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2008 Minivans



  • allezallez Posts: 13
    Could you quote the page number in the 2007 Sienna Owner's Manual where it says the engine uses regular with no disclaimer than better performance will not be achieved with premium fuel?

    Sure. Page 388. :)
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    THANKS...I will ask to see a copy of the 2007 Sienna Owner's Manual next time I get the oil and oil filter changed at my friendly Toyota dealership or send an e-mail to my friend who recently purchased a 2007 Sienna. ;)
  • If you haven't done so already, please post a service review! I'm sure your dealership would appreciate a rave review. :shades:

    You can start here:

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • I cannot use the Rave Review as Canada does not have ZIP codes. Our postal codes i.e. : N1E 3N7. (Letter, number, Letter, space, Number, Letter, Number. Each province has one or a few starting letters.
  • I hate all the egg-shape minivan models, but the new 2008 square-jawed TC and DCX are appealing to me as a man. I demand driving comfort, versatility, value and a great warranty before I spend my money. I test drove a 2008 TC LX with option package 24H that includes most important features to me: Stow n Go, adjustable pedals, and cruise control. Total TC MSRP with these options is over $26K but dealer quoted me $25K for cash sale. 2008 DCX SXT is identical in price and features, but not yet at my dealer for test drive. He also quoted me $27K for TC Touring model which has all above plus power seats and doors, slightly better horsepower (197 HP compared to 175) and is wired for many options I don't need. I prefer manual doors and seats that don't wear out motors after 3-year warranty runs out, so TC LX is fine by me. On same day, I also test drove 2007 TC LX which offers nearly $5K cash discount down to $23K, and 2007 Odyssey LX, and 2007 Sedona EX, both in $25K cost range. Adjustable pedals are available only on TC and DCX minivans for under $30K, and Kia dealer can't find any 2007 Sedona with them in stock. I've read many reviews about "top rated" Odyssey and "best value" Sedona, so I wanted to compare 2008 TC to them. No need for me to test drive 2007 Sienna or 2007 Quest because I would never buy them based on their looks and high cost. A test drive in heavy NYC stop and go traffic is just a swing around the block at less than 30 mph, so this is just my impression of the cars as a typical consumer, not an expert. They all handled fine under these very limited conditions.
    I did notice more acceleration power and stiffer steering in Odyssey, but TC LX was Ok too. I'm not a speeder and I don't haul heavy cargo up hills. What I didn't like about the other minivans were the clunky second row seats. I need to push my driver's seat full back and low and also tilt the steering wheel and adjust the pedals away to feel comfortable for long drives or I cramp up. Therefore, the second row seat behind me is useless for any adult passenger for lack of leg room. I would prefer to lower the second row into Stow n Go compartment and let passengers recline in third row seats with limitless legroom. Also, second row seats in other minivans are cumbersome and heavy to fold over and/or remove when I need maximum cargo space Stow N go provides. Some people fuss over the quality and layout of the interior. It's no big difference to me since I have no rowdy family to placate. All these minivans look and operate pretty much the same way and interior finishing details don't override far more important factors to me. The 2007 TC, even with a huge cash discount, was quoted only $2K less than new 2008 TC LX that I really prefer much more in styling. So I will buy a 2008 TC LX, or 2008 DCX SXT if I can bring the dealer down to a lower price than $25K, which is really pushing it on a brand new model, but it's a buyer's market. As for longterm TC reliability that everyone seems to question, my internet research shows that vaunted Japanese and German cars have as many recalls as Chrylser/Dodge over the years, and the Kia warranty is impossible to enforce unless you document all your routine maintenance, even oil changes, with your Kia dealer. Ridiculous! Google Kia complaints and other foreign auto makers to see for yourself. I think Kia and Hyundai will abandon the minivan market as many US auto companies already have. For me, 2008 TC is the right minivan at right price with right lifetime power train warranty. I think it's a keeper. :)
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    NICE review. ;)

    However, the GC SXT is the clone of the T&C Touring while the GC SE is the clone of the T&C LX. :shades:
  • Remember, I'm comparing minivans that both have Stow N go feature. TC LX needs option pkg 24H to match DCX STX. Thanks for your input.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    I read where the Chrysler has a little softer ride than the Dodge, if that is important to you.

    I have a 2005 Dodge GC. I mostly keep the passenger middle row seat stowed for picking up things. More convient loading the side instead of the back. It also gives you much more room for dog and getting kids in and out. Glad they kept stow-n-go on the new models. It was the main reason I bought the van and I use that feature a lot. Used it this weekend loading up a new back door and security door.
  • Although my dealer doesn't have a 2008 DCX STX for me to test drive yet, that may be the model I ultimately buy because it has the better 197 HP engine over the TC LX, yet doesn't cost as much as a TC Touring. Dealer already committed himself to $25K cash price on DCX STX, whereas he wanted $27K cash for the TC Touring. Front grill logo doesn't matter to me. I don't particularly want power sliding doors or seats on the DCX STX, but they come standard. Motorized features usually break down after the basic warranty expires.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Nice post, but a couple of comments:

    It sounds like you made your choice before even sitting in any of the vehicles based. You say in your first sentence that you hate all minivans except for the T&C and you must have the StowNGo.

    "Therefore, the second row seat behind me is useless for any adult passenger for lack of leg room" If that's the case, then you could just remove the 2nd row seat behind you and just leave it out all of the time, but it sounds like you use it as a cargo van a lot, so the StowNGo is perfect for you.

    You also mention that you're a "typical consumer" but then you say you have no family to haul around, so I assume you're using this mostly as a cargo van? That's fine, but I think that the typical minivan consumer is a family with a bunch of rowdy kids ;)

    I agree that you made the right pick, and anyone needing to switch between a cargo van and passenger van on a regular basis should probably pick this one too.
  • I admitted I was mainly attracted by the style and features of the new 2008 TC and DCX. I only test drove all three vehicles to see how the TC stacked up to the so-called "holy grail" Odyssey and the "best value" Sedona, neither of which I would buy. I am typical in that I am not a mechanic nor test car driver. The dealer is not going to let me race his only new test vehicle on a highway or obstacle course. My perception is that the ride on all three minivans is just fine for my usage. The difference entirely lays in the styling and features for my preferences, which clearly are not a typical family's needs, rowdy or not. No offense.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    The 2008 T&C LX with 24H is an almost exact clone of the 2008 GC SE with 24H except the T&C LX 24H has MSRP $26,190 while GC SE option 24H is $ 20 more at $ 26,210. :shades:

    The 2008 T&C Touring base 25K has MSRP $ 28,430 while 2008 GC SXT base 25K has MSRP $ 27,535. I have been unable to decipher the extra items the base T&C Touring 25K has that are not on the base GC SXT 25K. :confuse:
  • All this minivan model alphabetization has me confused. Someone pointed out I have repeatedly misspelled the 2008 Dodge GC STX in my recent posts, aka DCX STX. Sorry, you know what I mean.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Agreed. The old system where there were names for various models was easier as is Honda keeping LX and EX for almost any Honda and Toyota keeping CE, LE, and XLE made things much simpler. :shades:
  • Hey hansienna

    You are a stickler for details, as I am. I see you've posted over 2000 times in this forum compared to my four, so I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with everyone. My original post #220 said that my dealer quoted me a $27K cash price for a 2008 TC Touring, not 25K as you reply. He quoted me $25K cash for my choice of a 2008 TC LX with 24H package, or, $25K for a 2008 CG STX K package (aka DCX STX) that does offer better 197 HP engine and power doors and driver's seat. I negotiated these cash prices from the MSRPs you mention and I hope to bring down my cost lower if I can. Hope that answers all your questions. Otherwise, your info is absolutely right.
  • Hey hansienna again

    I just realized after I posted that you meant 25K as an option package for the 2008 GC STX, not a cash price I mentioned. My mistake.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Go for the T&C LX option 24H...BUT IF he will sell you the GC SXT option 25K for $ 25,000 same as T&C LX, go for the GC SXT for reasons you stated. I was satisfied with 3.3L in my 02 T&C LX but do appreciate the additional power of the Sienna 3.3L.

    Chrysler has interesting codes: 24 indicates 3.3L, 25 indicates 3.8L, and 26 indicates 4.0L in GC SXT while 28 indicates 4.0L in the T&C Limited.

    The letter F indicates base T&C LX or base GC SE while G and H have more content in either T&C LX or GC SE.

    The letter K indicates base T&C Touring or base GC SXT where the 3.8L engine is standard. Letters L and M have more content in both T&C Touring and GC SXT.

    The 4.0L is available with GC SXT option M and N but NOT available with T&C Touring option M. The 4.0L is available on the T&C in Limited only and is listed as 28X since the T&C Limited has no comparable GC. :confuse:
  • Actually, I would like the GC SXT 197 HP motor over the 175 HP in the TC LX, although I doubt 22 HP is going to provide a great difference in performance. I'm not as thrilled to get power slide doors and seats in the SXT because I intend to keep the minivan with its lifetime powertrain warranty, and those door motors will break down eventually. As a youth I owned a Triumph TR-7 with hidden headlights -- very cool until I had to replace the motors at a cost of $800 back 30 years ago instead of just changing $5 standard headlamps. The motors had to be flown in from Germany as Triumph had gone defunct in England. Does anyone know of a way to safely temporarily disengage door sliding motors on 2008 TC and GC? I dare not ask the dealer or he may later claim I voided the warranty on the car. It's probably not wise to do it, but I wonder if it can be done safely. Or conversely, can the doors still slide manually after the motors are shot? Then it doesn't really matter about disengaging the motors. I could still manually rotate the Triumph headlights, but I had to get down on my knees under the front bumper to turn each motor knob with my fingertips. Not too cool when trying to impress a date with your hot foreign sport car that doesn't work properly. Oh the good old days. :blush:
  • If they kept the same concept as the previous models, you should be able to open them manually with little resistance from the motor. Next time you go to the dealer, test one out with the power sliding doors. :)
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