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GMC Yukon, Yukon XL Transmission Problems

bigyukonbigyukon Posts: 1
ive got a 1998 yukon 4in lift and 2in body the transmission made a loud pop.wouldnt shift into 2nd gear unless it was to 3000rpm and i let off the gas.when i got home it had no the tranny fried or could it be a linkage of some sort.thanks for any info.


  • big_pimpinbig_pimpin Posts: 1
    The tranny is done. My dad has a 2002 yukon sle with the 4L60E automatic Tranny in it and we were driving on the highway and hear a clunk and then we hear grinding gears. Now the truck is missing Park, Reverse, OverDrive, and my brother took it to the garage today on the way it blew a tranny line and it made the exaust catch on fire. He had the cops following him down the road for a mile or so.
  • usiffusiff Posts: 1
    Our 2002 Yukon XL has been having transmission problems. We are now on number 4 and counting... Four Times in the shop for transmission problems.

    We got our truck back from the last service in June with 49,000 miles.. we now have 63,000 miles and yes... transmission problems again....

    "Hard Shifting" Code 748 was the number this time.

    If you are thinking of getting a GMC Yukon .... Good Luck... You will need it...
  • i have an 07 yukon at 23 thousand i went to get on the highwat and herd a clunk and then it wouldnt go. i tried going in reverse to get it off to the shoulder and it worked. i put the shifter in 1st and got it home .i had it towed to the dealer thay said it was the falward clutch assembely.they repaired it under the warreny at no about 3 months later it started too clunk when taking off .its at the dealer now being repaired
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    So, what is the problem this time? Is it the clutch assembly again?
    By the way, do you have the 5.3L Engine, or is this a Denali?
  • i have 2007 tahoe (company suv) with 24000 miles and have the same problem. as a mater of fact i know more then 10 SUV's that had the same problems. also, i own a 2007 yukon with 1500 miles and from first day i notice that when it shifts at last gear and while it is at 2000 RPM(going 65 to 70 miles), i hear a noise as it is not in the right gear and it feles as you riding a stick shift and you driving at wrong gear.
  • it is the 5.3L, 4X4,SLT. am not sure yet and am not planning to go to the dealer and let them to miss with the transmission unless the car stops completely because most of these service guys in Saudi dealer are not as qualified as the guys in the states.
  • 1assman1assman Posts: 2
    My 2004 Yukon XL tranny just went out at 80K miles. Never pulled anything...always treated kindly...and boom...the tranny is gone. Really makes me sick. This was a great truck until yesterday. I thought about calling GMC but I know they won't help. Oh well, I am having a Jasper remanufacture installed and will drive till it drops...which may not be too long~!
  • I have a 2001 yukon denali and it runs great but when I drive the truck for awhile when I go and try to make a turn it jumps. One person told me it was the transfer case. is this true
  • yukon6yukon6 Posts: 4
    Our 2007 Yukon Denali XL had its first transmission failure at 1,850 miles. At 55MPH it came out of gear, would not re-engage until we turned the ignition off and on three times. Limped back to the dealer with only 4 operating gears. The dealer rebuilt it. At 2,430 miles, while in the Sierras outside Yosemite at 2500 feet, the transmission heated up to almost 200 degrees (outside temp only 78), and it came out of gear again. This time it would not shift out of first gear until we let it sit overnight. Drove it back to the dealer. Now they are talking about putting in a new transmission.

    While at a meeting with some business friends, I found out another 2007 Yukon owner and a 2007 Suburban owner both had the same problem! The dealer was replacing the Chevy transmission at 15,000 miles after the transmission failed, would not come out of third, and heated up so bad the transmission was toasted. The other Yukon owner had a complete transmission failure while on vacation and the vehicle was not drivable. The dealer replaced the transmission. Coincidence or a fundamental design problem?
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Its difficult to say these transmission problems are design related or not unless there is a significant amount of failure within a same model, year and type of transmission... In this case, it is my opinion, the quality of the parts used (GM's parts vendor) are in question as well as the transmission assembly quality. It would be interesting to learn if the two Yukons (possibly also the Chevy ??) mentioned in your post were assembled out of the same plant and each built date...
  • yukon6yukon6 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your response. I will check with dealer to see where my transmission came from. When the first transmission problem occurred I checked for TSB's (tech service bulletins) and postings on the net. I found a major gear assembly problem that was leading to catastrophic failures which supposedly was remedied by 2007. Another neighbor of mine had that problem with their Yukon.
  • yukon6yukon6 Posts: 4
    Our 2007 Yukon with the two serious transmission failures in the first 2400 miles was returned as "fixed" today. This time an internal solenoid was replaced. We shall see what happens next. How can you trust any vehicle that fails this much in such a short time? If you are considering a new Yukon DONT! Check out the transmission problems on the internet.
  • I just had the same problem with my 2003 Yukon XL--only 84,000 miles. The dealer quoted over $2500 for a new factory transmission. Would you recommend Jasper remanufactured as a better quality option?
  • yukon6yukon6 Posts: 4
    Good luck on the transmission. i just had a third transmission issue at 2650miles. Jasper might be OK just make sure there is some type of warranty.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Sorry to hear about your transmission problems, isn't there some kind of lemon law that may be able to assist you by having the same problem within such a short window? By the way, do you have a 5.3L Engine 4-speed transmission or the 6.2L with 6-speed?
  • 1assman1assman Posts: 2
    Yes I would recommend Jasper. Make sure you get the three year/30K warranty.

    GMC (customer service) paid me 60% of the $3000.00 tranny repair bill even with it being OUT of warranty. Gotta love those guys~!
  • Hi - I have an 2004 Yukon that needs a new transmission - how did you get GMC to cover 60%???? thanks.
  • rosie08rosie08 Posts: 6
    Hi...I have a 2004 GMC Yukon with 50K miles that the transmission went. We didn't take it to the dealership we bought it from because we called and they said the warranty on the Yukon was 36K or three tears which ever came first. I called GMC after we took it to a local garage and they said they couldn't help us because it wasn't at a GMC garage. I believe it was just an excuse not to help!! How did you make out? Did you take yours to a GMC garage? I'm currently checking into the lemon law...Thanks!!
  • rosie08rosie08 Posts: 6
    Hi...I have a 2004 GMC Yukon with 50K miles that the transmission went. We didn't take it to the dealership we bought it from because we called and they said the warranty on the Yukon was 36K or three tears which ever came first. I called GMC after we took it to a local garage and they said they couldn't help us because it wasn't at a GMC dealership. I believe it was just an excuse not to help!! Can anyone help?? I just can't afford the repair bill on this transmission bill...Thanks...
  • I've got a 2002 Yukon with just under 90,000 miles in showroom condition, drove like a charm until a few days ago. I was reversing out of a parking space and the car wouldn't budge, put it in park and got out to see if possibly something had gotten underneath the car...nothing. Got back in and tried again--this time after revving a bit it squealed as it jerked into reverse. I was hoping it was a fluke. Then today...I was driving the last 30 mins of a 3.5 hr trip when I heard a loud pop/breaking sound and then a whirring noise. I pulled off the road and walked 2 miles to a mechanic. He towed it in and without looking at it said there's a chance it could just be the transfer case, otherwise he was familiar with a specific part in the transmission that "tends to go early on Yukon transmissions". He was going to charge me $1,500 just to take it apart and look at it! Suffice it to say--I had it towed to my local mechanic in hopes that they give me a break or find a simpler solution (doubtful). The transmission alone can cost $2,000 rebuilt from what I've seen. I'll keep you posted when I find out what's wrong with the car tomorrow.
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