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Toyota Sienna Water Leaks



  • evaleeevalee Posts: 1
    I have had a similar problem. Over a year ago I was hit from behind and had to have the rear bumper replaced. Starting last summer the inside of our van started having a bad smell. I attributed it to 3 kids and 8 years of use. This spring the front driver’s side carpet became soaked after heavy rains, following by the front passenger side.

    I went back to the body shop that replaced the bumper and showed them that the back door was out of alignment and that water was leaking in. They fixed it. I then removed all the seats and the carpet and found that the entire carpet was soaking wet. While we are drying it out, it appears that water is still getting in somehow. I am not sure where to look next. From this thread it appears that it could be the rear AC panel. Did this finally fix the problem for you?
  • Yep same problem. I had purchased a used 2003 Sienna. I use it for craft shows in the winter here which is a dry season. Van had been sitting in the drive for 3 months and I just pulled it around to get ready for "season" and found it soaked in the front, both sides under the carpet. Pulled out all my display and sure enough the back was damp too though the front was REALLY soaked (its rainy season now, raining almost daily). Too much mold already so I removed and tossed the carpet, figure since the seats are stored in the barn anyway, I'll just throw down plywood as a floor. Had my SO run a hose over the vehicle and sure enough the water was coming from around the liftgate weatherstripping, and draining toward the front, underneath the carpet.

    To all, correct terminology is a great thing when searching for parts and infromation. Its a liftgate, not a hatch or a door. Its not a seal, its a weatherstrip. The weatherstrip can be located online for $60-$70 and replaced by yourself. You can buy a reasonable replica of the carpet on ebay for about $250, and if you've already torn it up, you know it won't be that hard to lay down. Most important thing to worry about is how to correctly disengage the airbag system so when your fiddling around the front seats, replacing your carpet, you don't blow your airbags.

  • I have a 04 Sienna and I am the original owner. Water leaks for approx last two years. I'm not sure how it's getting in and pools in the back area only, after a heavy rain. I have taken it to the dealer twice now and it is still a problem. The back padding is destroyed and the bolts which bolt the rear seats are rusted. The first dealer visit was a couple of years ago and they said it was the moonroof, not resolved...The last dealer said all the roof rack seals needed replacing 300 some bucks later the water is still coming in that back area. I'm thankful for the info in this forum and am hoping to resolve the leak with some of this information behind me. Off to the dealer today..again. I'm thankful it has finally rained here in San Antonio but not for this AGAIN....
  • Hi All,

    Sorry I took that long to respond, just in the last couple months I have come to the bottom of this problem (at least I thought) and I know a lot of you are anxious for the fidings so here is:

    After countless trips to the dealer, (I told them next to that, I will move in, set up my sleeping bag right in the showroom) they decided to pay to replace the entire carpet and door hatch seal (this seal goes on the body of van in the perimeter of hatch door) their cost of $2,100 (sorry I really don't feel their pain...) after job was done , they were very proud of their work and called me to pick up my van. I asked them again if it leaks, "oh no, we ran water over it for hours, it's bone dry" -they answered. So I went home and...I just had that urge to take a I removed the chairs and lifted the was soaked. Drove back and showed it to them, they were surprised? so I left the van there AGAIN. After a couple of days picked it up and again they said was day. By now, I am an expert in the detail field of auto mechanics!!!, so I removed the trim by the slide door driver side, lifted carpet and put my hand in there, yes you read my was really wet.
    At this point, they said they are going to take my van to a water leak specialist, now that's an advancement in the rational thinking in this irrational world, I mean, I've only been farting around with this leak problem for 2 stinking years , and just now you just came to that conclusion? Brilliant!
    Anyway, after I got my van back, I saw some metal shavings in the back, offcourse no one knew where they came from, it looked like someone drilled something.
    So I went home, and peeked again, well, me and my beloved wife spent our Forth of July, removing the carpet all the way up to the driver seat, on our knees scrubing the entire van floor from the mold that already had grown. In addition to that, I found holes drilled in the body of the van, right under the hatch bottom molding, and voila! The water would came into the frame (there are a couple wide hole openings and inside there, I could see holes drilled, I could see light from outside. I was not a fortunate owner of a 12 gauge, but I whished someone had remembered me in the last Christmas! (no I would not use it on the van or the wife...)
    So the dealer was surprise again to see holes in the van. Their theory, "we don't really know where the water comes from, but we sure know how to get it out..."
    Ok, I admit that there is no water coming inside the cabin area now, so the carpet remains dry, BUT now it seems to pool in the hatch door from outside. So after it rains, and I open the hatch, water comes gushing out of the handle from outside, and that is where I am at. Don't really know how it gets there. Hopefully that does not cause a problem in winter in the freezing temperatures, we'll see...
    So the dealer wanted to give us "new horses" at the tune of $23,000.00 for a brand new 2010 Toyota Sienna (actually I think is their cost), an idealistic perfect solution for a water leak, right? No, my wallet got the the genius had ANOTHER solution, a bumper-to-bumper premium warranty for our "holly bucket" for 2 years or 24,000 miles...I took that because they did not have another van to trade-in with, and that is all folks!
    If you wondering about all this "comedy" written in this post, is because, if I ain't laughing...I'd be crying for a loooong time. Maybe I should write a book about this a nd sell it on the internet, and make millions!
  • Hi all -- I've got a 2000 Sienna, bought used 1 year ago, and have similar problems as everybody else on this forum. What a nightmare! I have at long last found a temporary solution -- not satisfactory in the big picture sense, but in the short run anyway, it seems to help. Fortuitously (by design ??!?) there are removable plugs, about the size of a quarter, directly underneath (on the bottom of the frame, as in, lay on the ground to find these) the driver's seat and the passenger seat. There is a slightly smaller one at the back. underneath the rear hatch (again, UNDERNEATH on the frame) under the rear hatch, driver's side. I removed these 3, and so far this fall/winter, no new water has accumulated beneath my feet in the driver's compartment. Like I said, not an IDEAL solution, because it does not actually solve the root problem, but at least my feet aren't sitting in a wading pool ......
  • jlow6jlow6 Posts: 1
    Our leak showed up after we'd owned our used 2002 sienna about year and a half last month. I soaked it with shampoo/lysol, then vacuumed , dried blowed, etc. No luck , especially since we've been having soggy weather. My independent mechanic took a day & half to figure it out, partly thanks to you. Keep your fingers in the dike, thanks.
  • jlow6, what did your mechanic do to fix the leak ?
  • I have been trying to decide on a new vehicle, and the Sienna and the Odyssey are 2 of my favorites. I looked at both at a Carmax dealer and noticed some odd spots on the interior edges of the rear hatch on the Sienna. It looked like small spots of mold to me, but the salesman assured me it wasn't, insisting it was just some dirt.

    After reading this thread, though, I wonder if it really was mold. Are the Sienna vans still having leak issues?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Not on a large scale, but a few have issues, of course.

    This van is suspicious so keep looking, they're plentiful on the used market.

    Mine's been flawless, but it's not for sale. :shades:
  • Well, I feel everyone's pain here. I noticed water filling up in the back of my Sienna since 2005. Under warranty, the dealer tried to find the issue. The first time; of course, they used the old tried and true method of a high pressure wash. The result was that the window on the "liftgate" (tks wireyourworld) was leaking around the seal. So they removed the glass, installed a new seal and reinstalled the glass. Next rainfall I had more water. Dealer tried the high pressure water again and found that the passenger side, tail light was not sealed correctly and water was getting in their as well. This too was removed resealed and replaced. No less than 3 weeks after, still having water coming in. The dealer decided to have a body shop take a look at my van. They removed the all of the carpet in the rear of the vehicle and said that a metal seam in the body of the vehicle was leaking. This was repaired by using some sealant on the seam and everything was reinstalled back to original condition (along with a full detailing of the inside and out). A month passed before I noticed more water. The dealer took it back to their body shop and removed the interior. Yes, carpet, seats, head liner, door panels and even the dash. They found that a small rubber grommet was missing somewhere near the top of the passenger sliding door (also told me that this would fix my whistling noise I have complained about coming from that same area). They installed a grommet in its place and detailed the van again, but that didn't fix it either. Another 3 months went before I was in again to have the full interior removed once more. This time, they could not find any water leaks (although there was a pool of water where the rear seats fold into the floor. Their solution - RockGuard. They apparently sprayed the entire interior body with RockGuard and replaced the interior once again. Well that didn't work. I am still having this problem and now without warranty. The body shop did give me an anti-corrosion warranty for the lifetime of the vehicle though (I am not joking).

    So I have put up with this problem, until yesterday. Cardboard boxes in the back were destroyed after a heavy rainfall. I had not complained since my last visit to the RockGuard specialist. I called the service manager and let him know that I was still having water problems. I was told that the van was no longer under warranty. He was told that the problem was never fixed and that I expected that the original warranty repair was never completed to my satisfaction. He made a few phone calls and said that they would take it back to the body shop, they would have another look at it early next week and "we would go from there". I am not sure if this means that the warranty will cover it or not.

    I am on my way into the dealer today for a little face to face with the service manger and his body shop manager. I guess my message just doesn't get conveyed clearly over the phone. I will keep you updated.
  • I found 2 sources: 1. There is a gutter under the edge of the sunroof that collects the water that makes it around the seal. It is drained by 4 tubes connected to the 4 small holes in the corners. Try carefully pouring water in this gutter on a slight downhill slope to check that the 2 front drains drain under the car and on an up hill slope to check to see it drain out towards the back under the car. The air dam helps collect more water on the roof so that it will run in. My front holes were plugged. The gutter overflowed inside the interior plastic molding of the headliner, down the columns beside the windshield, under the front side trim at the interior front of the doors, then out onto the floor. I removed the air dam and left it off. I cleaned the gutter and the holes, and ran thin stiff oxygen tubing (tygon) down the holes about 5 feet and ran water down the tubing. This reduced but did not eliminate the leak. I tightened the lift gate by moving the metal strike ring attached to the body toward the front and this helped the rear leak some. I removed the carpet, pulled and raked off the backing and washed it in the driveway. I replaced the backing with carpeting in the places it had been and should have used indoor-outdoor to reduce mold when it leaked again. This helped but did not completely stop the leak.
  • Hey beards thanks,

    We don't have a sunroof in our Sienna, but I am definitely going to try moving the strike plate as you suggest. This sounds most promising.

    I went into the service manager's office and he asked me to take it in. He keeps telling me that they will not be able to repair this for free as my Sienna is out of warranty. I insisted that it was a problem that had started within my warranty coverage. He reluctantly said for me to take it in and they would "have a look at it and go from there". Not much faith in them at this point that I would have them tear out the inside again, but charge me for the labor, only to tell me that they still can't get my water problem resolved. I have a couple of things I want to try before I let them at it again.
  • I bought a 04 toyota seinna in december 07. I was having the same problem in the rear cargo area. Every time it rain I would get a pool of water. It looks like fish can swim in there. I would vacuum all the water out, nice and clean. When it rain I would have the same problem again. It happen 3 or 4 times. I'm really piss of now. Finally I took the trim panel in the rear with the three hook out. I remove the carpet, this time time everything was dried. Took it to the car wash and wash the car. I found out that the lower and upper sheet metal sealant was not sealing the two panel together in some area. It was dripping slowly along some area where the sealant was not sealing. Solution, I went to home depot and bought some clear sealant silicone II. reseal all along on top of the cheap manufactured sealant. I have never have pool of water in the rear cargo trunk again.....
  • I have the same problem with my '01 Sienna.

    My friend put adhesive (it looks like some kind of glue) around the rubber trim on the rear hatch and the leak is fixed. He didn't replace the trim because the rubber on the trim is fine so it looks like the fitting of the trim may not be very good.

    Waiting for the Spring/Summer to come around to dry up my carpet...still a bit damp as the water leaks to the front of the van.
  • beardsbeards Posts: 3
    My cargo area still has some leakage. Where are the sheet metal seams you sealed?
  • I had the rubber trim around the opening on the back where the cargo hatch door meets the opening re-sealed. Looks like the water was leaking through the rubber trim.
  • drowlanddrowland Posts: 1
    had same problem with my moms 2006 sienna thought rear seal was leaking also took off seal and applied vasoline to seal water tested still leaking. thought it was coming from tail light sealed re water tested still leaking.water running along seal and in through bumper bolt grommet removed bolts one on each side. removed both grommets on this particular year the grommets are yellow i dont know if the color varries from year to year. but i removed grommets and removed little black seal gasket dried off grommet really well and its mating surface used goop sealant around grommet and inserted in hole and fingered sealant around grommet.let sit overnite re water tested no leaks. i use goop for all sorts of things this fix cost me $3.50 for the goop. my mom is really happy no soggy carpets.
  • I had been dealing with the crazy "no traction in inclement weather - particularly light SNOW" with the AWD run flat tire issue. I finaly resolved that thanks to the tire forum where Run flat peeps were getting run flat SNOWS so that they didn't lose a passenger seat to the Toyota spare fix issue...... when low an behold...Now this metal pot LEAKS! I carry electronic equipment as a performer and travel the region. I can't have a leak in the CARGO area - my amps/PA etc are $$$$ and dear to me. I had a Toyota Camry that was 22 years old an still running when I donated it to CARS for KIDs and I had no real problems. I had a Dodge AWD Grand Caravan that lasted 10 years and then croaked. I of course, decided to go all TOYOTA. What a drop in quality! So, the van is in the shop with rust marks in the carpet in the cargo area from the seats mechanism. I am not enthused to see all the problems listed here. I'm under warranty until August. We'll see! :mad:
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