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Mazda3 Interior & Passenger Comfort Concerns



  • zoomzulazoomzula Posts: 7
    Again, I am very happy for those of you that are very happy with your cars. May I respectfully request, however, that those of you with no problems, refrain from scolding me for not enjoying my very hot, gas-guzzling beauty? My posts here were in the hope that someone who shares the same problem might have answers.

    As to the suggestion that I simply get rid of the car and get another, rather than become a Mazda-hater--that's not always so easy. For a variety of reasons, none that I feel inclined to share, Zula is my first, and most likely the only, brand new car that I will ever own. She was a gift from my brother on my 50th birthday. Trading it would be tricky as the money I burn would be his, not mine.

    Nifty56, here is the chart of inside and outside temps that I have been keeping. I realize that it is other than scientific, just me and a thermometer in the passenger seat, but here it is.

    Outside Inside Miles Fan level
    99 86 276-280
    91 80 280-284
    88 76 284-289
    no A/C 284-301
    85 80 301-317
    98 79 432-438 3
    99 84 439-445 4
    no A/C 445-450
    99 92 450-464 4
    no A/C 464-478
    86 87 478-504 2

    (Nifty, if per chance, the 56 represents your year of birth, Happy 50th.)
  • jozoomjozoom Posts: 5
    I am quite sure I don't have an AMB button. Anemic or some other health condition .. NOT! Nice try though!

    That's a pretty strong statement that I'm in the minority .. personally I don't believe it. I felt compelled to respond to this thread because I really don't want to see people thinking "all" 3s have this issue .. the 5 cars test driven by me and my fiance all had a/c's that worked just fine. I used this board as a tool in research and I must thank you for making me double-check the a/c .. but would really hate to see people chased away from Mazda thinking "all" of this model car is a gas guzzler with a crappy a/c. I have been getting 30+ mpg, running the a/c most of the time and I'm not even really broken in yet. I'm very sorry some of you are not happy with either your a/c or gas mileage .. I wish I had a fix for you but my auto maintenance days went out the window when carbs were replaced with electronic ignition. I have found that "befriending" the mechanics as opposed to "alienating" them does help tremendously. Yes, I've done both and as usual found that Mom was right: "you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar."

    I wish you all the best, I hope you get your problems taken care. For me, I need to go get in the shower and get on the freeway ... which is a much more fun ride for me in my Zoombie!!

    Have a good one.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I agree with the honey and flies thing - but do you really think that being nice to the technicians at Mazda will get them to fix my crappy AC?

    The reality is some Mazda3's have very good AC systems - some are OK - and some are very poor. Its the luck of the draw which one you will get.

    This is true for the 2004, 2005 & 2006 model year (I would bet the 2007 also - but thats just a guess) - this is also true if you have the auto or manual climate control. Its just the way it is.

    Mazda will not fix the weak ones - so check out the AC before you buy one.
  • richmlrichml Posts: 156
    I did extensive trolling of the 3 forums prior to purchasing, and was fully alerted to potential AC issues. I'd rented a 3 for work - the AC seemed normal (hot, sunny days) - as well as the one I took for a test drive.

    We also own a 01 Tribute. My wife really liked it, and our Blazer was ready for the scrap heap. Reading some of the postings in the Tribute forum at the time, there were reports of windshield wipers breaking off, steering wheels becoming loose, axles rusting, in short - a litany of plagues. Test drives didn't indicate (as far as we could tell) that these problems were likely to occur. Our Tribute has proven reliable.

    I also think that cultivating a friendly resource in a Mazda service department can be helpful. However, as z71bill has noted, what if the service department reports the AC is within spec - but the owner feels the spec isn't valid - what is the resolution?
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    My dealer tells me that parts are on order. Basically, a new TSB is out that will add another level to the cooling. What I was told is that the A/C airflow will be cooled at another level or stage before it reaches the cabin.

    Will have to wait and see how this works. It sounds like it's another diffuser plate fix which didnt do much if anything.

    richml, when you say you rented a Mazda3 and had no problems, please be more specific. Some 3's have auto climate and others don't. The latter are the one's that have the A/C issue. Please also state at what level you had the A/C on: 1, 2, 3, of 4.
  • jozoomjozoom Posts: 5
    The reality is that 21,732 2006 Mazda 3s were sold in the first quarter of this year in North America .. how many of those cars are you "certain" have bad a/c's? I spoke to two service managers .. they said yes, there were some issues with "some" of them in 04 and 05 .. they also said they hadn't seen that issue with any of the 06's .. granted these are two dealers is S.W. Florida. You are speculating as to 07's as they are not out yet. I understand you are angry that your car's a/c doesn't work they way you want it to .. but your global statements have not been supported by any figures or evidence. It's not the "luck of the draw" .. as most of us test drive our cars before taking possession. I'm sorry, but you have lost all credibility with me by making these unsubstantiated statements. I truly wish that you can get your car fixed .. In reality "some" Mercedes' and BMW's and Chevy's and Ford's, etc., have some problems ... when it really is a large-scale problem .. there is a recall. Again, I understand you are angry .. I'm sorry and hope you get it fixed .. but these global unsubstantiated statements .. "Mazda will not fix the weak ones" .. how do you know that ... all you know is that Mazda has not fixed "yours" to "your" satisfaction. This global Mazda bashing has gotten old .. you're bashing cars that aren't even on the lot yet. I wish you all the luck in the world .. have a nice life.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Right - I am speculating on the 2007 - thats why I said "thats just a guess" - you can split hairs on what the difference is between speculation and a guess - if it bothers you I will change it to "I speculate - based on all the problems with the 2004, 2005 and 2006 AC system that the 2007 will have the same issue" Happy now?

    Luck of the draw - well if some are good - some are OK and some are poor you have a chance of getting one of the three - I guess you could improve your odds if you test drove it on a very hot day - I bought mine in January - temps were not very hot - I will change it to "If you test drive it on a bright and sunny 95 degree high humidity day then you should be able to tell if the AC works - but if you test drive (buy) in any other conditions - then IT IS LUCK OF THE DRAW" Happy now?

    Ask your two service managers how many of the 2004 & 2005 models with weak AC that they fixed? What did they do to fix them? In other words - PLEASE PLEASE prove me wrong -when I say Mazda will not fix the weak AC system - its easy just post what was done to solve the problem - I would love to eat some crow on this - it would actually taste pretty good.

    But if you go ask the service managers what they did to fix the weak AC in the "few" 2004 & 2005 models that they know about - and they say - NOTHING WE DID NOT FIX THEM - they you get to chow down on some credibility crow!
  • ecm56ecm56 Posts: 16
    Why not get together with all the other dissatisfied Mazda 3 owners and petition Mazda USA. If that fails, file a class action lawsuit against them using an attorney who will work on a contingent fee basis. I assume you have already been up the management chain at Mazda USA with your problem . . .

    I don't see how you are getting anywhere badgering other Mazda 3 owners who can't do anything to help you (other than sympathize - which we do).

  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    You are new here? Welcome--- Have you read all the post about the A/C issue in the "Problems and Solutions" forum?
    Nifty56 hummm ecm56 strange
    check out the poll at the link posted here..let me know what you think.... ;)
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    ecm56... Should have posted. go to post #2 and #3 here.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    The REALITY is that THE MAJORITY of Mazda dealers are trained not to admit there is ANYTHING wrong with the vehicle unless there is a fix available or soon will be. What they told you is regarding the diffuser issue, not the problem plaguing virtually all Mazda3 owners withOUT climate control. End of discussion.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    all the mazda dealers were on the grassy knoll in Dallas also...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    hahahahahahahaha!! :D
  • ecm56ecm56 Posts: 16
    I do not have climate control and my A/C works great. End of discussion.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    End of discussion.

    Not likely. ;)
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    The dicussion will probably continue from those with any updates, solutions and a general comment about their A/C. Anybodies experience with their service department and how they were treated regarding their A/C... :D
  • ecm56ecm56 Posts: 16
    check out the poll at the link posted here..let me know what you think....

    Am I correct - 15000+ members of the forum and 254 filled out the poll? And out of those 254, half say they have "weak A/C (at level 1 or 2)"
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    Well probably 1% to 3% is about normal for a "factory defect" type of failure rate. That is, 1 to 3% of owners will suffer because of some factory screw-up. Why only this percentage if a "defect" is truly a "defect"?

    Good question. Probably a combination of factors, such as not all cars being exposed to the conditions necessary to expose the defect, some people more tolerant than others, some don't complain or don't care, others don't have the problem (maybe it was just a small production run), some get fixed by dealers and are done, etc. etc.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Do you really think that all 15,000 members would chime in and read every post. How many active members are there? do you know? I don't. I am not even sure your numbers are right. Some might have been members and no longer are but have not signed out. A list of all the members and the number of the posts they have entered would help if it was available. I am a member on many forums and no longer participate but I am counted as a member still. So some more research is required on your part..
    Clouding the issue won't help.
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