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Chevrolet Malibu Clunks and Noises

yuryyury Posts: 146
Hi, All

I've been reading the about the steering column noise issue. I have some very slight knocking, but it's not quite as described in Tsb 06-02-32-007. It only happens during slow speed turns (as in in and out of the driveway). Driving straight is ok even in bumpy roads. The sound is like very slight tapping and I think I can also reproduce it when standing still and jiggling the steering wheel from side to side.
Overall, not a big deal at all, but I still have warranty and wonder if I should worry about it.


  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    in case anyone cares.

    I found anothe TSB on alldata that seem to be right on the money: TSB 06-02-32-005, "Snap/pop Type Noise During Steering Wheel Rotation(Replace Inner Tie Rod Boot)"

    Interestingly the tsb comes up as applicable to 05 LS, but within the TSB there's a list of models that only has Classic in it.

    Anyway, my dealer heard the noise and argeed to look into it. The car is going in tomorrow, will see what happens.
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    so, got the car back from the dealer. they replaced the proverbial steering rack with the redesigned one. it steers nice and quiet now.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Well,guess what my 05 LS malibu just started making the same knocking noise only at low speeds and while turning .

    Only 43245 km and the this ugly steering knocking noise has suddenly appeared.

    Time for another fun filled visit to my favorite dealer, soooon.
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    time to get that redesigned steering rack...
  • My GM Certified used '05 MAXX developed a "thunk" in the front end that could be felt in the steering wheel when turning, at about 21000 miles. Took it in and they replaced the entire front rack. Sounds like a common defect on the early ones. Hope wife's '06 isn't the same issue.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    its an engineering design issue with the electronic steering and the gearing.....the fix doesnt totally eliminate the clunk/thunk from what Ive see of those members who have had the fix applied....04 MAXX LT here....have had the thunk for quite some time.....but never took it in......never really annoyed me enough to be honest....and almost 97K on mine now and still going strong...
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    mine works ok after the fix...nice and clean so far...
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    most seem to come back after a few thousand miles or so
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    hm...not very encouraging...

    (i have a feeling all the little things will eventually annoy the hell out of me and i will and up dumping the car yet again. it's a shame really, only got in March)
  • tiger0810tiger0810 Posts: 3
    I developed the same noise early on in my car and actually have had it fixed twice in the year that I've had the car. I was eventually told that I can keep fixing it, paying for it after the warranty runs out, or, because it's not a safety threat I can just live with the noise. I've decided to live with it, and now it seems I've blocked it out. I'm sure I'll notice it again after this though.
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    typically, how many miles did you use to go between a fix and the reappearance of the noice?
  • (05 Malibu LT) My car is at the dealer right now having this problem treated. I had taken it in before my factory warranty expired for the popping noise and they replaced the steering gear and greased the shaft and all was well for a while.. About 3,000 miles and the problem recurred. Now, I am out of factory warranty and my extended warranty company said they don't cover sounds.

    Thankfully, the dealer was very helpful. I told them I had it in there for the same thing before and the service consultant explained about the new shaft and what not. I then learned that the extended warranty wouldn't cover it. So, I reminded them that it had been treated for this problem before. They are going to replace the steering gear and the steering shaft under my factory warranty since it was worked on before. Love that 12 month / 12,000 mile guarantee!

    I get it back tomorrow morning and I am hoping that all is going to be normal with it.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    who is your extended warranty company.....not the GMPP plan I assume through GM
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    Hi, All

    I noticed yesterday that there's a rattle when I accelerate seems to start at some point as rpm climb and stops somewhere before the max rpm is reached before shifting. Sounds like a metal type of rattle, not too loud - can't hear it with the radio on.

    Is it something known perhars?

  • No.. I had a warranty with Fidelity Warranty Services. After I got it, I was looking online about them and I realized that I was going to have problems. Fortunantly, the dealership I took it to really took care of me with the deal.

    I just got the car back today and the problem is totally gone. I can't believe how much better it is now. No popping at all!

    I asked and it was only going to be about $750 out of the warranty had I not previously had it in for the problem. That's not as bad as I thought it would be. Still a lot out of pocket though.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    glad it worked.....98K my my 04 Maxx LT....a slight clunk..but had it since I bought it...and really dont notice except under the right conditions..which isnt it keeps on rolling
  • sybsyb Posts: 10
    I have reading this forum since I bought my 94 malibu lt in feb 04...92700 miles with 3 trips to the dealer for this clunking problem, last fix at 67,000 plus has been over a year with no problems...other than this design problem,car has been a pleasure, will have no problem looking at the 08 or 09 version when it is time to replace as i usually keep car 5 to 6 years...
  • sybsyb Posts: 10
    Just realized that my post misstated the yr of my malibu lt it is a 2004 an not a 1994 sorry for the confusion... Just passing 94,000 miles with no issues although my mpg is slipping slightly will probably do the 100,000 maint at the 95,000 mark... curious if anyone can give me an idea of the pay-out for this service if anyone has already done so already and if it was done at a dealer vs an independent shop... All in all am very pleased with the car...
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I did it at an independent mechanic...I had them replace plugs, wires..(I furnished the parts), a serpentine belt change, transmission drain and fill, and coolant change...and mine was right at $400 for the work...breakout was about $300 labor and the rest parts, and labor rate is $85 an hour..which was much less than dealer labor rates and parts costs.....did mine at just over 99k on the car

    price was $150-$200 less than dealer quotes.....
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    ...because it's not a safety threat I can just live with the noise.

    So this isn't related to the dreaded power steering failures that cause you to lose all power assist abruptly and with little warning?

    My '04 Maxx just started making a clunk in low speed left turns only 1000 miles out of warranty. Naturally.

    Since it's going to need tires ($400), brakes (probably another $400), battery, serpentine belt and now this...the thought of ditching it now while it's still worth something has crossed my mind.
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