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Toyota Sienna Water Leaks



  • queenbea1queenbea1 Posts: 3
    My '08 XLE is taking on water in the cargo hold. I'm not sure how long this has been going on, we noticed it for the first time in May after a terrible storm and thought maybe it was a fluke, but it has happened since then and I suspect from the rust spots on the carpet & funky smell that its been going on for a while and I just didn't notice (blamed the funky smell on my kids).

    It takes on water when I drive thru standing water (not floods, just your typical large puddles during rainy weather)--it seems to be coming in on the right passenger side. Any suggestions?
  • queenbea1queenbea1 Posts: 3
    So scratch that last message. Pulled up the carpet in the cargo hold (the mold smell was overwhelming) and had the husband put a hose to the passenger rear roof rack connector. Within two minutes I was standing in a puddle.

    Any idea what this costs to fix? I emailed Toyota Corporate & will call my dealer Monday--if this is a known defect (and it seems to be) why should I pay for the fix?
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,739
    Assuming the roof panel hasn't actually rusted out, the solution will probably be a liberal dose of silicon sealer. If you end up doing it yourself, look for the expensive stuff that says low acid, safe for metals. So sealers liberate so much acetic acid as they cure that they can cause more problems down the road.
  • queenbea1queenbea1 Posts: 3
    Thanks! I took it to the dealer today. It wasn't the roof rack, it was the weather stripping. $280 repair--my first. Much cheaper than a new car. :)
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,739
    Unfortunately now you have to address the moldy carpet!
  • perry16perry16 Posts: 2
    remove cowling by wipers /front winsheild clean out drain holes left/right sides put hose in and make sure it drains both sides this should fix problem
  • water44water44 Posts: 3

    I have had the same problem with my 2001 toyota sienna with the water on the passenger floor, and the wife bickering about it, so I tore out all the molding on the passenger side front, then did the water test, and found the water coming from the top from under the head board, so upon further inspection I pulled it down and found the sunroof drain hose had came off, due to the factory clamp being faulty, I ran to autozone and bought new clamps and reinstalled the hose and did the water test again and wow no leaks at all, had to dry all mold trimmings that were acting like a river to the floor, then did the water test again, and found the drain was clogged to which maybe the case for the hose to come off! Tride a wire to clean it out but didnt work, so I pulled the fender wall to find a and I mean a lot pine needles and dirt and leaves, but it still didnt unclog the drain since I cannot find where it drains to???? anyone know where to find the end of the drains to the sunroof?????

  • water44water44 Posts: 3

    @dooper67 said: They said it was an a/c plugged drain and a leaking o-ring. Needed to re-charge system. 300 bucks. I think that's the first repair in 5 years (70k), so I'm still happy with the Sienna. Hoping for 150k or 10 years.

  • water44water44 Posts: 3

    Ours is pushing 200,000 and still runs like a champ, have not had any problems with the ac drain since our van is basically undercoated with a rino like liner but that may be the suspect to some our water issues. like drains clogging all the sudden, like the sunroof it has 2 drains that run to the back of the van, might want to check there first and see if the drains back up, or drain really fast, if it is really fast then there might be a problem with the drain hose to the sunroof!

  • lostinwoodslostinwoods Posts: 2
    edited May 2014

    2001 Sienna XLE with sunroof w/150,000 mi. Read every post here. Been putting up with the moldy smell for seemingly years until no one will ride in my car. Sometimes that's a good thing but thought it was time to get to the bottom of it. Driver and passenger side front pans are wet and felt padding under the carpet is 75% saturated. Vehicle is usually parked outside and exposed to the elements. Parked at about a 15 degree angle with the front lower than the back and angled slightly to the driver side so a tailgate weather seal leak would flow forward. Pulled the entire carpet. Whoever said allow one hour has done this more than once or doesn't have an XLE. I try to keep the front sunroof drain holes clear but debris had them plugged again. Peeked under the headliner and drain tubes are connected. Used a tire air compressor and blew them out. Cleared the drip channels of acorns, leaves, etc. The only water under the carpet is in the front, no sign at all of a leak in the rear. Cleaned the seal around the sunroof since dirt had collected and may have allowed water to enter. Used a very light abrasive to remove oxidized rubber. Then ArmorAll to seal and protect the rubber around the sunroof. I have no idea how to check the rear sunroof drains since they are inaccessible. I'm guessing that they drain down the B pillar. Put the stripped van in the driveway during a thunderstorm with front and rear A/C on full cold and outside air open to see if A/C condensate drain is the problem. First hour - no water anywhere. If the problem turns out to be just the sunroof front drains, it just means more vigilance and more frequent cleaning of the drains. Hope that's all there is to it. Will update if anything changes.

  • 2001 Sienna update. Reversed the position of the van so the front was higher than the rear. Jacked up the left side to force any drainage to the right rear (inaccessible) sunroof drain. Drained correctly. Jacked up right side and repeated. Drained correctly. Used a garden hose at full pressure aimed directly at the sunroof seal perimeter from about 6 inches above for five minutes. Got myself soaked. Opened the sunroof and there was minimal water in the front drip rail and whatever little got through drained immediately. Aimed hose at windshield seals for five minutes. No leaks. Door seals for five minutes. No leaks. Ditto for tailgate. Tried to dry the felt padding under the carpet (front only) but the stench of mildew told me that it was pointless. Tore the felt pads from the front section of the carpet underside to use as templates. Bought a gallon of Microban anti-bacterial and mildewcide spray and sprayed the bottom of the carpet as well as the front floor pans in the van to kill spores. Next, went to Lowes and got some stain master caplet padding and a can of 3M spray adhesive. Have to double these up to get to the correct thickness of the previous felt which was about 1". Used the old material as a template, cut the carpet padding to match. Steam cleaned the top surface of the carpet. Let it dry in the sun (85 degrees). Flipped it over and attached the new padding to the bottom. Sprayed top and underside of the carpet with Microban.
    Re-installed everything. Van smells new and clean. Have friends again. Conclusion: 1. Keep seal around sunroof and mating surfaces very clean and free of debris to reduce seepage from rain/carwash. 2. Check and clear front sunroof drip rail drainholes regularly.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,177

    @lostinwoods said: Re-installed everything. Van smells new and clean. Have friends again. Conclusion: 1. Keep seal around sunroof and mating surfaces very clean and free of debris to reduce seepage from rain/carwash. 2. Check and clear front sunroof drip rail drainholes regularly.

    Nice job of diagnosing the issue and good advice on how to reduce the seepage!

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