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Toyota Sienna Water Leaks

dkpdkp Posts: 2
edited December 2013 in Toyota
My 2002 Sienna has water pooling in the front passenger side. We pulled up some of the front carpet and it's soaking beyond the passenger side. We need to find out where the water is coming from. It correlates to rain, but we tried hosing the passenger door and front windshield but didn't see any water coming in. Anyone have a similar problem?


  • I have the exact same problem. Took it to a dealership and they are saying they can't get it to leak and don't know where it is coming from. Did you ever get resolution to your leak?
  • dkpdkp Posts: 2
    We're still working on figuring this out. So far, we have removed the carpeting from the entire car to dry it out. It was soaking wet from front to back. We're driving without carpeting now and can more easily observe what is going on. We suspect that the water is getting in from the rear hatch, and sloshing around to cause everything to be wet. Rainy days are more helpful than the hose test. But the hose test in the rear hatch seemed to show a little water getting in...but possibly most of the water is hidden between the door and plastic molding and only becomes visible when the car is in motion. If you find out anything, let me know and I'll do the same. Good luck!
  • jimleejimlee Posts: 1
    We got an 05 sienna that just started having a fruity, rotten smell coming from the dash vents. It worst when we first use the van and then seems to get better after driving awhile, but still there. I have checked the interior filter behind the glove box and although it's not that clean it doesn't smell bad, any ideas? heater core leak? Fluid in radiator overflow is mid range between hi/low.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My Miata has that smell, though it's much older, 1993 model. Someone suggested spraying in Lysol in the cowl intake with the fan on high in the fresh air mode.

    Haven't tried it yet, though.
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    My wife's cars always develop a kind of stale-air smell because she leaves the interior circulation on all the time. From what I understand, the car should almost always bring in outside air initially.

    I usually let my automatic climate control decide how to do those things and none of my cars have had a similar problem.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yep. Fresh air also lets is breathe when parked, I was told once.
  • I have exactly the same problem on my 2004 Sienna -- water pooling in the front passenger side + MEGA-mold. :mad:

    The hose test works for me. I removed the rug, and can see the water trickling down right behind the wire harness by the door. I can't tell where it is getting in, though (yet).

    I'll let you know when I have it figured out.
  • I'm having the exact same problem on my 2000 Sienna XLE -- water pooling on the front passenger and driver sides.

    Anyone have any success in addressing this problem?
  • I too have water leaking into the front drivers and passenger side of my 2001 Sienna. Turns out that there is an A/C vent located in the rear quarter panel of the van, that can be cracked if any one backs into your bumper there. We found out the hard way after our neighbor hit our van, the body shop repaired the damage to the body but did not replace and reseal the vent that had been cracked they just glued it back into place
    Water has leaked in for the past five months, pooling up to a half of an inch in the front of the vehicle. My carpet and interior are now trashed over a $67.00 vent.
    This took hours of research by a competent dealer, no body shop including the one that did the repair would look at this problem. Finally no more leak, I hope to save any one else the expense.
  • I had the same issue, it was an A/C vent located in the rear quarter panel. If someone backs into the van it can crack. when it rains the water leaks in and travels/pools to the front of the vehicle. The part costs around $67.00 to replace
  • Carpool6 can you tell me which side the A/C vent is on? Was water pooling on both sides about the same ? I am getting driver side pooling and had rear hatch door replaced after accident so maybe I need to have that checked out also. :confuse:
  • jl5298jl5298 Posts: 2
    WoW! So glad I found this forum.

    I have a 2000 Sienna, and have run into the same problem. Got
    into the van a week ago and though the kids had spilled something.

    Only to find it kept getting worse the next day. Pulled the carpet back on the drivers side and was horrified at the stench. Then saw that it was on the pass
    side as well. Haven't pulled the seats out yet, but I did the hose thing while the
    heater was running, and didn't see any leaks. Baffled, I got out of the van, and noticed water dripping on the side that has the rear heater core monted just under front passenger seat.

    I've alread recieved a new interior carpet from NOT CHEAP. $310.00 after S&H. But I had only assumed it's from a bad rear heater core. Thanks for the rear A/C probability . . . I'll keep everybody informed. :cry:
  • jl5298jl5298 Posts: 2
    Well, once I removed the now ruined carpet, I put a hose on the roof and WALLAH!

    Water running directly in from the rear door seal. Off to the body shop I go.

    Good luck to all.
  • cardsfancardsfan Posts: 1
    A friend found this site and told me about it. WoW.
    I have an 04 Sienna that started leaking this past January.First on the passenger side and then both . I think it has to do with how your van is sitting when it rains. It also leaks when driving in the rain. Sometimes drips out of handles above the doors.
    Toyota tells me I'm the first to ever complain. Ya right. Would cost me several hundred in labor to remove head liner etc. etc. Of course I'm out of warrenty. Thanks for the possibllity of things to check. If I ever find an answer I will post.
  • honshuhonshu Posts: 11
    Just out Curiosity, I hope that they have fixed the leak problem for the 2008 models.
  • Where is the AC vent located. Is it accessible by a non mechanic? I've had the interior panel off, exposing the rear ac unit. The evaporation hose does not seem to be clogged (dealer theory). No visible water inside (carpet up) when hose runs over and under car. Couldn't pin down dealer for price to find leak. Local mechanic unclogged sunroof drains which seems to have stopped front driver side water, but rear padding still getting wet after being replaced. How do you get to the AC vent seal?
  • dooper67dooper67 Posts: 22
    Just noticed water on floor. Probably rain leak. Going to dealer (Bredemann - Park Ridge, IL) today. Hopefully it is a clogged drain.
  • dooper67dooper67 Posts: 22
    They said it was an a/c plugged drain and a leaking o-ring. Needed to re-charge system. 300 bucks. I think that's the first repair in 5 years (70k), so I'm still happy with the Sienna. Hoping for 150k or 10 years.
  • Greetings, and HELP!

    Just had one heck of a down-pouring of rain, and went in to my van and found water running steadiily out of the Garage Door remote-control button panel in the ceiling, and pouring down into the cup holder of the console between the front two seats. When I moved the van into shelter, water sloshed up within the ceiling somewhere, and even more water gushed out of the panel.

    I've never had the problem before (purchased the van new in 2003) whether the van was standing or going 70mph down the highway in a down-pour.

    Can anyone help me trouble-shoot this? I''ve called the local Toyota dealer but not gotten a knowledgeable reply - likely need to "open it up".

    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
  • jlr6jlr6 Posts: 2
    Ah! My van was hit in the right rear... however the water is collecting in the back trunk area. From what you've seen behind that panel could water also go down instead of forward? Are there any instructions anywhere on how to take the panels off without breaking them?
    Thanks much.
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