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Midsize Sedans 2.0



  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,895
    edited September 2010
    That was my point. Most of the time a car that corners flat rides a little stiffer and vice versa so they somewhat go hand-in-hand to make up "handling".
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 413
    I think it's all about the balance. While it'd be great if it corners on rails, if the cost of that was a loud and "tin can" rattling ride I would pass. Fortunately we can have both, but I would assume there are trade offs at certain price points. I'm guessing the SX will have better handling than the car they test drove for instance.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,895
    I read somewhere that on the Kia Sorento they have switched over on all new Sorentos the same shocks they are putting in the SX version of that vehicle. Even though it costs more, the upgrade to ride and cornering was such that they decided bite the bullet and put them in across the board. I guess they were getting complaints on the ride of the lesser model Sorentos.

    I think these may be the same design shocks they are using in the Optima SX.
  • dash5, these are much betta for the 2011 Kia Optima.


    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • dash5dash5 Posts: 413
    Yep, the hot red SX with those rims will look amazing. Although, I am also very fond of this gunmetal grey (platinum graphite?) as well:

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Yes, when I say "most buyers don't care about handling"...that really means that my balance point is in line with the former version of the Mazda6, but for most buyers the balance point is a lot closer to a Toyota Camry.

    Since I recognize where that balance point is for most americans, I certainly understand why Kia would would aim for that with the Optima.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    The previous generation seemed to divide and conquer, with the Sonata aimed at the Camry crowd and the Optima headed over toward Altima/Mazda6 a bit. With the 2011 models things appear to be getting muddier, with the Sonata pointing more toward the center (Accord/Fusion).

    If the Optima SX continues to aim for the Altima/6 end of the spectrum, does that mean the rest of the Optima line will have ride/handling more in line with the existing Sonata GLS, or even softer?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,895
    edited September 2010
    IMO the Optima will probably mirror the Sonata to a large degree. The SX will be very close in overall handling to the Sonata SE and the other version close to the GLS/Ltd. I would doubt if the Kia would be softer, if anything a little stiffer as they have positioned themselves in the past to be just a tad sportier than the Sonata.

    However, I kind of agree that this year could be where the drivetrains and handling merge and the big difference is strictly looks and content price points.
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  • My aunt likes how the Camry handles because it is easy to drive. It's effortless steering, the easy to maneuver in the parking lot and other things that makes driving less of a chore. Whenever she drives my Mazda6 she complains about how my steering too heavy and my breaks are too touchy. She has also drive a Mustang and absolutely hated the thing.

    We are very different types of driver / buyer. The average person who buys a 22K midsize sedan probably leans more towards her side of the spectrum than my.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    my breaks are too touchy

    Well that's the problem - they're broken!
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 413
    According to this anyway

    After unveiling the 2011 Kia Optima EX at the New York Auto Show in April last year, Kia Motors America has finally decided to start selling the car from October this year at a base price of $22,100.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,895
    Just to let everyone know there is a G25 forum now. It was added about a week ago. It seems strange to me that the Optima's EPA mpg has been released for some time while the G25, which is supposed to be in dealerships within a couple of weeks, has no info whatsoever(that I can find).
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    edited September 2010


    Picked it up last night. Out the door I paid $14,400. Purchase price was $13,892+$508 tax. V6 GLS, PEP with moonroof, 48k miles. Certified pre-owned.

    I love it! Never owned a V6 before; I love riding the torque curve up hills. Thus-far I'm averaging 28.3 mpg in a heavy-highway mix (75% probably) of driving.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Love the color! I've always thought the '06-'10 Sonata was a good looking car, in a conservative way, and Hyundai has a real way with colors. They've offered a nice mahogany, a really nice teal, a terrific steel blue, and others, at a time when it seems all Accords and Camrys are greige (gray or beige).

    Congrats on the new ride, Grad. Keep us posted, especially on the mpg.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    edited September 2010
    Thanks! I had been pricing a natural khaki (greenish/olive color) but wasn't thrilled with the thought of having the exact same color as my fiance's Santa Fe. The day I called my dealership about test-driving the khaki color (same year, model, and mileage actually), they had lowered the asking price by $1000 for the weekend on the Cocoa. They offered $15k OTD, I said $14k, and we arrived at $14,400 for the GLS V6. It's certified, which means I get the remainder of the full factory warranty, the balances of the 5/60k and the 10/100k, and has brand new tires on it. I set up the price before ever driving it, so that if I liked the car, there wouldn't be major disappointment if the deal couldn't be reached to my liking.

    For what it's worth, I sold my '06 Accord I4 EX with 64,400 miles and got my asking price immediately (same-day I listed it on facebook), $13,750.

    I know I got good money for the Honda, and I feel like I did well with the Sonata considering it is immaculate inside and has only a couple of scratches outside.
  • Wow, you dropped the Accord for a Sonata? Color me amazed... :)

    What year is it? Also, the pics are too big, as the posts are cut off on the right-hand side.

    Either way, nice ride! Yes, a V6 is addictive, and I could never drive a 4-cylinder as a DD anymore (I'm on my second V6 after an anemic 4-cylinder Grand Am...)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    edited September 2010
    Yeah; the Accord had turned into a bit of a rattler. It's mileage had dropped to where I was getting 28 mpg at 72 MPH pure highway. It used to get 38. No idea what's wrong, but after investigating and trying some things to no avail, I was frustrated. Couple that with the issues I'd dealt with under warranty:

    Console fabric came apart
    CD Changer had to be replaced
    Rear view mirror glass fell out
    Gas flap wouldn't open
    Horn quit working
    Auto-Off lights were becoming uncooperative as I sold it

    It was a very un-Honda experience even though at heart it was a fantastic car to drive over the years. I was sad to see it go, but I didn't have an ounce of regret. With my new job I do much more long-distance commuting and less around-town point and shoot driving. The Sonata is more Camry-like (yeah, let the jokes begin), but while the steering is noticeably number than the Accord, it is still very accurate and not overly light. The brakes and throttle are also much easier to modulate than the jumpy-in-comparison Accord. Much easier to drive in traffic. Couple that with finally having enough front legroom (I'm 6'5", the Sonata is probably an inch and a half roomier in seat-travel), and I was sold.

    I still have my '96 Accord, by the way. :shades: 215k miles and nary a rattle to be heard.

    Forgot to answer your question; the Sonata is a 2009. They dropped the V6 option on GLS models for 2010.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,618
    edited September 2010
    (Can't reply because the pics of the beautiful car are too darn wide...)

    Congrats, we have the same car now! Except yours is a V6, mine is 4 banger. Oh, and yours is 2 years newer. And you have a moonroof. Just minor differences. (wink)

    Hope you enjoy it. Our 2007 GLS PEP, steel grey (also a nice color I think) is holding up well. I hate to mention this, but we've owned it for nearly a year and no door dings yet. (Yep, will probably get one today.)
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,576
    Absolutely beautiful!

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

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