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Cadillac CTS Maintenance and Repair



  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    My 2007 SRX went 12000 miles without using any oil (at least not enought to add any). The question is why did the oil filter connection widget get warped. Did this happen when the service guy was removing the oil filter at some point in the past?
  • not sure, it seemed to start after the second oil change. My thoughts are the filter has a tight design, and its prone to some idiot screwing something up. This is the first for me, I never heard of a bad oil filter seal that originates on the engine/widget connection.

    I thought it best to share on this thread what I have experienced and encountered. By far I'm happy with the CTS, and I hate to see any owner not be aware of this oil problem.
  • ewl88ewl88 Posts: 71
    I am looking to replace my leased 2006 Infiniti M35X when my lease is up. I am strongly considering the 2008 CTS DI AWD version. There is no published data on reliability yet. Has anyone heard any rumblings about reliability problems about the CTS? I don't see any postings on reliability on this forum which seems like good news. This will be my primary and sole car so I need something reliable. Thanks.
  • I have a 2003 CTS and it is doing the same thing. Did you ever find out what was wrong?
  • hosa24hosa24 Posts: 3
    For me it was my battery, I did not drive it during the hard snow we got in columbus, so it sat in my driveway for about 3 weeks.

    I recharged the battery, and everything worked. It was something I did not expect. Because the radio worked really well and the windows. etc. It just did not have enough "juice" to crank the starter. It actually made a noise like something was grinding etc. So was pretty worried. But its been running ever since no problems.
  • Well, we checked the battery and that isn't the problem. It acts like it is going to start and the started actually keeps on going but it won't start. After about 15 mintues it eventually does but it happens all over again once you turn it off. I don't know what the deal is......Thanks though for the quick response!
  • calicagocalicago Posts: 53
    You have proof of the oil change since you bought it inturn check with the people that you bought it from that they have change the oil before you purchase it if thats the case get documataion from them stating that it sone to me they want to rip you off and that 4600 should not be chrage to you from the get go untill they found the problem contact your states attorney office and get an attorney beleave it or not you do not suppose to pay untill the full procedures have been pefromed that means following the guide lines that have been set not by they dealership or cadillac but by G.M
  • cadi03cadi03 Posts: 1
    Hey there! I have a 2003 Cadillac CTS and I've been having a similar problem, my car doesn't want to start I don't know if it's the starter or what theres a clicking noise when I try to start it everything turns on light, radio etc. Did you ever find help? I've been having problem after problem with my car recently I couldnt pull the key out of the car I had to have my car towed and worked on they had a hard time with it I spent over 1,200 on just that a week later this happens >:! I've about had it! If anyone can help please HELP ME!!! Any good auto repair shops out there???
  • pacinipacini Posts: 1
    Had same issue. Found out that I had a dead cell in the battery. Relaced battery and all is well since then.
  • I have to defend the dealer here. Just because the oil can 'last' 5,000 miles or
    more is not a reason not to change it earlier!! The other reason to change the
    oil is due to the engine's natural break-down - and particals will fall into the oil well
    before the oil breaks down. Many believe in changing oil no more than every 3,000
    miles - no matter what kind of oil is used. So don't be so fast in suspecting foul
    play from your dealer.
  • I just replaced my 5 year old battery on my '04 CTS-V6 with 131k miles. After searching several places for a battery, which had no listings for the CTS, I contacted the dealership to price an ACDelco replacement. This solution, $223.00 plus tax, sent me back to finding an aftermarket replacement. The Wal-Mart MAXX group 78N, 900 cca battery has more power, a better warranty, and will work without any modifications. The battery price and DIY was $72.94, 1/3 the dealership cost.
  • junetjunet Posts: 6
    Has anyone experienced a roaring/rubbing noise when turning sharply at low speeds? Also Tires worn out at 16,000 and I have rotated at every 5,000 w/oil changes.
  • Hi,
    I have a 2003 CTS and same experience, twice already!
    1st time is within the waranty period, and GM dealer diagnosed to be a bad cell in the battery. So they replaced it for free. Now when my car is not six years yet, the 2nd battery died yesterday.
    Have to replace a new one again.
  • So I was listening to a lecture the other day and loved it but the guy told a story about his V-series car that needed more oil. He said that he was about to buy Synthetic because it looked the best but someone told him to look in his owners manual and in there it said that using Synthetic might cause the engine to explode.

    I dont know what year car this was or which V-Series car it was but is it possible the story could be true? Would Synthetic oil cause any V-Series engine to explode?

    My email address is if you want to contact me directly.
  • Has anyone heard about or experienced this issue with the 2008-2009 CTS? I was about to buy one but now I am not so sure. - we-solved-steering-vibration-freeway-37.html

    48 page thread discussing a mysterious shimmy problem. Apparently Cadillac knows about the issue and has issued a tech bulletin but has not solved the problem yet. See Post # 369 on page 37 of the thread for the bulletin.

    Has anyone who has recently purchased a CTS run into this problem?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    09 CTS here in Sept with 18 inch wheel package with FE2 suspension...yes a member of that forum as well.....have not had the problem....beleive most that have had it had it resolved with a proper wheel balance using a road force balancer.....assuming the tech knows how to properly operate the balancer
  • So, you were listenting to a lecture the other day from a crackhead and loved it.

    V series is the CORVETTE engine

    Corvette comes from factory with synthetic

    Synthetic is superior to natural (dino) oil...put it in anything and it's better.

    Why in the F would Synthetic make an engine "explode"?

    Do you own a V series? If so, read your owners manual and see if it says that.

    99.9% you do NOT own Vseries, so why in the H are you wasting our time and bandwidth?
  • Sounds like a similar issue here....2005 CTS 3.6L bought used from Carmax with 18.5K miles. I changed the oil (Mobil 1 synthetic) and filter at one year and 28K miles (10K miles since last oil change) with 20% oil life left. At 35K miles and 32% oil life remaining, it started making a ratcheting noise, then the engine light went on. Long story short, I took it to the dealer, and he said the oil was low by 2.5 qts. I asked him why the low oil idiot light didn't go on and he had no answer. He said the ratcheting noise was likely an indication of damaged timing chains. Indeed they had to replace the stretched timing chains, about a $2K job, which was covered under warrantee. He said you can't trust the Oil Life Monitor and need to change oil at least every 5K miles. He said you can't go by what the owner's manual says. Any thoughts???
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    well first I personally check oil levels at each gas fill to me..driving a car that is 2.5 quarts low is an ownership issue and not a dealership issue.....I have seen where the early CTSs seem to use oil up to a quart between 3K oil can probably do a search for the issue here

    as far as not trusting the GMOL......I have three GM cars with it...and use it to the point of 25%, then do a change...using mobil 1 syn in the three cars....usually averaging about 6-7K between changes...which usually ends up being a change around 5-6 months.....

    a statement that you cant trust the GMOL or cant by the owners manual to me is a travesty.......wondering what GM customer service...would say...or even the service manager at that particular dealership would say?...who specifically made this statement...the service writer, the tech or the service manager? only refer to "he" at the dealership
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