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GMC Yukon, Yukon XL Transmission Problems



  • I just replaced my 4l60e transmission with a heavy duty rebuild. It shifts fine from 1st to 2nd but the engine races when it tries to shift to 3rd. I just installed it yesterday, so i'm thinking its something electrical. What is the function of the module that bolts on to the outside of the transmission on the shift lever just before the shift cable? The shift lever goes through it and it has 2 or 3 electrical connections. Please give your thoughts.
  • I had my maintenance done on my truck and never pulled anything with it. I only have 102k on the transmission and now I've lost 3rd-4th gear. Is this a common defect on this unit? I had my cluster replaced two years ago through a recall? Should I have this rebuilt or replace it?
  • If you would like for us to check to see if there are any recalls on your vehicle, please feel free to email us the last 8 digits of your VIN.
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  • mrjohnbmrjohnb Posts: 9
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    I posted on here a couple of months ago as I was experianceing slipping. would turn off the truck for 2 mins turn back on and it would work again. this lasted about a week then it slipped to bad. I barely made it to the shop. well the tranny was done.

    GM customer service contacted me thru here. but it looks like they are just trying to cover up a known faulty product. yes you can bring it to out facility they said. but if we find no issues you will have to pay ~$800for the tear down. Well of course GM is not going to find no issues with the OEM parts they put in the 46le for the Yukon / XL . Because they suck!!!! and last as just long as they were meant to, that is why you see people complaing of 3 and 4 transmission rebuilds.

    So here is my advice if anyone wants it. And I am by no means an expert. but I did do a lot of research before shelling out $2600 because for me that is painfully an awefull lot of money.

    Anyway the 46le actually IS a good transmission design. it is found in a lot of different product lines from the S-10 and blazer ( which I own and on 80,000 miles with no issues ( knock on wood)) to the corvette!!!!. and I guarantee the corvette can hammer on the transmission pretty hard.

    The problem lies in the components used for the yukon line ( corvette transmission use diffrent internals!!!). Plain and simple. the OEM internal componets used for yukon's suck and are under engineered and obviously judging by this forum to not last very long.

    So when I when to my tranny guy. I definately did not pick the cheapest guy. I sat down and told him what my expectations were from a tranny and what I wanted to do. in my case pull a 20 foot boat thru the mountains.

    so he DID NOT use oem parts on the rebuild. he put in a hardend sun shell. 5 gear planetary upgraded spragues, larger tranny cooler bla bla bla. all the upgraded stuff will cost a few more hundred extra dollars.

    Only time will tell for me if it will last longer. but I truley think the OEM parts are a bad design for the YUKON product line


    oh and as a footnote I bought my truck used and had to replace the tranny at the 120k mark. however the previous owner was the original owner and he had to replace the tranny at the 60k mark.

    good luck everyone
  • 2011 AWD drivr tran or transmissions or winding up and winding down so hard that when you stop it feels like some just tapped your back bumper. It is so dangerous that you have to reapply the break. It also happens during acceleration. This feels more like a thunk feeling. GMC continues not to accept their is a problem and explains that the way they are built. This is a big cover up.
  • Good morning,
    I see that you are experiencing some difficulty with your transmission. Have you already had this looked into by your dealership? I would like to see how we could be of assistance in addressing your concern.

    GM Customer Service
  • Hello,

    I just wanted to put my two cents in this thread. I have 2003 yukon 4x4. transmission made whining noise last night. This morning it wont go into reverse. I purchased 2 new GM products at the dealership within the last 12 years this yukon being one of them. I like the yukon.. problem is that they are inferior products. I should not have to worry about a transmission at 149k miles. I already replaced the water pump, rear axels, unit that controls the shifting into 4 wheel drive. So disappointing. Of coarse after searching the internet "The sudden loss of reverse in a 4L60E or a T-700R4 is a common problem in respect to the actual amount of internal problems these transmission have" NICE!
  • I have a 2003 Yukon with only 83,400 miles on it and the transmission would not go into 2nd. After accelerating and letting off the gas then it would shift. After reading the posts here I knew I was in trouble. I contacted GM and they said IF I went to an authorized dealer "They might" be able to help. Again, after reading the post I decided it would be better to go to our own mechanic. Well, after testing the transmission hoping for the best that it was a sensor or leak in the line, the bad news came. After getting into the transmission it turns out the all the plastic parts had started to disintegrate! Like others have said GM cut cost by using inferior parts. I called GM today and asked if they would help pay for the new transmission. She told me only if you go to a GM dealer they MIGHT have been able to help. Why would I go and have them use the same cheap parts? I told the mechanic about this blog and he already knew about the cheap plastic parts and said he would never use OEM parts to redo a transmission. With that said...I'm thinking there should be a Class Action lawsuit agaist GM for using plastic parts in a transmission. Any takers????
  • I was told the same thing if I take my Yukon to a GM dealer they might be able to help. So I had my transmission rebuilt with no help from GM. Another problem I'm having is every time I run my Yukon and park in my garage I smell gas. So now I'm going to have to take it to the garage once again. Their is no leak under my Yukon when I park it. Once again trying to cut costs by using cheap parts! Good luck to you...I'll be glad to go on board with a class action suit!!!
  • Just dropped off my 2006 Yukon Denali at the mechanic with 66,000 miles. Transmission is toast. It is slipping when trying to take off, especially on a hill, and makes a squealing noise, as if 2 plates are trying to clutch together. While driving, it suddenly revs as the tranny slips.

    What a shame that the transmission only lasted 66K miles. I have loved the car until now. A high end SUV like this should last longer. Should have been a red flag to see a 36K warranty. My local GMC dealer has ripped me off on previous repairs, when they mis-diagnosed a loose oil filter. So, unfortunately, can't take it to them. I'll review Consumer reports very carefully on my next purchase.
  • Two days ago while driving several hundred miles from my home, my well cared for ‘02 Yukon succumbed to transmission failure with just 80k miles on her. While driving normally as usual, I noticed severe engine rpm increasing/transmission slippage while ascending a hill. After several stoppages were made to place the vehicle in park, then reverse, it was of no help. I eventually learned that reverse and 2nd gear were the only two gears left functioning.
    As I am a very conscientious driver and prefer to drive my vehicles quite gently in hopes of prolonging their longevity. Apparently though according to what I have learned through researching the subject, their appears to be a history of failures regarding the 4L60E transmission. Following the conversations with the albeit few repair shops that I was able to contact whilst out of town, each one of the reputable repair shops seemed to know exactly what was wrong with my Yukon tranny. They all stated that I was going to need a transmission replacement. The estimates given were in the $1,000 to $3,500. OMG! Why would this happen to a vehicle with just 80k mile on it I kept repeating…
    So, after spending hundreds of dollars to have it towed back to my hometown, I am now faced with the dilemma regarding the estimated costs to repair it. Like most working people in this country, I can’t work without a vehicle. What I have since learned about the ‘well known failure’ occurrence of this transmission from researching the TSB’s and documented cases, it has been an ongoing problem for quite some time. I desperately need the customer service reps at GMC to step up to the plate and help me out in assisting in this immediate repair.
  • It's a tough situation. I spent an entire morning on the phone with GMC, and in the end, I decided I had no choice but to pay the $3K and have it replaced. My mechanic also is aware of the problems with this transmission, and said that the problem has been solved in the new replacement transmission. Our family also has one car, so we had to pay for a rental car, as well. I will never buy a GMC again both because of the defective transmission and the way they treated us over the phone. They won't admit it's a defect, just that it's out of warranty and not covered. Funny that when you call, you also get the sense that they are prepared for this exact call about this exact transmission, and have a script for an out of warranty speech.
  • I know exactly what your going through. My 2004 Yukon only made it a little over 50k before my transmission failed. I to spent a lot of wasted time with GMC. At the end no help what so ever. I believe their using cheap plastic parts is the reason for the failed transmissions. I wish someone would file a class action law suit for this problem, then maybe someone from GMC will offer to help. Son sorry for what your going through now with the cost of living so high and now this unexpected expense..
  • Hi there. I have had nothing but problems with every GM tranny in a V8 vehicle I have owned, specifically the 4L60E. After replacing 3 (2 re-built by local transmission place; 1 at 120,000 and the other 2 with less than 20,000 miles on the re-built), I investigated further and found MONSTER TRANSMISSION in Florida. My local Tranny repair guy quoted yet another $1600 for a "re-built" with a 6 month warranty. Monster Trans custom built me a replacement BRAND NEW with free shipping (to a business, in this case my mechanics garage;) with a 3 year unlimited miles warranty. The trans was built with Corvette servos, clutches, etc. and HEAVY DUTY internals to handle 600HP and and at least 600 LB-FT of torque!! They built it to suit my needs of mild towing and not wanting to ever deal with it again. They send a case of FULLY SYNTHETIC FLUID ($170), deep dish extra capacity pan with fins for additional cooling. There customer service is phenomenal and the installed product is UNREAL!! nice firm shifts that hit like a shotgun. they built it within a few days and had it shipped super quick! ALL FOR $1700.00!!!!!!! Plus my mechanic removed old and re-installed THE MONSTER for under $300! HOPEFULLY THIS POSTS FOR ALL TO READ PASS THE WORD MONSTER TRANSMISSION.COM!!!!!!! They also do trannys for just about everything and test everyone in an actual vehicle before they ship it! -Joel S.
  • Took it car to Dealership they said that the annoying bump when you stop from the transmission and jolt you get when excelarating is something they cannot fix. It is just the way they are built. WOW. It looks as if they do not want to fix or they are avoiding a nasty recall. This car is dangerous to drive with transmission winding up and winding down. Kerplunk!!!!
    Asked them to do repurchase or a warranty extension, but I just wanted it fixed....
  • Mark my words their's going to be a recall or a class action suit brought against GMC regarding the transmissions, because their using cheap parts!! GMC is getting richer and were getting poorer because were constantly putting money into this junk their producing!! Shame on you GMC!!!
  • My 2006 Yukon XL's transmission just went out also. It began slipping, got worse on hills, and then wouldn't go into reverse. With only 57,000 miles on it. We had swore off GM for a long time but decided to give them another try. Bad move. Nothing but bad experiences with all the GM's we have ever had. Another $2400 repair. Like others have posted, I refuse take this to the GM dealer where they will put the same inferior parts back in.
  • All of you giving all of your information to these "customer service reps"... how do you know that these people are valid and not just stealing information from you?? Thanks.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
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    Good morning truckguy66,

    You are wise to be cautious with sharing information over the internet. In addition to asking the moderator(s) on Edmunds about our legitimacy, the email addresses we ask forum members to send information to have either "" or "" as domain names. If you are still hesitant with this, you can always get in touch with GMC Customer Assistance at 800-462-8782.

    GM Customer Service
  • thanks! that is comforting. I guess Im not use to a well-regulated forum..lih.
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