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Midsize Sedans 2.0



  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,445
    I wouldn't mind checking out the whatever is selling the best, and the 2.5 would be the right engine to compare the Maz6, Accord, and Optima EX $25k models.

    On the Mazda I want to drive the 2.5i Touring of course. I need to see how much black plastic is in it compared to mine. I like the Instrument panel on the Mazda in the pictures. I really want to see if I like the way it looks in person too. Not sold on the grill.

    As I have said before a family member works for Mazda so I will just go over there and ask for one for the day.

    Chris Skalski: Network Engineer 2012 Kia Optima EX

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,007
    I think it's going to be a great car. Before that I test drove the AWD version of the same car, and it felt sluggish. They probably take a long time to break in.
    I had a 07 Fusion AWD until a couple of years ago and it was the same way.
  • You will absolutely love it, once the engine is broken in, and you can start really driving it. I just got mine past the 1000 mile mark, and now that I can fully experience what it can do, I just love it even more and am finding more excuses to drive it more aggressively. Its usual quiet purring becomes a very satisfying growl when you gun it and kick the turbo boost in! I was just driving it like grandpa going to church, just waiting to get it past the green light for going balls out, and finding out what it's capable of, and now that I know, it's a total blast!
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,445
    edited February 2013
    I went over to Mazda. Drove it, loved it. It was fully loaded and the fit/finish was excellent. I was very lucky to get any seat time at all, and what I did get was in Tyson's Corner gridlock. I hate driving there.

    I got her up to 50 mph, and did a few full throttle stoplight to stoplight acceleration runs, and there is good power down low. I did notice that there was a lot of black plastic, but it was of high quality.
    The sticker was $28k, for the Touring i model with leather and heated seats. Don't count on negotiating a deal until dealers are fully stocked. The demo I drove was not for was there just to garner pre-orders. So, don't run over to Mazda with a wad of cash till April.

    What everyone was really excited about was the new Skyactiv D - 2.2 liter Diesel, which will have 175 HP and 310 lb ft torque. Now, what is really cool is that it has a 14.1 compression ratio (super low for a compression burn engine), so it will rev more like a gas engine.

    The bottom line is that the new diesel will finally enable Mazda to wage war with Americas only successful line of Diesel compact and mid-size sedan products.... Volkswagen TDI .

    Chris Skalski: Network Engineer 2012 Kia Optima EX

  • fury63fury63 Posts: 25
    edited February 2013
    Well I was recently contacted by a Ford customer service representative who firmly explained to me through two phone conversations that my understanding of a 16.5 gallon tank holding 16.5 gallons is wrong and that filling to 12 gallons when the fuel light comes on is what it was designed for and what I should expect. She explained that there is 1 gallon reserved for vapor (huh?) and 2 gallons of reserve. She was so incredulous that I would question this issue that she didn't bother to notice that 12+2+1 still comes up 1.5 gallons short of the published capacity but what the heck do I know? Perhaps Ford should start using the term "usable capacity" in their specifications. In the next model year, they are going to have a back seat with the capacity to fit four people but you will only be able to actually fit two. The upside is you'll actually be able to prove or disprove this before you leave the dealership.

    While this may seem trivial to some, if you drive long distances it becomes a nuisance - especially in the northern plain states where there is a lot of empty space. I've lost close to 1/3 of travel range for a tank of gas because of this compared to what I previously drove (and still considered buying another of).

    And to those who use a relatively current iPhone (4, 4S - can't speak to 5 but it runs the same iOS) and are thinking about using Sync - forget it. My $50 Plantronics M50 Bluetooth earpiece connects to the iPhone in seconds and is rock solid with answering and ending calls. Pairing the iPhone with Sync creates a lot of lag that interferes with most everything else Sync does. Not having the iPhone paired with Sync allows the Sync system to operate extremely well but you of course lose one of the things you maybe purchased the car for - hands-free/device-free Bluetooth. Why they can't provide the equivalent functionality I have in the tiny Bluetooth earpiece in the very impressive Sync system is beyond me.

    Rant off :mad:
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    You can keep driving after the light comes on. My accord light comes on with about 3.5 gallons left. I can still drive 100 miles then fill up and put in 16 or so gallons on a 17.1 gallon tank. Best tank is 670 miles on my 2007.

    Have not had my 2013 out on a highway trip yet but it is getting better mpg than the '07 on similar trips. Should be able to hit 700 miles.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,161
    While this may seem trivial to some, if you drive long distances it becomes a nuisance - especially in the northern plain states where there is a lot of empty space.

    I hear ya. One of the things I look for when doing comparisons for a future purchase is range on a tank. This is for two reasons. One, like you, I like to fill up less frequently when on a trip of length. Two, the fewer number of times I have to fill up in the dead of winter the better. Seems all the manufacturers have reduced their tank size. I'm sure it's to save a few pounds which probably equates to .05 better mpg and they must figure since they have increased MPG overall that people won't care because, after all, they are still getting the same supposed range as before. For awhile the Altima still kept it's 20 gal tank and could get 34-35 on the hwy. That was some range. Now I see they have reduced to tank size to 18 or less.

    I agree that it would be nice if there was a "usable capacity" amount that could be referenced. When they reserve 2 gals for this and a gal for that it affects a smaller capacity tank more than it affects a larger tank as a percentage.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,931
    That's just because the engineers haven't identified the problem with the fuel tanks so there is nothing "official" to report yet. There is something wrong - either a baffle problem or the wrong tank. One person was getting 12 gallons and after replacing the tank was able to put in at least 14 gallons on E.

    I have a 2013 Fusion with MFT and an iPhone 5 and have never had a single problem with the phone pairing or not pairing or messing up anything else. It's either a bad phone, bad software (3.5.1 is the latest version) or a bad APIM in the car. It's not a flaw with sync or MFT.
  • fury63fury63 Posts: 25
    Thats encouraging to hear. I suppose I can try it with my wife's 4S to see if its a bad phone. But seeing how it works well with other Bluetooth devices (Plantronics & Jawbone) my guess is it isn't the phone. Kirby you seem tied into Ford, what do you recommend I do? My dealer doesn't seem too willing to dive into the BT issue. It becomes a finger pointing exercise. I appreciate the help.

  • fury63fury63 Posts: 25
    Ford recommended I do not drive far after the light comes on. That's when we got into the "well is there 2 more gallons in there or not?" discussion. I came away with the impression they are virtual.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    That is just fords lawyers talking. You can drive after the light comes on. They just don't want to tell you it is OK because you might then ignore the light and run out of gas on the highway, get hit and sue them. Kinda like the packing material that says "don't eat"

    Having said that you don't want to run out of gas because that can hurt the fuel pump, but driving another 30-50 miles with the light on won't hurt anything.
  • fury63fury63 Posts: 25
    I understand your point but it's probably easier to experiment with in the summer than in the middle of Winter in Minnesota.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,161
    Not easier.....smarter. ;)

    I'd be interested in what your owner's manual says about what to do when the light comes on. It probably says that "you should fuel at your earliest convenience" or something like that. Maybe it gives some more detail which would be interesting to see.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,931
    I'm not tied to Ford but first try unpairing the phone. Delete Sync from the phone and vice versa. power the phone off and back on. Do a master reset, pull the sync fuse or pull the negative battery cable to reset MFT. Then repair the phone and try again. If it still has problems try another phone. If both phones have problems check the software version on and update that if necessary (you can do that yourself). If all that fails then you probably have a bad APIM - ask the dealer to change it.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited March 2013
  • scwmcanscwmcan Niagara, CanadaPosts: 399
    What you mean most likely the press making a big deal out of pedal misapplication ( joking haven't looked at the videos or read anything about it yet, will post a real comment when I do).
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 areaPosts: 20,315
    edited March 2013
    After listening to the toyota problems defended in the past, sarcasm wins:

    Toyota folks claim there were no problems with toyota vehicles--it was all elderly people who didn't know the difference between the brake and accelerator pedal, or a sticking accelerator pedal due to someone else's fault not toyota's, or floor pmats in the wrong place. Couldn't have been anything wrong with computer system that runs things.

    Same must be true here for Hyundai? ;)

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    A woman driving a Kia (related to Hyundai) says the gas pedal is stuck and cannot figure out how to get the shifter in neutral or power off the engine.
    Another high speed runaway vehicle.
    I wonder if this is all related to some defect or just a coincidence?
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,411
    thanks to tsx at for these figures:

    Camry 31,270 -5.7%
    Accord 27,999 +40.9%; PHEV 17
    Fusion 27,875 +28%
    Altima 27,725 -15.9%
    Sonata 16,007
    Malibu 14,817 -25.9%
    Optima 13,195
    200 11,446 +18%
    Avenger 9,980 +52%
    Passat 7,532 -8%
    Legacy 3,745 +3.60%
    Mazda6 2,702 -47%
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,411
    edited March 2013
    between Accord, Fusion, and Altima for 2nd place.

    And the brutal shoot-out for sales continues....The winner: the customer. The best midsize cars ever at very competitive prices.

    Big surge by Fusion. I think Ford wants to pass the Accord, but I don't think Honda will give up without a fight. The Camry slumps, but is still comfortably ahead for now.

    Surprising fall for VW's Passat. What's going on there? I guess the old tech low mpg/low power base engine caught up with it? The often last-place rated Malibu also seems to be sinking.
  • Done with all the research and test driving. Ordered a 2014 Mazda 6 Sport with auto.
    Candy apple red, Bam......
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    edited March 2013
    REF: 17649
    I saw your baby at my local dealer a few weeks ago: - 1872

    It was just off the truck so the extra $300 red paint job didn't look so good. Looks much better now that they cleaned her up. What are you paying for it?
    msrp 23590
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Actually, 2nd place is taken by Hyundai/Kia. ;)
  • Got it at invoice on the S-plan. A friend bought the Touring in silver. Personally didn't care for the pleather interior nor did I want 19" wheels. I really was going to buy it in reflex blue but when I saw it in person it was too slate colored for my tastes.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,445
    Ford called you to explain the operation of a gas tank??? (I am laughing really hard about your post...with you; not at you).

    The gas tank issue sounds complicated. Maybe it's in the manual under My-Fords-Tank?

    There are just so many things wrong about that. Almost as complicated as My Ford Touch, which if operated at speed could result in: My Fords Totaled.

    Don't want to continue having issues? Then you can look into the latest acronym, My-Fords-Traded. :P

    Chris Skalski: Network Engineer 2012 Kia Optima EX

  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,445
    I saw a sport V6 in reflex blue and thought it looked awesome. I very much liked the 19" wheels. :confuse:

    Chris Skalski: Network Engineer 2012 Kia Optima EX

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    edited March 2013
    Saw an ad in my local paper yesterday for a 200 Limited V6, under $20k. Seemed pretty loaded with leather etc., and has one of Chrysler's best engines. The 200 isn't that well regarded in the mid-sized class (as in "last", with cousin Avenger), but since its refresh last year the looks inside and out aren't too bad, so if someone really wants that V6 feel, this might be the cheapest way to get it in a new car.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,161
    Don't think you saw a 2014 V6. They aren't making them.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,007
    My Ford touch is not that complicated, so obviously you have never used it.
    There are some functional issues, but the good thing about software is that it can be improved without 'throwing out the baby with the bath water'.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,445
    I looked into it. The new Honda Accord Sport has dual exhaust and 18" alloys, and is 4cyl. Easy to mistake for a V6. It is even more odd that the bigger wheels are not standard on the V6 EX-L or the Touring.... Making it very hard to spot the higher end models visually.

    Chris Skalski: Network Engineer 2012 Kia Optima EX

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