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Honda Odyssey Brakes



  • My new Odyssey EXL RES update. After a few hundred miles, I realized it only makes noise in the early (cold) morning or when stopping at really slow speeds.
    I'm not worried but I'll let you all know how it goes over the months, years....
  • My concern is whether to buy this or not since I heard a lot of brake( grinding noise, soft brake) issues on this forum . Is it a common problem, or is it with very few percentage of Van's out there. If you talk to people out there ( who donot visit this forum), they seems to be satisfied with the van.

    Please ! Help me to make buying decision.

  • I felt the same exact way, so I test drove 5 different vans same 2 (2008) and 3(2007) and some brakes were softer than others. I told the salesman and the manager of the service dept that I was aware of the problem and what would be their response if I had a concern in the future. I wrote down what they said in front of them, I was nervous the first 300 miles but now I am satisfied and I hope this helped you. Merry Christmas.
  • After having repeated problems with the brakes of my 2006 Honda Odessey (grinding loudly, soft brakes, wheels pulling to left) I sent off a report to the Better Business Bureau. Suddenly, after telling me that they only will replace the pads ONCE for free, they decided to check out my van, replace pads, bleed brake lines where they found air in the brake lines and a few other things were done. Now the brakes are not grinding,...FOR NOW. I am so afraid that it will start up again. We paid approx. 34,000. dollars for this car. We planned on keeping it and even added state-of-the-art dvd/game player, rear sensors and front door guards. Everyone I talk to is very happy with their Odessey so I have found out that not ALL Honda vans have this problem but for those of us that have purchased this car and are having these brake issues it is heart breaking (no pun intended). If I were you I would seriously check out comprable vans like the Toyota. I liked how the Toyota drove when I test drove one and the dashboard is lovely but they didn't have an eight passenger with leather seats. Wish they did. Do your research. No one seems to want to stand behind their product anymore. So, BUYER BEWARE!
  • Tough decision. I think I would test drive the vehicle you are going to purchase and make sure the brakes are not soft. I am not sure what I am going to buy if I get them to buyback my 07 Odyssey. Consumer reports show the the reliability is dropping. We do like the van if the brakes were working correctly. Hoping that the 08 Odyssey is better but the test drives I have taken have not made me feel better. I could end up with another Honda but I am leaning Toyota or Hyundai.
  • Hello All,

    Thanks for sharing the info. I just did a test drive on 2007 Odyssey Ex-L brand new with 27 Mile. When I applied the brake, it did make a Grinding sound. I did extensive testing at different speed. I think 07 have this problem, not for all the van, but definitely few vans. I was about to buy this van, but now i changed my mind. I cannot take this chance with $26 K plus investment.
    May be it will improve later or dealer will fix it , but it is just taking chances and headache later on explaining dealer, Honda, lemon law, blah blah blah...

    BTW, When I test drove Toyota Siennna, there was no such grinding sound.

    Potential Buyer, BE AWARE !!!!!!! Try and Test it with your satisfaction.
  • I am expereincing grinding noise in my 05 odyssey for the last four months. I did not have this problem in the first 30 months( yes 30 months).
  • Has anyone ever definitively discovered whether or not there is a Honda TSB due to the soft braking issue many of us are dealing with? If so, does anyone have the TSB number?
  • i have a 2007 ex. got it on dec 5,2007.have 600 miles so far. soft brake pedal,also went down too far. at dealer yesterday,car was done in 20 mins. mechanic adjusted brake pushrod.he said hes done 3 of these just this week. cleared up my problem. great van. ike :) :)
  • The last time they repaired the brakes they mentioned "follow the power brake bleeding procedure in the bulliten (sac)" they also adjusted the push rod at least once but the problem comes back after a while.
  • Wow, 2 Steves and 2 ODY with the same problem. My dealer blew me off twice, telling me it was a problem with the tires, they were well worn, so I believed them. But the problem persisted. The brakes also make a noise at low speeds (when pulling into parking spaces, etc...) The ODY is going in on Friday to have it's 48000 mi service and I hope to resolve this brake issue. Thanks for the feedback.
  • my 2005 is having the same noise as well. not effecting perfromance just very embarrasing. please post what your dealer says.
  • My dealership denies there is any, i.e., Honda is not acknowledging any problem exists. I left my '07 Odyssey Touring with the service department yesterday for them to diagnose and fix the "soft brake" problem once-and-for-all, but once again they deny anything is wrong with my vehicle's brakes so they DID NOTHING!

    Great vehicle except for that one dangerous problem; very frustrating situation.
  • Curious about your braking situation. Two weeks hence, is the soft brake issue resolved with the pushrod adjustment?
  • I would wait longer than two weeks it could take up to a couple months before I would see the problem degrade again.
  • The first time they did nothing the next time they at least look at the brakes but I had to take it to a new dealer to get the first attempt at resolving. Trying a new dealer made a big difference with me at least they tried to do something and would listen.
  • Early on, after my dealership did nothing, I went to another dealership, but they told me to go back to where I bought the vehicle since they would already have a report on file. I did get someone at the 2nd dealership to [reluctantly] test drive the van, but he deemed the brakes acceptable.

    Despite the soft, spongy feel and the long brake pedal travel, the brakes are acceptable more often than not, but it's those unpredictable "not" times that scare me, especially when I roll through a Stop sign or into an intersection at a red light. That's when I ultimately have to apply the Flintstones brakes to get the van to stop.

    I have described those unsettling occasions as the van feeling like it does NOT have power brakes, but unless the service department can replicate the problem they won't attempt a fix. If they did experience what I'm describing, it would not give them any additional information from what I'm already telling them. So, DUH!

    The service department supervisor claims there is nothing on Honda's tech site reporting any brake problems or suggesting any solutions. I don't know where to go from here. I love the van, I just hate the brakes when they won't bring the van to a complete stop without me standing on the pedal.
  • Hi everyone, I have been searching the OdyClub site and here for info on what may be going on with my '05 Touring.... I recently had the TSB for the brakes done on my van and reported to them when I took it in that it had a hollow metallic moaning noise when turning the van at low speeds.

    I have narrowed it down to the 10 - 15 mph range and when turning both left and right. As I said, they have already done the TSB for the brake pad issue, have had the front right axle replaced about a year ago, and wheel bearings about 4 months ago.

    Now when I turn into my driveway, around a cul-de-sac, or into a parking space and have my foot on the brakes with about medium pressure, I hear a load metallic sound, almost like a hollow pipe sound.

    Any ideas what this may be? Obviously the dealer did not fix it when we had it there originally.

    Thanks, I look forward to any replies or insight you may be able to give.
  • Same problem with my 07 Odyssey and went through similar experience with the dealer and Honda Tech Line (master cylinder replaced and brakes bled twice, still have soft pedal with too long of pedal travel and no solid feel at the bottom) and have a case open on this with Honda. Also sent letter to the Director/COO and Divisional President of Honda at Torrance, CA on December 15, 2007 asking for his assitance and giving him copies of the multiple 2007 Odyssey similar brake complaints on the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration web site. Got a call from a person believed to be in the Honda zone office on January 2 saying that they were working on a fix whatever that is worth.
  • Bought mine 7/23/07. Did not have many times to the dealer as after reading the NHTSA complaints and other internet postings I figured that would be futile. Am curious, has anyone tested the 08 model for this problem?
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