if it ever was replaced) and go a little It may only have a 185 deg. in it as OEM and will put a 195, if available. I'll let you know the outcome.
    Incidently, I dont understand how the engine speed (rpm) influences the computer to lean up or enrichen the amount of gas to the cylinders.....can you enlighten me???.. aug.
  • dwg3dwg3 Posts: 5
    Sorry Aug I can't enlighten you a bit on the rpm issue. There is another site you can try. The NPR (national public radio) show Car talk (Click & Clat the tappit brothers) which has a site There is a chat room and message board available on the site. good luck.
  • jadogjadog Posts: 2
    just put in a new in tank fuel pump and relay is not letting power to fuel pump i can manual open relay to send power but need to find out what allows relay to open up and do its job if any one knows any thing about this please let me know thanks
  • I am having the same issue. Did you ever get an answer to this problem?


  • I took my truck to the dealer and they replaced the cank and cam sencore and my spark plugs.
  • We had been driving on the freeway about 80 miles when we smelled a strong solvent-type smell. Then we saw the check engine light had come on. Got off freeway, opened hood and everything in the engine compartment was coated and dripping with diesel fuel. It was all over the side of the truck too (driver’s side).
    Diesel mechanic came to us, said the injector fuel feed line (I might not be saying this right) tube had sprung a leak. He said his garage has had this turn up recently in several Dodges with the inline 6 engine, 2006 specifically.
    And he said the part is on back order and it can take a dealer a MONTH to get the replacement tube!
    So we had to leave the truck out of town at that mechanic's, and a friend came to get us. If this is a known problem like he says, no one ever warned us about it.
    Has anyone else had this happen? Does it really take that long to get the part? Is there a recall yet for the defective tube? Thanks.
  • :confuse: Hi, I own a 1995 dodge ram 2wd v8,5.2 .Now i'm working on replacing the brake lines/fuel lines.I need help on the correct fuel line size ??????/3/8,1/4,5/16????????.If anyone knows the correct size off a 1995 dodge ram please let me know....Thank You...Oh and one more thing i need to know the right fuel adapter size, the one that connects to the fuel pump...Please anyone..........
  • I have a 1994 Dodge 1500 with a 5.2/318. My wife went out the other morning and truck would not start at all. Checked the coil ( GOT A SHOCKING EXPERENCE) It's has juice. Checked #one plug wire and it went through the cycle. Plug sparked three times real good then the spark kinda faded off to where I barely seen the spark. I should note that the other morning it would not even hit using eather. any help would be appreciated.Thanks ken
  • Did anyone else get hit with the new Redesign Fuel filter that Dodge has done.Went to have my oil changed and wanted to replace the fuel filter and they said that they no longer carry that filter I would have to replace the cartridge and all for 125.00 BUCKS,well I did it but called the headquarters and told them it was crap that I had to pay for their REDESIGN,they gave us no other option and they ...... AGREED,so now I'm getting a refund from them,so if you get caught buy this call and complain :shades:
  • You only have to buy the entire thing once. After you have the new design installed you can buy just the filter again.
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