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Suzuki SX4 70 mph , 4000 rpm, is it normal?



  • ^^ Which is it, 2000 or 3000? Stick or auto?

    BTW, the SX4 is one of the few modern cars I've checked specs on that does not have an "overdrive" top gear, but rather a 1:1 top in the auto trans.

    Quite unusual, most cars have about a .7:1. Wonder what guided their thinking on this?
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Checked mine this morning. I have a 5 speed manual. As close as I can read the tach
    60 = 2650, 70 = 3000, 80 = 3750 rpm. For comparison, are automatics about the same ?
  • The automatics run about 27 MPH/1000 RPM in top gear.
    That means they run 3,000 RPM @ 81 MPH. Which equals appx. 2600 @ 70, and 2200 @ 60.
    Easy if you have a calculator.

    By comparison, your manual runs 23.3 MPH/1000 RPM in top gear, doing the math on your numbers.
  • I was thinking it probably has something to do with optimising the car for speeds 0-70mph. All the ratios are lower than I expected and the revs consequently higher for a given speed. A 6 speed would be great. The car is quite quick around town and top gear is good for the majority of high speed hills, in this regime it makes sense as there is less downshifting and more convienent. The city by vw has similar ratios.
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