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Volkswagen Beetle Electrical & Lighting Problems

2001 Beetle. oil light and buzzer go on every time i stop. just had oil changed too. also, cold temp indicator stays on all the time. any ideas?


  • ourfirstourfirst Posts: 2
    I am sure it is in the archives someplace, but I thought I would just ask again. The left headlamp is out on our New Beetle. The manual say to take it to the dealer because special tools are required to replace bulb. What is the trick in replacing the bulb?
  • aaronr121aaronr121 Posts: 91
    No special tools are required (at least on our 98). Just a lot of patience the first time. You need to flip open the belly clamp, and press the dimple in on the slider, and pull the lever on the slider to move it down. Then the whole headlight assembly pops out. Then it's easy to replace the bulb.

    Getting everything back together takes a lot of patience tho. You need to make sure everything lines back up correctly (very tought) pull the lever back up and hook up the clamp again.

    Best thing to do, is probably pick-up a Haynes manual at the local auto-parts store. It probably covers it.

    And usually, the headlights themselves will probably be out of alignment, so you should check that.

    It's not fun... but I have a lot of practice.
  • tkevinblanctkevinblanc Posts: 356
    I bought an inexpensive suction cup at Harbor Freight - I think it was $5, that made removing the headlight much easier. Otherwise, it is a simple process once you've seen it done. Google it. There's a well written description on the web... serveral, actually.

    Search around and you'll find one with pictures. It's very easy, just don't force that little lever. It moves only a little, and it seems easy to break.
  • My sisters' '04 Turbo Beetle has had both headlights replaced and now needs another one. The gray stuff inside the headlight is cracking. It is a sealant to keep out moisture/dust. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Thnx from Texas!
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 455
    Have you checked the oil level using the dipstick ?
  • rickz713rickz713 Posts: 3
    the oil level is fine, i just had it changed
  • I have the same problem - does anyone have an explanation?
  • bverwerbverwer Posts: 1
    I could use help as well. Temp light is on all of the time and now my EPS light came on. Engine light was on, checked code and replaced Mass Flow controller. 1 week later, light is back on withe the same code. This year it has been a money pit.
  • 2002 Beetle. Mine just did the exact same thing today! And my cold temp light stays on as well. Any clues on what is causing this?
  • Hello

    I am having problems with my signal lights not working. This problem is also effecting my hazard lights. When I use the turn signal nothing happens. Sometimes I can slap the dash board and it may click a couple of times but that is it. Then there is nothing. It has gotten so bad now that even when slapping they don't work. :sick: My husband and I recently received a recall message in the mail about the brake lights but I am not sure if this could be a part of that issue. Is there anyway for me to fix this issue on my own? I have looked into opening the steering column but it is impossible to see the screws holding it together because they are way up. Help me,please. :cry: Thank you!
  • wizard5wizard5 Posts: 1
    I am also having problems with my signal lights not working. Hazard lights not working either. When I use the turn signal nothing happens. Fuses are good. Any help before I have to go back to the dealer?
  • Unfortunately, I have not found out anything. You were the only one to respond. I you find anything out from dealer could you please let me know? If I find out anymore I will reply back to this message. Good Luck! :)
  • Hello,

    I wanted to let you know that I found out what was going on with my signal lights. I had to take my car to the dealer for a recall and had them check the signal light issue too. I was told that the hazard light switch had gone bad and to replace it would be $95.00 with the cost of labor. I wish I knew how to do that because at this dealership that would make the part only $10.00 because labor is approx. $85.00/hour.
    Hope that helps you! :)
  • alanjackalanjack Posts: 2
    Hello.....I need to know how to remove and replace the battery in my 2004 New Beetle (2.0 Liter) I know the mechanics of it but not the electronics??? Is there something I have to disconnect or defuse to not mess with the computer and all the other electronically stored info???
    Signed frustrated!!!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Every vehicle I've ever had would lose any electronically stored information when the battery is disconnected. I'm assuming VW's reallly aren't any different in this regard.

    I've seen reference online to a computer memory saver (15-20 bucks) that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Supposed to keep current flowing in the system as you change the battery, and will ensure that your idling values/etc stay put!

    The few times I've had to replace a battery, my car has "relearned" all the lost info. Resetting all my radio presets was really the bigger hassle.

    Any VW owners have an special info on this??

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  • alanjackalanjack Posts: 2
    aaronr21 has the same response but if it's your left headlight IE drivers side it's a real tight fit. there's a "plastic" slider mechanism that looks like the trigger on a rifle. just to the left of this is a waffled button about 3/8" by 3/8" have to push this in and pull up on the trigger.....mind you on the passengers side you can drive another VW in the space and it's more than easy...10 minutes to change out the headlamp....headlamp cost about $9.00 at any Murray's KEY INSTRUCTION don't touch the glass part of the bulb. No tools are needed at all for this entire procedure. AS aaronr21 said though be patient....I broke the drivers side trigger off and I'm the guy asking about how to R&R the battery on a 2004 so I can get the thing fixed....anybody out there???
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 455
    For the battery...

    make sure that you disconnect the negative (black) lead on the batterty first.

    Then when you hook up the car replace the negative (black) terminal last.
  • kaitrosskaitross Posts: 2 EPC light came on, and in the manual it tells me to take it to a dealer asap, but what does this really mean? and how important is it to get looked at asap? thanks!!
  • jriegerjrieger Posts: 8
    The hazard flasher controls your turn signal flashing. It pops right out of the control panel and should take a VW mechanic 10 minutes to replace. If you paid $85, you got scaaaaaaroooood.
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