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Engine Oil--A slippery subject

gusgus Posts: 254
A place where we talk about engine oils.


  • royallenroyallen Posts: 221
    It seems like there are 3 main issues: 1. what, if anything, besides SAE grade matters? 2. Are extended range viscosity oils (10-40 etc) good or not, is synthetic better, are additives helpful and what data are there to go by? 3. Anyone gone to the expense of installing an electric oil pump or"preoiler" to pressurize the engine oil system before starting and eliminating the dry start wear?
  • guitarzanguitarzan Posts: 632
    Royallen, I feel synthetic provides a pretty quick lubrication. I used to think about getting a pre-lube kit, but after reading about how well synthetic flows under all conditions, I don't fret anymore. Of course, a pre-lube can make changing oil a breeze, and not as messy :)

    About Amsoil from the other topic: I think that one does not have an SAE certification. I would not use it for that reason, but use any other major synthetic.
  • What weight oil is installed in cold climates (10 or 20 below) by the "Jiffy Lube " Places?

    5w 30?
    Is there a lower weight commonly used?
  • Some have a synthetic rated @ 0w30. Mobil 1 I believe it is!
  • guitarzanguitarzan Posts: 632
    I don't work for Jiffy Lube so I don't know what the definite answer is. However, the reputable places will probably put the manufacturers recommended oil in your car, unless you ask for another type.

    I highly doubt that they will use a 0w30, a weight that most manufacturers will recommend against.

    Does anyone know if they have synthetic to offer you in most places now?

    5w30 synthetic flows freely to around -40F I think. There aren't too many places where 0w30 is necessary.
  • Maybe Alaska...I remember they would keep the trucks running for weeks at a time rather than risk shutting them off at -55, except for quick stops for maintenance during the day.
  • sam775sam775 Posts: 22
    I go to Jiffy Lube. In my area they use some a nameless bulk oil if you don't ask for a particular brand. If you ask for a particular brand they charge you an extra $3 for using the bottled brand. Once, they put it in my car when I told them to use Penzoil. They replaced it for free so no biggie. They have all the factory specs in their computer system, so they follow it well. They do offer synthetic (Mobile 1) changes for somewhere around $40
  • Has anyone had any experience with Jiffy Lube or similar places trying to over-sell? know, running into the waiting room with a tissue caked with transmission fluid and telling you it "didn't look good"...(of course not, transmission fluid doesn't look very good on tissue paper).
  • sam775sam775 Posts: 22
    Around twice a year they inform me I need an air filter and wiper blades. Which I already know before I go in. I kindly tell them "I know". I change that kind of stuff after they do the oil change to check and make sure my oil filter is on tight (and make sure it's a new one) and the oil is at the proper level. They run in and tell everyone something about their car.
  • mt1mt1 Posts: 4
    Hey wait a minute. Jiffy lube has signs all over their stores saying we use penzoil brand oil and lubricants. Now I see that I am not getting penzoil unless I ask for it and pay $3 more? I am little confused here isnt that false advertising?
  • gusgus Posts: 254
    No, they're being misleading, but they're not advertising falsely. They do use Pennzoil, but only by request, and only if you pay $3/quart extra.
  • Amsoil is SAE SH rated. On the bottle label. Use exclusively in my cars. Go to:

    This excellent site will give you the skinny on synthetic oils. Amsoil's specs finish near the top. But, all synthetics work very well under extreme cold or hot conditions. (In Edmonton this year, we've had no shortage of -35 nights this winter)

    Mercedes Benz has begun factory filling some of its vehicles with Mobil 1.

  • gusgus Posts: 254
    johngenx, thanks for posting that link!
  • The one near me uses, I'm pretty sure, Penzoil bulk oil. It comes in large drums, but its still Penzoil. I'll double check this when I have a chance.

    (I also think Jiffy Lube is owned by Penzoil now, so it wouldn't make much sense for them to buy oil from somewhere else.)
  • Large drum? That's "on tap" I believe, and is much fresher normally. Just kidding.
  • That link you posted was very curious...after an exhaustive barrage of facts and figures, they essentially say

    " But of course, you need more information to REALLY judge the quality of an oil"!

    Gee, my eyes are already crossed.

    But it was interesting, thanks for posting it.
  • My two "major name quick oil change" experiences"

    One left the screw in filler plug out where you add oil. Blew oil on engine on interstate.

    One brought me the air filter and said "we recommend these be changed every 10,000 miles". My new car at that time was having its first oil change at 3750 miles. Nice try.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,477
    I have never failed to hear that from any friend that has ever used a oil change place.

    I hate to think that it is written in procedural manuals to leave the oil change plug either loose or off.
  • gusgus Posts: 254
    I was just talking with a coworker today about how the quick oil places seem to put in their own aftermarket drain plugs (with some sort of built-in drain hookup) in cars, and leave them loose! On top of that, they always seem to catch oil leaks, and then tell the customer something alarming or unbelievable (or both), like "the oil pan gasket on your two-year-old car is leaking!" Maybe the oil is residue from the last change, or a front seal leak or even a leaking pressure switch, but whatever it is, they send customers into a tizzy with that stuff!
  • C13C13 Posts: 390
    I went to a highly recommended garage for an oil change once in an unfamiliar town. My father-in-law's recommendation. That should tell you something.

    After I picked it up and drove it home about 100 mi, I went to see what the oil level was. No dipstick.


    A friend of mine found a cork in place of his drain plug. I kid you not. The mechanic actually said "How the heck did that get there?"

    About the JiffyLubes, I can't bear to go in there anymore. I used to have teams of lowlifes under my direction (in a different industry), and going in there and seeing them hanging out and fooling around just made me think of the kinds of things my guys would do on the job, and that was too scary.

    Oil changes are so easy and so crucial, I've just gone back to doing my own. Gives me a chance to tune my resonating heat shields to a nice major 7th chord too.
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