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Mazda3 Interior & Passenger Comfort Concerns



  • My daughter is on the verge of an 05 Mazda3 she's fallen in love with. I'm hesitant because this particular car has a kind of high pitched grinding sound when she starts it. It stops in a few seconds, but it sounds metal on metal. What is it? :surprise:
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    high pitched grinding sound when she starts it
    Manual or automatic?
  • Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change the manual climate control on a 2007 Mazda 3 to an automatic climate control unit?
  • gordonwdgordonwd Posts: 336
    Almost certainly not. Auto climate systems use a bunch of external and internal sensors -- even one to detect sunlight through the glass -- to operate and a car without auto climate would not have these sensors and the extra wiring, etc. Then you'd also have to change the panel with all the control knobs since those are different for the auto-climate too, not to mention the module that has the control logic in it.
  • daisyhazeldaisyhazel Posts: 1
    I just bought an 08 Mazda 3 i touring. I also noticed that when I have the A/C running, the compressor (at least it sounds like it) cycles on and off and is quite loud. I figured this was normal but then got paranoid w/ it being a new car and expecting it to be quieter. I also noticed that on certain settings, the a/c comes on automatically. I am just getting familar w/ all the details of the car yet.
  • Hi, I have just purchased a 05 mazda 3 GT. I thought all the leather interiors had heated seats. I just learned today that the heated seats were not available till 06. So.... does any one know what it would take/cost to retro fit heaters under my butt??? Thanks.
  • remysremys Posts: 1
    So, i have a Mazda 3i 06 and recently my AC compressor died..its out of warranty..and according to the dealer, they wanted $1555 to replace the compressor, pully, and recharge.

    anyways, i found a good mechanic to do the work, but I have been having a difficult time trying to find a used compressor for my 06 3. all of the ones I am finding on ebay are specifically stating that they are for 06 models FROM 9/1/05

    ...this is a car is 7/1/05.

    now WHY is this a problem? im not sure..according to everyone selling these ac compressors..they all have this listed in their ad.

    anyone have any clues as to why I couldnt use one of these in my car? anyone know WHERE i can find one that WILL work in my car? thanks so much for the help..hope im in the right place!
  • nomad93nomad93 Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Mazda 3 5 door, and i noticed somthing today that i havent before. on the information display for the audio/clock. there is another section on the right that apears to display climate control information, relative to the setings of your climate control system. the problem is it is not displaying and i can t recall it ever doing so. i checked the manual and cannot find anyhitng in refrence to it. can anyone help me figure out if this is supposed to be working or am i just crazy....
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    It's probably either due to the mounting, or due to the fact that the compressor has been improved. Also there are two different engines sizes that year.

    If your compressor actually seized, putting on a new compressor alone will not solve your problems, as debris has contaminated the entire system. So you'll need to flush the entire system and probably replace all the components.

    If the compressor did not seize, you still need to replace more parts than just the compressor such as the receiver dryer. If the dryer dissicant (drying material) has burst inside, then the expansion valve is contaminated.

    Replacing the dryer is a must. And of course recharge, etc, which should be done by a professional.

    The dealer's price is high, since the compressor is about $500, the dryer $75, + refrigerant and labor. Seems like if you shopped around you could get a better deal from a professional AC shop. Working on your own AC if you don't have the right tools can be very dangerous.


  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    The same display is used for the 05/06's and those with auto climate control.

    You can't get it to work, unfortunately. Besides, you would need a different wiring harness and sensors too.
  • bho15bho15 Posts: 1
    Ok so i know this topic has been mentioned before about trying to upgrade a manual climte control to an automatic climate control on a 2007 mazda 3. I wanted to confirm one more thing, I don't care about the auto climte feature i just want to know if i try to install it will the buttons still work manually?
  • I have a 2003 Mazda 3 with 51,000 miles on it and the AC system just went kaput. I turned on the heat and something behind the dash made a strange noise and it kind of smelled like burning plastic.

    I took it to a mechanic and he said the compressor was bad and that it had also damaged several other components, all of which needed to be replaced. His quote was $2500.

    The AC has never been very strong, but I can't believe I'm going to be out $2500 for a car with 51,000 miles on it. I am very stingy with the AC as well; I only use it when it is really hot. Anyone else having problems with their Mazda 3?
  • My dealer told me an "alert" was sent to the dealerships regarding customers complaining that the ambient air sensor (AAS) in 2010 mazda3. It seems that many customers have been complaining that the temp reading stays the same for several days regardless of the outside temp. I've found that the reading only INCREASES (this is not the case when decreasing) when you travel for 20 mph for 90 seconds and then the temp only increases 1 degree per 90 sec.

    This is a problem for me because I live in Miami, FL....there are very few days that I meet the requirment to change my temp!

    As of today I discovered that the temp changes if the car is turned off, ie: I parked my car and prior to turning it off the temp displayed is 94, 3 hours later start my car and the temp displayed is 104. After driving a few hundred yards the temp dropped a couple of degrees and with in several minutes (please keep in mind that I an not driving over 20mph for 90 seconds...the requirement to INCREASE the temp) the temp is back down to 94. So the AAS works fine if the temp needs to decrease, yet to increase the temp you have to meet the above mentioned requirements

    Is any one having an issue with this? If you do contact mazda customer care!!!!
  • jbbeveljbbevel Posts: 25
    Wow.. not sure how you figured allt he 20mph for 90 second thing... but yes.... I have a problem my my Ambient Temp Gauge too.

    If my car sits in the sun for a long will read 70+ degrees... (when it's 95-100 degrees outside). Then it takes about 20minutes or so for it to actually read correctly. It's kind of a pain.. but not a real big issue imo.
  • aspen4aspen4 Posts: 22
    I am having a problem with my ambient outside temperature reading. Seems like
    it takes forever to respond to a temp change. the gauge is in the dashboard, not
    the mirror. Some times after a ten minute drive, the temperature does not move
    at all.
  • Oh, I didn't figure it out myself, Mazda told me. This was how it was designed to work. If you have the time contact Mazda @ 800-222-5500. You will need your VIN # and complain. If enough people complain then they will consider a voluntary recall to install a newly designed sensor.
  • The AC in my car has been working ok... Its a 2005 with no auto-climate. It is defintley no the best and I live in the Fort Worth... so it is very hot. And my seats are black so they heat up easily.
  • I had the EXACT same problem. I have a 2005 Mazda 3i. At 52,000 miles, the A/C compressor seized. Quote from the dealership (who wouldn't fix it for free since I was 2,000 miles over warranty....) was $1,800 to replace the whole system. Ended up waiting until winter was over (since who needs it then?) and got it replaced with after-market parts when the odometer said 65,000. for about $1,400.

    Now it's 18 months later, and the NEW compressor has seized. Just my luck that the warranty on that is 12 months, so they won't replace it for me. I'm beginning to think this is not a problem with parts, but somehow with the engine putting undue wear and tear on the compressor for some reason. In any case, I am NOT happy about having to pay another $1,400 to get another 18 months of A/C.
  • I purchased the 2010 Mazda 3 about 6 months ago. I too have been experienced the inaccuracies of the climate control. I've had the temperature sensor changed out once and the new one works worse than the first one. I live in CA and for the past week we have been experiencing temps. of over 100 degrees; the temperature on my display has never read over 70 degrees. As stated above, the temp. will decrease if needed, but will not climb as quickly as it drops. I've called the dealership and complained, their only recommendation is to drop my car off for several days so they can test it themselves, but refuse to provide me with alternate transportation. The dealerships have also been given specific instructions from Mazda to NOT replace the temp. sensor, as this is the way it is suppose to work. I find it hard to believe that you need to drive your car for over an hour in order to get a true temperature reading. I will call Mazda AGAIN and complain, but don't think anything will be resolved.
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