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Volkswagen Beetle Electrical & Lighting Problems



  • In "07" I took in my wifes beetle for brake switch recall.Today I called dealership because brake lights went out again,I was told to bring it in at no cost for replacement switch.When I asked if this is common they said yes!!!??? I asked why did the last new switch go out they said the original recall replacement switch was exactly the same as oem from factory(defect switch)?Soooo they replaced the defect with another of the same defect???They did say it has been redesigned and no further replacement needed."o" goody I just hope everyone out their knows there is a recall on the recall and that "HUMMER"speeding up behind you in your mirror.... can't see your brake lights!!!!!
  • How or can I fix gas cap hatch.It would not release without a good tug.Can I adjust it.I took off rear fender well cover but cannot access cable attachment??????? Any help welcome. :cry: :confuse:
  • The electronic switch for the fuel hatch release in my '99 beetle works only intermittently, so, quite often, I have to access it from inside the cargo area. There is a round plastic cover, about 4-5 inches in diameter on the right (in line with the hatch) If you remove this, you will find a rubber-coated cable inside; a slight pull on this should open the hatch for you. I've just left that plastic disc off for quick access.
  • last123last123 Posts: 1
    I had my 03 Turbo run thru a computer diagnostic check just for FYI at a random mechanic and was told the results came back with 2 problems with the turbo. Within a week my "engine" light came on and stayed on. 1 1/2 weeks ago I brought it into the VW dealer for another computer check and this time it came back with problem with the "turbo valve", thermostat and temp. guage. OK - made my appt for this morning. But oil pressure lamp came on yesterday. Low oil, so put oil in the car. Level was FINE then. As I got on the autobahn (yes Im in germany) the oil pressure light came on again, the car starting "thrusting" like it was losing acceleration then a sound I can only describe as a child's "kazoo" was coming from my engine. Parked it and called for a tow. ANY idea what this could be? It is now at the dealer and I'm expecting a VERY high bill. :confuse:
  • bill142bill142 Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 VW beetle, at the bottom of the center console below the radio and AC/heat and vents, there is the following control panel consisting of dial and push button controls starting left to right as viewed from the driver’s seat: (1)-Drivers Heated Seat, (2)-ASR, (3)-Emergency Flasher, (4)-Rear Defroster, (5)-Passenger Heated Seat.

    The female connector plugs for all of these controls have the same design and each can connect to any of the five control’s above. The wiring diagram does not show the detail to make the correct selection and mating connection. The female connectors are difference colors: Light Green, Burnt Orange, Light Brown, and two black.

    I attempted to logically connect these to the controls based on wiring and the mating number of connector pins. This resulted in multiple fuses being blown. The only connector I believe is connected correctly is the Emergency Flasher, #3 above, this connected to one of the black connectors.

    Can anyone tell me the correct colored female connector to each control ?
  • bill142bill142 Posts: 3
    I know you most likely fixed the problem.

    This is the 1st time on the forum since my post. It was the ignition switch connector and wiring. There is a defect in the design, they undersized the wiring. Had to replace switch connectors and wiring. VW refuses to recall. This is a result of the fog-lights wired through the ignition switch. Overload of wire size. there have been a few small fires I have read on line. My wiring was burnt involving 3-4 wires and melted plastic.
  • mrsfgcmrsfgc Posts: 1
    My 98 VW Beele has a sutck hatch. It just won't open. Not a huge deal because I don't want to deal with replacing the entire thing. But now (months later) the alarm will go off for no reason. It seems to be sporadic but a lot of times its right after it rains.

    Anyone know why? or How I can turn off the alarm without opening the hatch?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  • babycar1babycar1 Posts: 1
    1999 vw beetle 2.0 manual, turn the key ,dash lights come on, all aux items come on, but the car will not turn over.
    Has anyone had this problem - not sure where to start but after looking at the fuse diagrams Im thinking it might be the clutch pedal switch starter lock relay - anyone know anything about this, where it is located or if Im even going in the right direction?
  • lostbuglostbug Posts: 1
    My 2000 Beetle burned when the A/C fan switch broke, started smoking, and caught fire. Do I have any recourse against Volkswagen? Has anyone had this problem?
  • raujrauj Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 turbo beetle with automatic transmition. when I put brake the cluster light common. I connect one snap on scanner and the scanner show me, the brake light switch f, I replace the switch but the problem stell in my car. :cry:
  • I am having the same problem. Did you get yours fixed?
  • I have a 2000 Beetle in which the outside mirror adjust knob was broken off preventing electrical adjustment of the mirrors. I replace the switch with new, but the mirrors still don't adjust. All (visible) fuses have checked good. What am I missing? This is a friends car, so the only manual I have is the owners manual, so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage.
  • Hello,

    I just had the same problem with my 2003 bug. Before this happened, I had my alternator and battery replace than this happened. Did you ever get the issue identified and fixed?
  • Does anyone have any experience with dimming headlights during driving at night? Just bought this beetle as a winter beater...everything else O.K. right now...don't know if I should get this checked.

  • Oh my gosh, My beetle is doing exactly the same thing! Did anyone get thiers fixed? :sick:
  • replace coolant temp sensor, causes both problems. trust me.
  • replace the coolant temp sensor,can cause both problems in rare cases. been there and done that.
  • KiaraKiara Posts: 1
    '03 Beetle Convertible..seems to only like warm weather..when temps are 25 and below the car turns over but the lights don't work, nor do the blinkers nor does the heat, then at times it reverses the lights work as do the blinkers but the car won't turn over.. has anyone else had this problem?? :confuse:
  • spudbugspudbug Posts: 1
    when my car ( 2001 new beetle ) is warm ( either from driving or ambient temperatur in the summer ) and I unlock it via remote the left side turning signal ist stuck in the on position.. the only thing that helps is running the AC blowing in the foot area for 30 min or so and keep trying to unlock/lock car till it turns off again.

    anyone knows a easy and cheap fix ? eben unlocking it with the key will still "flash the lights"
  • :sick: The windows roll down after you leave the car. Radio not working either. So far that is all that is not working I think.. Please help.. Thanks
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