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Chevy TrailBlazer Climate Control Questions



  • dukes3dukes3 Posts: 1
    Have an 04 trailblazer, noticed today that the driver side is much warmer than the passenger side. Both are set at 60 degrees, the passenger side is much cooler the driver side doesn't seem to respond to the setting. Any ideas?
  • I also have an 04 trailblazer and I am having the EXACT same problem. I am hoping to find a solution too.
  • ticadooticadoo Posts: 40
    I had the same problem and am trying to remember what it was. Will have to check my service records. Although, after fixed, it still has its moments when the "blowing" is not the same througout all the vents...
  • binder1binder1 Posts: 1
    Heard a snap in the radio when I shut my 04 TB off and suprise!, I dont have vent control either. Glad I found this site. You folks have been alot of help. Believe I'll give the WD40 a try 1st. Let you know how I make out. Thanks.
  • I have had the same problem with my '02. Did you ever find the problem? My TB started out reading 50 then it started giving my "ice possible" when it is 90 out. Of course this confusses the a/c. please help if you can
  • After 6 months at a dealership that changed everything from the wiring to the compressor to the sensors, and the the main control unit, GM told me to take it to another dealership. I brought the TB to the other(larger)dealership and the first thing they did was change the outside sensor and the wiring that went to it. They kept it 2 weeks and drove it. They then called me and told me it was fixed. I have had it back for several months and I have never seen the 50 deg or "possible ice" message again. Here is South Louisiana, it has been well over 100 on a few occasions and it did, in fact, read 104 outside, which was accurate. I have had the first dealership call me to ask what the second one did to fix my A/C because they have had the same problem with someone else's TB. Other than replacing the outside sensor and wiring , that is all they told me. The dealership name is Trapp Chevrolet. They are located in Houma, La. Perhaps you can call them for more information. I know that the A/C now works. I hope you can get yours fixed a lot sooner than the 6 months that it took me.
  • thanks for the info., I will try the simpliest thing first.
  • My 2003 TB has cool ac but the knob that controls whether air comes out on floor, dashboard, or windshield vents does not work fine. The air will not come out of dashboard vents no matter where the knob is turned. This problem just started last week. Any hint to what I should do? Planning to visit beach next weekend. Please help!
  • I did not connect this to my problem in previous post but after reading lots of the posts from others I wonder if it could be related...just started having this ac problem after having car jumped off & then battery replaced????
  • The heat works on the drivers side, but blows cold air on the passenger side. Stopped at dealer to get location on actuator to replace and see if that will solve problem. Other forums have mentioned the possibility of spraying wd40 inside but the dealer didn't think that was a good idea, saying it would gum up the vent. Any other ideas or has anyone had and solved this problem?
  • Same thing here. I have a 2003 and we get heat out of the driver's side, but cold air out of the passenger side. About a month ago, I replaced the exterior sensor because it was stuck at 50 degrees.

    What's the fix for the heat situation?

  • same thing on mine...worked on 1 an not working at the blower motor an expensive part to get?
  • I have a 03 tb and the fan for the heat come on very low when i start the engine and i cannot control the fan speed. If i shut it off and start it back up it usually comes back on like it should. I also cannot get it to blow out on the feet i figured that would be a vacuum line but with this problem i have messed with anything. If anyone has a solution to this problem i would appreciate it.
  • When the control is set to feet there is very little heat coming from the 'feet' vent on the drivers side. This is the 1st vehicle i've ever owned where the heat flow on the driver's side is so inadequate. When set to vent it works just fine. Is there an issue with the controls?
  • torch43torch43 Posts: 1
    I'm having problems with my a/c -heater contorls , after I replaced the battery , the vents stopped working and only the floor and defrost blow , Now i'm getting cold air on drivers side and hot on passangers , Also the a/c button and inside air curculating are acting screwy .Any suggestions. Thanks
  • the dash vents on my 04 chevy tb are not working . I am getting cold air on the driver side floor and windsheild hot air on the pass. side out of the same vents with the temp. set at 60 can someone help.
  • why would my abs light and my airbag light come on and stay on for 1 or 2 days after or during the time it is raining.On my 04 chevy tb ext
  • handlhandl Posts: 1
    I see similar posts back in 2009, but no solution posted. Did anyone have a solution? Thanks for any reply
  • wirenut2wirenut2 Posts: 9
    edited January 2011
    I also am having this problem with my speedometer chevy said to take to a dealer of course my dealer wants $110.00 to tell me that it is broke da I already know this chevy said they would pay if deemed a safety issue once again da if you don't know your speed is this not a safety issue. funny thing they will not reimburse me the the parts if i buy them and make the repairs myself yet they will pay the dealer to make repairs which they will charge any where from 400.00 to 500.00 to do Whats wrong with this picture.04 chevy tb
  • yes I believe there are 3 door actuators in there I have the same problem but have not had the time to take the dash apart.
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