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Midsize Sedans 2.0



  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Did you recently purchase a car from the Detroit 3 (GM, Ford or Chrysler) after avoiding these domestic vehicles in the past? What made you change your mind? A reporter would like to ask about your experience. If you can help, please contact by Friday April 26th 2013.

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  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    I'm not following you. Are you talking about a "standard" heat and air conditioning unit instead of climate control system where only the temperature is set and the unit decides whether to give heat or A/C and through which vents?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Can you imagine operating MFT without taking your eyes off the road at all [even if you've owned the car for an extended period of time]?

    Yep. Do it every day. With MFT you get auto climate control. I use the right hand screen in the gauge cluster to adjust the temperature. I never ever touch the controls on the MFT screen or below it. You don't need to. I use steering wheel controls for everything except changing media sources (one button press) and turning heated seats on and off.

    It's not nearly as bad as people try to make it because they didn't spend 5 minutes to see how it's supposed to work.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,653
    Heh :)

    Its funny because I'm the exact opposite. I couldn't stand 80's and 90's GM interiors. Just looking at the controls would make me cringe and I'd wonder "Who likes this? They probably just bought the car because they got a good price"...I never thought anybody would actively seek them out ;)

    OTOH...Every Ford MyTouch interior I've driven I really liked and thought was intuitive, nicely laid out, and easy to use. I don't own one so I don't live with it everyday so maybe I'd change my mind during the daily "grind"


    88 Cutlass:
    <img src=""
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    I rented a car from Enterprise a few months ago and my reservation for a standard or full-size (anything but a Chrysler or Dodge). I was pleasantly surprised when the rental agent gave me a free upgrade to a 'Premium' vehicle they had just received the previous day- a brand new 2013 Ford Taurus Limited.

    I loved the looks and ride of the Taurus. But without an Owner's Manual, I was flying blind on MyFordTouch! I quickly learned to despise it!

    My best friend just got a 2013 Fusion SE as his company car and it also has MyFordTouch....he wants his 2012 Fusion SEL back(even though it had the transmission 'self-destruct' issue)!
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,053
    The picture of the Old's has A/C controls that I have never seen before...The unit that we have been discussing is the one with slide controls that directly operate the HVAC vacuum system. This one has only 1 slide and the rest is push button.
  • "buttonpalooza" LOL! Thanks for starting my day out with a huge laugh.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,053
    Hey Ivan...I re-read my post earlier about this picture and I sounded kinda like a jerk. I didn't mean to at all. The HVAC unit I remember had two sliders. One for cold or hot, the other was for where you wanted the air to be routed.

    What I also meant to say was WOW; look how far we've come! Also, if you look at the IP, it is a "digi-dash, with LED speedometer, coolant, fuel and oil pressure gauges. I also noted that the ash tray has been torn out of this poor old Old's.

    How did we ever think that this was acceptable quality? These new cars are just soooo much better. I am grateful for that!!
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,346
    IMO, there is one thing that IS done better today than yesterdecades. Having a proper recirculate control that lets the owner CHOOSE recirculate in any mode they want. Naturally, the idiot-proofing is built in so that if def/floor or full def is chosen, the recirc door opens to fresh, (and in some cases can be programmed to let you bypass that function if you know how to do it) but at least this new function of having control of it in most modes means that, if your goal is to block out a really smelly oil burner in congested stop and go, or an excessively rich gas burner and/or following someone on a really dusty road, you don't have to endure:

    a) with cars that let you get recirculate by going to Max A/C, but does it using the Mode control, if it's winter, still ends up blowing hot air in your face because the only mode it works in is Vent. This may suck, but not nearly as bad as the ones set up as:

    b) recirculate controlled by the Temp control... the ONLY way you can get recirculate is to slide the temp control to full cold called Max A/C. What a hopelessly negligently designed HVAC control setup. There may be others, but Chrysler had this ridiculous set-up on all their Tragic Wagons and K Cars, LeBarons etc.

    IOW's, if you get stuck in stop and go in your Tragic Wagon and the Tragic Wagon in front of you has an old Mitsubishi 2.6 sputtering so much burnt oil out at you, there are wet drops on your windshield, in the dead of winter, if you don't want to inhale all that, you must freeze your butts off and even lose defrost ability if it's storming to boot..

    So that said, recently I was looking at the gallery pics of something brand new this year (I forget what it was off hand but think it was....well I really do forget) and saw HVAC controls, that clearly had gone back to Max A/C control as being the only way to get recirculate. At least it was done with the Mode control as opposed to the Temp control.. but in seeing that, I just shook my head and ruled that car out on that alone. If they are THAT stupid in that regard, just think of all the other potential areas they could have and probably did, screw up..
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    "But without an Owner's Manual, I was flying blind on MyFordTouch! I quickly learned to despise it!"

    How long did you spend testing it to see how it worked? Or did you just drive off and try to figure it out while driving? Shouldn't have taken more than a few minutes to figure out basic operations.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I don't know about you, but when I get to an airport at the end of a long day, usually late at night, or if I need to get to a customer meeting right away, the last thing I want to do is spend even 5 minutes (and that's low, in my experience, with some of today's cars) figuring out the controls before I can leave the rental lot.

    I wound up in a Yaris yesterday, and while it's not the greatest wheels on the planet, it has wonderfully simple controls. It doesn't slice bread for me while I drive, but that's not what I look for in a car. I see a car first and foremost as transportation, not an entertainment theme park.

    Fortunately there's still some mid-sized cars with intuitive, straightforward controls.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Then don't ask for - or accept - a high end model.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 883
    I wasn't aware Fusion is high end. Every review I've seen complains about the Ford Mytouch system or whatever it's called.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,407
    edited April 2013
    How well does the touch work with heavy gloves?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    edited April 2013
    I don't consider a mid-sized family sedan a "high end model". I'm not allowed to rent a luxury vehicle under my company's policies, so that's not the issue.

    I know a lot of folks love the whiz-bang touch screen interfaces and center stacks that have a zillion buttons. I'm not one of those people.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,451
    For the Fusion like the one in the picture, there are at least 4 ways to operate the climate control system.
    Center touch screen, 'buttons' around the center stack, using the buttons on the right spoke of the steering wheel that control the small screen to the right of the speedometer and voice commands by using the buttons just under the spoke also shown in the picture.
    You can always set the climate control to 'Auto'.
    I think most of you are confusing familiarity with ease of operation.
    Since we have 6 cars that and I drive all of them at times, the 3 dial system does not always have the same order left to right.
    I still have to look at the pictograms on the center dial to figure out which mode I want, in addition to figuring out which one is the fan and which one is for temp.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    The reference was to a Taurus Limited but even a Fusion Titanium can be loaded up with more luxury features than luxury cars had 10 years ago.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,053
    Me either. All I want in a rental is a long wheelbase, roomy trunk for my gear and whatever laptops/servers/whatever I have to deploy on site, cruise control, and it has to ride smoothly and quietly at 70 MPH. I don't fit well in compacts (6'3" 240).
    I always end up with one of those Scion vans. I know they are VERY reliable, and they have a lot of room, but they are loud and the interior make me sad. LOL. I am always happy to have an Altima....comfortable seat. Second choice is a Fusion. I have never been able to rent an Optima. Never even seen one at the airport fleet in Pittsburgh.
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 214
    edited April 2013
    It's interesting that you chose perhaps one of the worst GM designs from the '80s for your point of comparison (I'm a bit surprised you didn't seek out a pic of the '86 Riviera's MFTesque boob tube or the buttonfest that was the '87 Toronado Trofeo's dashboard). And could you have possibly found a more bombed out Cutlass? Sheesh.

    No, the 1988 and newer Olds Cutlass Supremes (as pictured) used a different design than the GM cars I'm referencing (and thus wasn't nearly as "user friendly"). The '78 to '87 Supremes did use the two slide design though. And, interestingly enough, Olds used the old hat climate control design on the Ciera all the way up until they laid that model to rest in '96.

    Anyway, to each his own. I didn't think the old GM control designs were breathtaking beauties, but that is not the point I'm making here. I just thought the control panels were very functional and intuitive. Interestingly, the aesthetic argument does seem to be the primary one several MFT adherents are trying to posit however (something I find equally odd, but whatever).

    Finally, the redudant controls defense is entirely lost on me. Short of having basic radio functions (as I often - as I suspect many do - adjust stations, volume and media types while on the road) repeated on the steering wheel [preferably within a finger's touch], I do not understand it. Are there really people out there that fiddle with the temperature and fan speed settings so much that multiple control options are necessary? No wonder such a large percentage of drivers think shifting a manual transmission is such a headache nowadays - they're probably so distracted operating all their superfluous doodads and whatzits while behind the wheel that manually selecting gears and operating a clutch in anything resembling city traffic would require a co-pilot...
  • fury63fury63 Posts: 18
    edited April 2013
    The touchscreen in my Fusion Titanium works fine with gloves. However the "buttons" below it do not. As mentioned previously, there are multiple ways to get to the same place but I would agree that jumping into this as a rental having never driven one would be a bit intimidating.
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