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Midsize Sedans 2.0



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    It's too bad it sounds like not much more than a refresh, since the platform hasn't had any significant changes in 9 years...

    The preview photos don't show much, other than the now-familiar C-pillar that seems to be untouched from the current version, The tail lights look good (although very similar to other restyled sedans), but the projector headlights and grille don't look very promising. What does, though, is the Pentastar V6 with a 6-speed auto (283 HP, 260 lb-ft). No stats on the I-4 yet...

    If the interior is as improved as promised, it just may get back on the radar of midsize sedan buyers. I'll still wait for the Fiat-based replacement, since just about every other sedan has been redone or refreshed since '01, and IMO Chrysler wasn't at the top of their game then either...
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 417
    edited September 2010
    Supposedly based on this concept, which looks sweet, but yeah a Seabring refresh from what I have read:

  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    I think I saw something like that at the Chicago auto show but then again it could have a Fiat model rebranded as a Chrysler that I saw. Anway, it looked pretty nice and that new engine sounds very promising. It will be interesting to see if Chrysler can be viable going forward.

    Although I only have had one Chrysler in my life I rather enjoyed it. It was a 1964 Polara with the pushbutton transmission if I remember correctly.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,641
    Ford Fusion Sport: So well reviewed and would love to have the SYNC system in a car. Power and performance make it sound like a fun car to drive. Downside would be the exterior look that I like but dont love and the FE on the V6 model isnt fantastic.

    My brother recently traded in his '08 Altima on a '10 Fusion Sport. I got a tell ya, it's a hell of a good car. I was quite impressed at how well it drove. Quiet, refined, quick, and handling is impressive (the 3.5 v6 impressed me with it's smoothness and high end punch). Definitely a fun car to drive. Sync is very slick. It also says something, that the Fusion is my brother's first domestic car ever. Before the Altima he had an '06 Maxima.

    The exterior of the Fusion Sport has grown on me (I prefer it over the lower trim models). So has the interior. While it may not be the most exciting design, everything feels fairly substantial and quality of materials are better than the Altima and my dad's 09 Accord Ex-L v6 which feels a little on the rough side compared to the Fusion (particularly road noise is much more pronounced in the Accord).

    And what is it with the brakes on the Accords? My dad had to have his rear brake shoes replaced at 28k miles and apparently two other people he knows with '09 Accord's have had similar premature brake wear.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    edited September 2010
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    As good as the current Fusion is, this'll only make it better.

    Don't know why it won't be available until '13, seems kinda long just to create a US version of a current car.
  • It took these guys a month to find it. I passed the same car on I-75 in August coming back to Detroit from vacation in Boone NC. I figured it was the Mondero in the USA for testing. If they are not going to base the new Fusion on the Mazda 6 architecture then this is what the current Fusion should be. Do it now Ford! :shades:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    They had to merge the development schedules of both vehicles - the U.S. Fusion and the European Mondeo. Even thought it might be a 2013 model it will probably debut around March of 2012 which is only 18 months away.

    This is all part of Ford's global platform campaign - build one vehicle and sell it everywhere just like the Fiesta and the upcoming 2012 Focus due in March.

    Don't expect the new Fusion to look exactly like that. These are Mondeo testing mules. They wouldn't be showing the new body style now. Given what they were able to do with the Fiesta and Focus I expect a similarly stunning design.

    It's also very likely that the next Taurus will be built on this platform (stretched and/or widened). And the new Fusion will likely only offer 4 cylinder engines including at least one ecoboost (direct injection turbo) model.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    edited September 2010
    than this Mondeo-influenced new Fusion. I think that this is just a Mondeo-mule like was already stated, and Ford will change the bodystyle to something new. Ford is really going great guns right now, and Alan Mulally deserves much credit for it. You know there's lots of great people behind the scenes there with Alan, but man, this would be the American car company I would buy from if I was so inclined to buy American.

    Which I am not. :)

    2013 Toyota "FT-86" which may be named Celica

    I want one of these RWD babies in 6-speed manual transmission form. Proposed pricing is right around $20,000 for the base model. It may get a boxer motor from Subaru with 190hp. 4 cylinders of course and with the proposed idea of keeping the body light that would be more than enough torque and power ta the wheels for this NE Nevada padre to spiddle out. But starting with a great bodystyle like that they can tweak and fiddle and fit all they want and further refine this beauty for production and delivery should be in late 2012 sometime.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    This may be on the edge of our topic but I'm wondering what others may think.

    It seems to me that a big drawback for many buyers to considering a Prius is it's looks. I fully realize the aerodynamics involved in the body styling to achieve that avg 50mpg, but what if it had good looking midsize sedan(interior is already EPA midsize I believe) or hatch metalwork on it and averaged say 45mpg?

    I don't think the aerodynamic change would affect the city mpg that much but the hwy mpg would probably be substantially reduced.. I still believe the avg mpg would be really high.

    I think it could be a very good seller.
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 4,737
    You can get a Camry hybrid or a Fusion hybrid. But for some reason the hybrid sedans don't seem to sell as well. People WANT that weird styling.
  • Part of the hybrid purchasing reasoning for some folks is to announce to the world how green or frugal they are.

    A hybrid version of an otherwise regular car doesn't do that in the way the distinct Prius styling does.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    A lot of them do but in conversations I've had with people a lot of them say that they love the 50mpg but just couldn't live with the styling. The Fusion and Camry use different systems and don't even approach the avg mpg the Prius does. I'm just saying I think you could use the exact system Prius does and put a more mainstream, maybe even sporty, body on it and it would attract a lot of people.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    I'm sure there are some people that fall into that category but I don't think the majority want to "announce to the world" anything. They just like to use less gas and emit less polution. The hybrid versions of regular cars just don't come close to the mpg of the Prius.
  • Time to trade and frustrated over options. Accord EXL-V6 vs Camry XLE V6. Accord has better handling and excellent fit and finish. Camry quieter ride but smaller, fit and finish not as nice, handling and brakes are not as fun to drive. Drive 25K /yr for sales job and want the the most reliable, comfortable ride possible with high residual value after 3 years. Currently driving '08 Accord EX-l I4. Road noise is horrible and I am done with 4 cylinder sedans.
    Would appreciate input for a vehicle around $32-35K that addresses the above comments.
    Somewhat concerned with Toyota based on negative PR over the past months.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 417
    Drive 25K /yr for sales job and want the the most reliable, comfortable ride possible with high residual value after 3 years.

    Based on that, both are reliable as you'll find. Which is more comfortable when you test drive them? My biggest problem with the Camry is I really dislike the interior look. Considering how much time you'll spend in it I'd base it on comfort and interior overall.

    As for other options I'd try the Ford Fusion, Altima and Hyundai Sonata. Actually for 35k you could probably get into a nice Maxima too.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Fusion or Taurus?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    edited September 2010
    Your idea may be tested in the not too distant future. Hyundai has said they plan to bring a hybrid version of the next-gen Elantra to market. That would be along the lines of your idea of a smallish hybrid sedan with a mid-sized interior. Whether it's sporty enough for you is up to you.

  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    That's pretty much what I had in mind....something with some style period. The Prius is just so butt ugly IMO I know it's the most aerodynamic design and everything but c'mon. I'd gladly sacrifice a reasonable amount of mpg, say 4-6 mpg from what the Prius gives to have something that looks and handles a little more mainstream.
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