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GMC Yukon How long can they last?



  • mightyzmightyz Posts: 1
    Hey Debtwyler, please let your buddy know that if you don't want his XL, I will by it for $5000.00 right now. I own a 2003 YUKON (200,000 miles and running awesome) right now and my kids are a little older now (around 9 yrs). We need more trunk space and I am looking for an XL and have to sell mine. That is an awesome deal!!
  • driver_tvdriver_tv Posts: 1
    My 2003 Yukon with 208,000 miles still has the original equipment brakes. I bought it new and have only bought tires and had them balanced and rotated and the alignment checked at each oil change. Other than that, wiper blades and an occasional bulb replacement, it has cost me only gas. Has anyone heard of brakes lasting this long?
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