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Acura RL Tires and Wheels



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Keep in mind that as soon as you post in any discussion, it then has "recent posts" - feel free to wake any of them up at any time!
  • baker8baker8 Posts: 3
    We bought an RL new back in '06. The road noise was really bad on anything other than new pavement or a special blacktop WADOT is testing on roads. Forget about riding in the back seat. No way. The noise cancelling audio system is a joke.
    After the original stock tires that came on the new RL wore out, we replaced them with Bridgestone Turanza Serenity. I noticed just a little improvement, but mostly we both considered it almost as noisey as the 1996 Honda Accord we use a a backukp car.
    The Bridgestone tires are a bit more sensitive to road vibration. We took it back to dealership a couple of times for balancing. We're pretty sure now that the tires are more sensitive to road vibration. Increasing the tire pressure a little seemed to help some. Good tires otherwise.
    Bottom line, I don't think we'll buy another RL until the reports from other drivers indicate that Acura has really fixed the problem. It's such as easy thing to do; the technology is out there and at the price Acura asks for RL's, one would think noise would never be an issue.
    Maybe in other countries in the world, their highways don't have these awful grooves created by people who drive on studded tires ~6 months out of the year. So drivers there won't notice the road noise as much. In Washington, however, studded tires are used by a lot of drivers (not us) and within a few years, those tires can ruin a highway.
    We find ourselves driving on edge just outside of the grooves and just inside of the lane lines. It's a bit more precarious but quieter, so one has to be very alert.
    Hope this helps.
  • Uggh...studded tires CAN ruin roads - they should be outlawed. NY allowed them years ago - don't think they do amy more. Odd to hear a car with them - mostly VT and NH cars visiting.

    As for road noise - an Acura will never be a Lexus - they simply aren't designed that way - same with BMW - you will hear road noise - it is part of the "driving experience" - not being wrapped in a cocoon like Lexus - which I call the Japanese Buick.
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